November 27th, 2017

Trinity Western University Religious Freedom Case @ The Supreme Court THIS WEEK

Yesterday, churches, organizations & individuals across Canada participated in a day of prayer organized by the EFC and CCCC's for the Trinity Western University law school court cases which will be heard THIS WEEK in Canada's highest court.

The cases are expected to be watershed either for or against religious freedom in Canada.

Please keep this important matter and the legal teams/judges in prayer and fasting this week. It is a defining moment.

Click here to read EFC's call to prayer and briefing regarding the situation.


Victory for Conscience Rights Protection in Manitoba

MYC celebrates that Manitoba’s Bill 34 to provide conscience protection for healthcare professionals in the province has passed! This means that healthcare providers who are morally opposed to assisted suicide will not be compelled to provide it in the province of Manitoba.

If you live in MB click here to thank the government for supporting Bill 34.

In other provinces, please continue to pray and contact your MPP/MLA to ask them to protect the conscience rights of medical professionals.


Battle over Free Speech & Political Correctness in Ontario University


Lesley Shepherd, a TA at Laurier University faced disciplinary action by the school for sharing a clip of a TV debate involving politically incorrect UofT professor Jordan Peterson, without condemning Peterson's viewpoints. Lindsey was accused of violating school policies on trans-phobia for allowing open discussion on the views expressed.

Click here to see the television debate that was partially shown in class.

Click here to hear the shocking recording of the meeting between the TA and university faculty and administration.

Please share this story with your networks and pray for the protection of our freedoms and for universities to value the learning that comes from open and varied discussion.


Choosing the Next Saskatchewan Premier

An incredible voting opportunity is happening right now in SK. Buy a membership to the Saskatchewan Party by December 8th to have a say in who the next party leader and Premier will be. Memberships cost $10 and anyone 14 or older can sign up.

Click here to see Right Now's suggested ballot ranking.

Click here to learn about the abortion debate surrounding the candidates.


ISIS Fighters in Canada Confirmed

The government has confirmed that there are 60 known Canadian-born ISIS fighters who have returned to Canada. This serves as a shocking reminder to pray for the protection of our nation and wisdom & discernment for our leaders.

Click here to see an exchange from the House of Commons on this.


Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday!

Giving-Tuesday ss 230106109-790x400

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday; a day to show charitable generosity and activate any year end giving you may want to do. We would be honoured for you to consider a donation to MY Canada this Giving Tuesday so that we can continue to stand for a righteous, glorious, strong and free Canada, together.

Please click here to make a donation to our ongoing work in the nation now.




Interested in Running for Election?

We can help! MY Canada is currently conducting a series of trainings and webinars to help godly candidates get started in their campaigns for office. Please e-mail if you are interested in learning more.


Volunteers Needed:

One of the most important things you can do to impact Canada is to volunteer to help Godly people get elected. Please e-mail us at to sign up!


The new Justice Wall website is now live and allows for many thousands of individuals to sign up to pray for the ending of abortion and human trafficking and for the persecuted Church around the world. Will you help us build a 24-7 virtual prayer wall for these issues?

Click here or visit to sign up for your 15-minute prayer slot now.


TheCRY Kingston special Canada 150 t-shirts are now on-sale while supplies last. Click here to order.


MY Canada is hosting national prayer conference calls every second Tuesday at noon EST.

The next call is December 5th, 2017.

If you would like to participate in these calls please click here and add your name to the Keep Our Land e-list.


The sculpture is ready!! We are hoping to unveil The Canadian Memorial for the Unborn soon. For this to happen the remaining funds need to come in ASAP. Will you help?

Just over $7,000 is still needed to pay for the sculpture + additional fees for insurance, mounting and transport (still being calculated). For an update on where fundraising is at exactly please click here.

Let's see this happen. Please help raise the remaining funds needed by making a donation today.

Click here to read more about the memorial.

Click here to make a donation to this memorial now.



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