Welcome to Dr. Freecloud's Newsletter... Mondayy, October 31, 2016 Happy Halloween to all of you our loyal customers. Welcome to the Halloween editi


Welcome to Dr. Freecloud's Newsletter...

Mondayy, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween to all of you our loyal customers. Welcome to the Halloween edition of the vinyl newsletter. The holiday season is upon us and starting with Halloween we've already been getting ready and prepared for the last 2 months of 2016. We've been bulking up on so much brand new vinyl and used vinyl to keep up with the coming holiday demands. We have so much great stuff planned for all of you in the coming weeks. Our store will be turning 22 this December 10th 2016 and we have a great party planned the following day on December 11th and this years DJ lineup will blow your mind. Record Store Day (Black Friday) will be going on strong here at our shop Friday, November 25th the day after Thanksgiving. There will also be several nice vinyl surprises throughout the holidays so stay tuned and get all the details by coming by the shop periodically or follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe store hours for Halloween Day:
11am to 4pm

Stay informed with Orange Counties number one record store and always read the entire newsletter!

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New Dr. Freecloud's T-shirt Designs + Back in stock


Dr. Freecloud's logo merchandising family just keeps on growing. We've added 3 new shirt designs and several custom hand painted trucker caps to our store brand catalog. We've also got some of our classic prints and best sellers reprinted, so we have full stocks on all sizes. Purchase our fine gear at the shop and our online store. For online ordering and more details just click HERE

For sale at:
Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe
18960 Brokhurst St.
Fountain Valley, CA. 92708
(657) 888-4695

and also online HERE at Last Record Store Standing


Used vinyl arrivals..collections..stacks


MHere's your essential updaates and latest news on all those important used vinyl records coming through our doors since the last newsletter. As always we never stop receiving pile after pile of used records flowing in to our store and we've had some really nice loads come in. The most recent record collection we got was several boxes of 1960's, 70's & 80's Soul and Funk. Oldschool Techno, Breakbeats and House round out all the used vinyl collection goodness. The records in the collection are in extra clean condition and lot's of titles have already been pulled and added to our Rare Vinyl bin. A couple more big collections to mention are the 3 boxes of 80's New Wave and Synth-Pop and then a very large 10+ boxes of 1960's & 1970's era Classic Rock, Psyche Rock and Blues Rock. Our Rock bins are completely stuffed right now and 3 other music categories just grew larger: Soul, Funk & Jazz! Now it's time for you to come pay us a visit and start digging & sifting through all the latest arrivals.

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Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe
18960 Brookhurst St.
Fountain Valley, CA. 92708
(657) 88-VINYL (84695)


New Vinyl filling up the newly added bin space


We are definitely getting serious and geared up for the 2016 holiday season and we've been bringing in loads of brand new releases and key backstock titles just to keep upo with the demands. Just about every music genre you can think of has been ordered and the records have been coming in a fever pitch. Come down to the shop and see for yourself and check back throughout the holidays and grab some for yourself and for gifts for those vinyl lovers.

Genre's included:
Acid House, Indie, Rock, Industrial, Alternative Rock, Schranz, Hip Hop, Dark Wave, Synth Pop, Goth, Oldschool Techno Represses, Reissues, Pop, Soul, Downtempo, Shoegaze, IDM, Techno, House, Acid, Jungle, Hardcore, Soundtracks, Oldschool Techno, Dubstep, Bass Music, Drum N Bass, Punk, Metal and much more. To check out all the goodness that came in you need to drop by the shop or call us and we'll let you know what's new!

Heads up on a very important and anticipated Jungle, Ragga, Dubstep, Hardcore, Speedcore vinyl shipment coming in this Thursday or Friday. These are all brand new releases. To find out what records we got in for this shipment just follow us on Instagram or call the shop.

Note that some of these records will also end up on our online store Last Record Store Standing. We will do our best to put up most of the latest releases there.

Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe
18960 Brookhurst St.
Fountain Valley, CA. 92708
(657) 88-VINYL


Important Events: Mark Your Calendars


Here's some really important dates to mark down in your calendars. Save these dates and don't miss out on all the great stuff going on...

November 24th: Thanks Giving ((Store Closed))
November 25th: Record Store Day | Black Friday @ Dr. Freecloud's
December 10th: Dr. Freecloud's official 22nd Store Anniversary
December 11th: Dr. Freecloud's 22 Year Anniversary Party!
December 25th: Christmas Day ((Store Closed))


New Vinyl + Dr. Freecloud Gear selling online

New vinyl and Dr. Freecloud's clothing and gear just added to our online store. We are working our hardest to keep up and post up as much of the new vinyl we are getting in at the shop to sell you online. Keep checking our online store for new product additions.

Online store>> Last Record Store Standing


Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe
18960 Brookhurst St.
Fountain Valley, CA. 92708

(657) 88-VINYL | (657) 888-4695


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