Good News for Recovery + Life (January 2015) You Have Friendly Mentors All Around You So we are well into the first month of January 2015! How is i

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Good News for Recovery + Life (January 2015)


You Have Friendly Mentors All Around You


One of my own friendly (and very feathery) mentors delivers important New Year's inspiration!

So we are well into the first month of January 2015!

How is it going so far?

For me, it is quite exciting!

But then again, that is because these days, I find the unknown, the unexpected, the un-plannable, energizing and fun.

When I was sick with an eating disorder, this was NOT the case.

I have had to learn that (as one of my favorite mentors, Byron Katie, often says):

"This is a friendly universe."

So beautiful.

But her words alone didn't convince me - oh no.

I have had to experience it for myself - that my own spirit, this world, nature, my family and friends, my significant other, my beautiful pets, even strangers, really do want the best for me.

They truly do, because when the best unfolds in my life, it uplifts us all. It is a real-deal win-win for all of us.

When the best unfolds in your life - because you allow it, work towards it, pay it forward when it occurs - it uplifts me and everyone else.

For this reason (and many, many more) it is important to recognize that you have loving, caring, encouraging mentors all around you.

We all want the very, very best for you. We are your friends. We want you to transcend whatever is troubling you, discover your inner courage, share what you are here to share with us and others, be yourself in all the fullness of your own potential.

And with that, I simply want to say -

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I am so glad you are a part of my life!

With great respect and love,



This month in Good News:

Inspiration for Recovery & Life from "Beating Ana"
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Animal Mentors: "Lonesome George: The Life & Loves of a Conservation Icon"
Love & Feathers: "Stuffed Flocking"
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Mentoring & Recovery Blog: "Releasing False Low Self-Esteem"
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Inspiration for Recovery & Life from "Beating Ana"

AnaCover 3DBorder

If you must have a reputation, what better than to be known as an overcomer? No longer a victim, but strong, powerful, wise.

No longer an object of pity and scorn to yourself and others, but an icon of respect, a conquering hero returning to your hometown in victory.

And if you must have friends, what better than to cul- tivate friends who are just like you—victorious fighters!

From "Beating Ana: How to Outsmart Your Eating Disorder and Take Your Life Back"


Invite Me to Speak!

BU logo color320

I battled an eating disorder, anxiety, and deep depression starting at age 11.

As I progressed through high school and then college, my life just got harder and harder.


Like most of my peers, I knew how to study and get good grades.

But it was what I didn't know - how to fix the pain inside - that nearly killed me.


Now I live a life I love, filled with relationships I cherish (including my relationship with me!)

I am happy, healthy, having FUN and pursuing my dreams.


How did I get from there - a terrified, hopeless anorexic - to here?

Experience "Beauty Undressed" and find out!




Animal Mentors: "Lonesome George: The Life & Loves of a Conservation Icon"

220px-Lonesome George in profile

Lonesome George (1910-2012)

"Lonesome George" by Henry Nicholls

Lonesome George was discovered on the Galapagos island of Pinta in 1971.

Kept safe in captivity for years, George eventually garnered quite the fan following.....being the last known tortoise of his species.

Nicholls' book is a memoir of sorts, reviewing George's biological as well as social history, and the history of his kind (long, sad, and largely recipe-related).

The funniest bits revolve around how Lonesome George got his nickname....and the various efforts from humans and lady tortoises alike to get him "in the mood" to make turtlets.

The book overall is fabulous - George may no longer be with us in shell, but he remains very much alive in spirit to remind us that keeping company with his kind is a gift we must protect and preserve at all costs.

To learn more about Lonesome George: CLICK HERE

LoveandFeathersLogoFull crop

Stuffed Flocking


Oh boy. She got more. Here we go again.

Featherless beings have many habits and rituals that have yet to be adequately explained.

Even after living amongst them for many years, there is always more research to be done.

For instance (like so many of her peers) your large featherless assistant displays a persistent penchant for collecting stuffed versions of you.

Large and small, thick and thin, her “flock” grows each year.

Your conclusion is: this odd quirk is a direct result of her longing to have feathers of her own.

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ReserveMyCopy wbird

Releasing False Low Self-Esteem

MaltiGreenUFO cropweb

All I have to do to remember what natural self-esteem looks and acts like is to hang out with my naturally confident baby tortoise, Malti (show here with a tasty green UFO in-mouth)

I have been working on this lately.

In fact, in the last couple weeks alone I have been hearing a (surprisingly sane) voice in my head giving me very clear instructions.

Here are some examples:

It is time to give up this “body hate” business.
It is time to let go of your so-called low self-esteem.
It is time to release your fearfulness around money….and everything, really.

These messages feel like some kind of inner knowing, combined with an inner call to action – a reminder that time’s a’ wasting, and I only have so many years left to be as happy as I possibly can be as me.

Often I hear the “it is time” messages in the morning while I am meditating.

Often emotions will arise, and then the messages will come.

I will then breathe and do my level best to release the emotions I am feeling – fear, anger, disbelief, whatever – into my meditation.

Sometimes I will get a message reminding me that it is okay if I don’t understand the emotion I am feeling – what matters is to release it into the meditation so it can be free of me (and me of it).

So I always do my best to follow these instructions to the letter.

I have started to call the issues I am releasing “false low self-esteem,” because I can’t trace the origin of any one of them back to me.

They all seem to be learned opinions – formed from other people’s input, the culture around me, untested interpretations of past difficult connections – but certainly not inborn.

In other words, I wasn’t born thinking my body shape was ugly.

I wasn’t born feeling fearful about having enough of the green paper in my wallet.

I wasn’t born thinking I wasn’t lovable/smart/successful enough.....

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See you next month with more Good News!

With all my best,


p.s. There is always a reason to have hope! If I could beat my eating disorder and build a beautiful, happy, love-filled life for myself, YOU CAN TOO.


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