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This week you'll find a new guest blog post from Dr Meredith Crowhurst. She comes from the unique position of being a veterinarian and a medical writer and although she's passionate about communicating veterinarian information, she often has to ask herself - "How much of this post will the public understand?" So she's put together some key points on how to simplify our veterinary writing to suit your clients.

Also this week we congratulate Dr Bob Doneley on winning the TJ Lafeber Avian Practioner of the Year Award. Dr Doneley is the first Australian to win this prestigious award, announced at the recent ExoticsCon in Atlanta, USA.

We've also featured a post with some tips on how to manage some of the more difficult personalities you may encounter in your veterinary team. It would be great if everyone was easy going, but unfortunately, that's not always the case. So scroll down to find out what you can do about managing the disrespectful, moody or procrastination-prone team member?

Finally, do you have a WordPress website? If the answer's 'yes' then you really need to be aware of the soon to be released major update called Gutenberg. Luckily Ingrid Moyle has put together another of her thoroughly easy to read and insightful blog posts to help you through the upgrade: Gutenberg is Coming. How to Prepare

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How to simplify your veterinary writing to suit clients & the public (Guest Post)

With the rise in social media, I see an increasing trend in the number of veterinarians writing for the public. This is a fantastic way of engaging pet owners and of disseminating accurate health information. But quite often when I read veterinary posts, I ask myself, “How much of this post will the public understand?”


Updated member resource...


Congratulations Dr Dr Bob Doneley - winner of the TJ Lafeber Avian Practioner of the Year Award

Dr Bob

Source: The Gladstone Observer 12.11.18

"LONGTIME Toowoomba veterinarian and avian specialist Dr Bob Doneley is the first Australian to win the prestigious TJ Lafeber Avian Practitioner of the Year Award." recently announced at ExoticsCon in Atlanta, USA

Currently Dr Doneley is an associate professor and head of the Avian and Exotic Pet Service at the University of Queensland School of Veterinary Science.

The TJ Lafeber Award is presented to "an outstanding practitioner who is advancing the quality of health care for companion birds”. The award is based on criteria that includes clinical excellence, innovation, promotion of the profession, contributions to the knowledge base, and caring and compassion to avian patients and clients.

You can read more about the Award here


How to manage certain difficult people...

Disrespectful, moody and procrastination-prone: How to handle three types of difficult people

Eve Ash (Smart Company)

"We all handle difficult people in different ways, often resulting from how we have been brought up or learned from colleagues and managers... We are all different. We react differently. And people are difficult as a result of varying triggers."

But how do you handle these particularly difficult people and their behaviours? It will always help to at least try to be: positive calm and open; keen to help; and caring. However, managing particularly difficult people and their behaviours can be even more of a challenge.

Click on the link below to find out some strategies to manage:

The procrastinator

The disrespectful person

The moody person

"There’s a lot to be said for consistency of demeanour and maintaining politeness and a collegiate atmosphere. It helps us all work better and deal with challenges."


Do you have a WordPress website? Then you need to read this...

Gutenberg is Coming. How to Prepare

Ingrid Moyle, Heart Harmony Communications

According to Ingrid's blog, WordPress currently powers 32.2% of all websites across the internet and there's a major code change planned for release in November called Gutenberg.The goal behind the change is to make it easier for users to edit pages and create great design without needing to know how to code.

Sounds great...BUT...this major upgrade is also likely to cause some major headaches: "Imagine if on a certain day, that every single car, truck and commercial vehicle on the road has their petrol engine swapped for a hybrid engine. Some will happily start and run with no problems. Others won’t start at all as the new engine is incompatible with the rest of the bits. Still others will sort of work, but some parts that used to work will run funny or look different.
That’s what is going to happen when Gutenberg rolls out."

What can you do to prepare?

1. Talk with your web designer/developer
2. Don't update to Gutenberg straight away
3. Test on a staging or testing site first
4. Backup before you do anything
5. Ensure you have the Classic Editor plugin installed
6. Monitor your other plugins
7. Install WP Rollback
8. Once you have updated to Gutenberg.... there are still other problems you may see...

Which is why if you have a WordPress website then you need to read this post!


Love Your Pet Love Your Vet Video #7:

In this 4.18 minute video, Dr Anthony Cassimatis, Dr Andy Pieris, Dr Ophelia Li & Dr Gerardo Poli discuss the challenges of managing client expectations:

"A lot of clients can have very high, unrealistic expectations. They expect you to be able to give a magic pill to fix everything that's wrong with their dog that's been going on for the last few months. They don't understand that sometimes in some cases it does take time to diagnose an animal and know exactly what we're treating. A lot of people can see diagnosis as not necessary."

-Dr Ophelia Li

"We don't have a crystal ball. We can't look at your pet and go "The pet has this". Sometimes it is that easy but quite frequently, at least in our hospital, we see patients that have not been getting better with standard treatments, so we have to keep on looking further."

- Dr Gerardo Poli

These are great videos to share with your clients and wider community...


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