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Greeks are Better when Wearing Ugly Sweaters!

December 1st 5-7 pm In Front of Bookstore

Brought to you by Wanita and Johnathan your Greek Council Recruitment Chairs

Come one come all, 5pm to 7pm on Thursday December 1st between the Commons and Hunsaker to meet the Greeks, grab some hot cocoa, and witness a serious fashion statement by watching our ugly sweater contest. The organization with the biggest turn out/best ugly sweaters will win Greek points.
We would like to invite all non-Greek members to use this event as an opportunity to learn about the rush process, come chill with Greek Life, and grab some free hot cocoa for the upcoming winter nights!

Last Party Approval for the Fall 2016 Semester!

December 6th at 4 pm in the R Room.

Newly Elected IFC and Panhell Board Members!

President: Sam Yaeger (Chi Sig)
Vice President: Fernando Hudson (Gamma Nu)
Secretary: Evan Suda (Chi Rho Psi)
Recruitment: Antonio Andres (Chi Rho Psi)
GAMMA: Winn Frazin (Chi Rho Psi)
Community Service: Alec Vaughan (Pi Chi)
Public Relations Chair: Romy Chang (Pi Chi)
Academic Chair: Mohamad Hamdalla (Chi Sig)

Greek Council Historian: Breeana Law (AXD)

Panhell President: Doris Hoxha (Delta)
Panhell President-Elect: Giselle Rodriguez (Sigma)
Secretary- Mary Nolan (Delta)
Community Service- Annie Beaver (Beta)
Public Relations-Anne Marie (Beta)
GAMMA- Sarah Sparks (Sigma)
Academic- Taylor Young (Sigma)
Recruitment- Jessica Ninberg (Delta)

Greek Council Minutes

Check out the hard work of your Elected Officers Here.

The Greek of the Week is a spotlight on a member of the Greek Community who has excelled in upholding our Greek Life Mission and Greek Pillars. If you would like to nominate someone who has excelled recently and is a member of Greek Life, please e-mail Christy ASAP!

Nick Pegnato Me and Mom

Nick Pegnato

When Nick is not busy winning football games or doing service with APO, he works hard as the Greek Council Community Serivice Chair. He and Rebecca have workred hard providing many All Greek Serivice hours for us this semester. Thanks for all you do Nick!

Nick Shared, "I can't help but think how lucky I am that I have this experience and that I made the decision to rush."

Rebecca Bayer

Rebecca Bayer

Rebecca has worked hard this semester as your other Greek Council Community Service Chair. She and Nick have put on amazing events. Great job!

Rebecca shared, "I chose to be a member of Greek Life to make lasting memories with life long friends. Joining the Greek Community has given me a sense of purpose on campus. My favorite part of Greek Life is Lip Sync and Presents. It's amazing to see 13 different organizations cheering and supporting one another."

Make sure to celebrate Rebecca, a well-traveled (she's been to 19 countries!!!), hard working, Greek Council Leader!

Want to take a Spring New Member Class?

By December 1st:

1. Complete New Member Process Application

2. New Member EducatorsPASS Assessment (passing is a score of 17 or higher)
3. Submit Timeline for Spring Process

The application will ask for the New Member Educator's name, any assistant names, if the organization is in good standing and to notify if there are any changes to the New Member Process from the file that is on record in SLIC.

All questions in the assessment are included in the New Member Educator Handbook on URConnect. A timeline of the process will need to be submitted no later than the end of the first week of classes, although encouraged to complete the timeline before in order to be eligible to take a class.

Once all the information has been submitted, the organization will be Eligible to take a new member class and pass out bids.

Going Abroad? Graduating at Semester? Don't forget to turn in your Organizational House Key! All keys not returned will result in a fine for your organization.

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