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Welcome to Family Flavours' January edition! Here's a sneak peek!

In Our Issue:

SLEEP: The Key to Success in 2022

Preventing Obesity in People & Pets

7 Ways to Help Our Skin Survive Winter!

Jordan’s Experts Guide Us

Special Report

Weight gain and physical inactivity during the COVID-19 pandemic prompted our experts, Paediatrician Dr Mona Choueiry, Clinical Psychologist Haneen Mas’oud, Clinical Dietician Ayah Murad and the Royal Health Awareness Society, to respond to a national and global health crisis: Obesity among children.


Even our pets are affected – Veterinarian Dr Silvia Zayadin warns of the risks of obesity among pets and advises animal lovers on what they can do about it.

Diary of a Desperate Dieter contributor, Sonia Salfity, looks back at past mistakes for lessons learned on her journey of nourishing a healthier relationship with food, body and self.

Quotes To Inspire You Through 2022

Here’s some inspiration for your New Year’s journey to better health and wellbeing from Family Flavours contributors, published in this
January edition:


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