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April 2018 Newsletter

Winter is finally over. Well, sort of. In the middle of March we saw sleet and snow coming down on Paris. And the month ended with a series of transit strikes in France. But who cares...when there's ice cream!

The Perfect Scoop

I'm super-excited to announce the release of The Perfect Scoop, revised and updated for its 10th year anniversary. When I wrote the book, I had no idea America was on the cusp of an ice cream revolution. And the book became a best-selling guide to making ice cream. So when my publisher asked me if I'd like to update it, I couldn't wait to say - "Yes!"

There's more about the updated book here, but I rewrote most of the text, added stories, tweaked techniques, and best of all, churned up a dozen new recipes, for everything from a crazy caramel corn ice cream, to an adults-only cucumber-gin sorbet. New photos for the book were shot by Ed Anderson, who took the great pictures for My Paris Kitchen, and I hope you love the book as much as I do. It's available online and at your favorite bookseller.

Caramel corn ice cream and frozen yogurt

If you're planning a trip to Paris in the next few months, there are going to be more strikes planned to protest labor reforms. You'll find a handy calendar of days for the proposed strikes here, circled in red. (I know, it seems like a lot - right?) So if you've got travel plans that take you to and from, or within France, check with your transit provider for the most up-to-date information. And be prepared for delays. Some friends got a last-minute call from the airline, changing their flight from noon to 6:30 am (then ending up missing their flight after they got to the airport)...yikes!


It's part of the rhythm of life in France. If you do make it here, here are a few fun experiences, and other links, that locals and visitors might find interesting:

1. If you want to meet Parisians, We Can Do offers ateliers and workshops in everything from sausage-making to making your own cutting board.

2. Meeting the French takes you behind the scenes in bakeries, restaurants, and other artisanal addresses. They also offer classes in making baguettes and croissant in an actual bakery. If you want to learn how to make those in English, check out classes at La Cuisine.

3. New service offers fish in France, direct from the people who catch them. I haven't tried it but it sounds promising.

4. Need to stash your suitcase or bags in Paris for a few hours, or days?

5. Need a room for a few hours in Paris?

6. Dip chocolates in Paris. (In French, English, and other languages.)

In other news, I was featured in a great article by Max Falkowitz, who invited me into his New York kitchen to rummage through the cabinets and make ice cream for him. It's a great read: David Lebovitz is coming over for ice cream, and I'm mortified.

Another terrific article was by French woman Marion Sauvbois for France Today; Recipe for Disaster, an interview with me. We had a good chat, laughing at things we agreed on, including cultural differences, and the story of L'appart.

Lastly, I'll be a guest at The American Library in Paris in a Q+A with my friend, food and travel writer Alec Lobrano to talk about L'appart, the story of building my kitchen in Paris. That takes place the Wednesday, April 4th, and is free to all. Books will be available for purchase and signing. If you already have one of my books, you're welcome to bring it for signing. See you there!

- David

Edwart chocolate shop Paris bakery patisserie Marais-11

Links I'm Liking

Duck confit

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British passports to be made…in France (Connexion)

French waiter in Canada fired for being "rude and disrespectful," claiming it's discrimination against his culture (Guardian)

La vache! (Holy cow!) Sales of le hamburger surpass the jambon-beurre in France (MSN)

How the Black Panther Party inspired, and threatened, the government (History Channel)

Need an excuse not to file your taxes this month? Blame aliens… (Reuters)

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France's oxidized (on purpose) wine (Punch)

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hot chocolate gelatin-5

Recent Recipes and Posts on My Blog

Belgian hot chocolate (above) may give French hot chocolate a run for its money.

More chocolate? You bet - a visit to Edwart chocolate shop in Paris.

I'm "in the pink" with this orange Turmeric Tonic.

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Syrian-inspired pastries at Maison Aleph wowed me.

Gremolata is a simple (three ingredient!) condiment that gives other foods big flavors.

The Perfect Scoop, updated and revised, arrives at last!

- dl

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