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April 2017


Welcome to tax season!

Our examples in this month's feature try to bring some humor to the concerns and questions we all have about the growth of artificial intelligence.

Like most new technologies, we are in the early stages of a long adoption phase, and we are confident that AI will do more good than harm.
Here's to a productive tax season, and to the new technologies that will make tax preparation - and marketing - easier in the future.


Amy L. Juers, MBA
Founder and CEO
Edge Marketing, Inc.


A quick search of recent headlines and blog posts suggests there is anxiety surrounding artificial intelligence (AI).

One article shouts “Robots will soon do your Taxes!” And another reads “Lawyers could be the next profession to be replaced by computers.”

Those of us involved in technology marketing strategy and communications are struggling to understand what the true impact of AI will be on our respective companies and clients, and on the technology-based products and services they provide. Will new AI applications in legal research, contracts management or e-discovery fundamentally change the value proposition? How can we convince fearful legal workers that AI technology can enhance their roles, not eliminate them? How can marketers and communications teams effectively educate prospects and customers on the nature of AI?

Now here’s another headline to consider: “Artificial Intelligence Could Change Marketing Forever.”
That’s right. While AI is being integrated into legal and accounting technology solutions, it’s also emerging in marketing automation, social media and publishing tools as well. Double whammy! (Read more)

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About the Author
Megan Miller is a senior consultant with Edge Marketing, assisting clients in development and execution of strategic marketing plans and implementation of marketing technologies. A global technology hound, Miller has built brands, trained teams and introduced successful products for global companies and startups. A certified eDiscovery expert, Miller has written on trends and topics in electronic discovery, consumer electronics and the Internet of Things – before it was even called the Internet of Things. Her work has appeared in Attorney at Law, US Tech, TechnoLawyer, ACEDS and other industry publications.


Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that gives computers self-learning ability through pattern recognition and periodic human intervention. The idea behind machine learning is constructing computer algorithms that automatically improve themselves by finding patterns in existing data without explicit instructions. Machine learning relies entirely on data. As the quantity and quality of data increases; so does the machine’s predictive accuracy.

Technology can’t solve every part of what makes taxes so complex and painful. In the coming years we will see innovation from technology-savvy CPAs and accountants, as well as software titans such as H&R Block, Intuit (TurboTax), Thomson Reuters, and TaxSlayer, to address the taxation pain points.

Read the article on VentureBeat
Watch the commercial with Kathy Bates and the TurboTax Chatbot.

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