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Volume 68, Issue 1 / 2019 Available Online

Review Articles

The Alzheimer Precision Medicine Initiative
Hampel, Harald | Vergallo, Andrea | Perry, George | Lista, Simone | the Alzheimer Precision Medicine Initiative

Associations Between Gut Microbiota and Alzheimer’s Disease: Current Evidences and Future Therapeutic and Diagnostic Perspectives
Shen, Liang | Ji, Hong-Fang

Therapeutic Potential of AMP-Activated Protein Kinase in Alzheimer’s Disease
Wang, Xin | Zimmermann, Helena R. | Ma, Tao

Resistance Exercise-Induced Responses in Physiological Factors Linked with Cognitive Health
Marston, Kieran J. | Brown, Belinda M. | Rainey-Smith, Stephanie R. | Peiffer, Jeremiah J.

Other Content

Early after Administration [11C]PiB PET Images Correlate with Cognitive Dysfunction Measured by the CERAD Test Battery
Tiepolt, Solveig | Luthardt, Julia | Patt, Marianne | Hesse, Swen | Hoffmann, Karl Titus | Weise, David | Gertz, Hermann Josef | Sabri, Osama | Barthel, Henryk

The Dichotomy of Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology: Amyloid-β and TauOpen Access
Ashford, J. Wesson

Smart Home Technology: A New Approach for Performance Measurements of Activities of Daily Living and Prediction of Mild Cognitive Impairment in Older Adults
PLussier, Maxime | Adam, Stéphane | Chikhaoui, Belkacem | Consel, Charles | Gagnon, Mathieu | Gilbert, Brigitte | Giroux, Sylvain | Guay, Manon | Hudon, Carol | et al.

Is There an Association Between Antiepileptic Drug Use and Dementia Risk? A Case-Control Study (View Press Release)
Jacob, Louis | Bohlken, Jens | Kostev, Karel

Apolipoprotein E4 Mediates the Association Between Midlife Dyslipidemia and Cerebral Amyloid in Aging Women
Szoeke, Cassandra | Goodwill, Alicia M. | Gorelik, Alexandra | Dennerstein, Lorraine | Caeyenberghs, Karen | Simpson Jr. , Steven | Hill, Edward | Campbell, Stephen

Antiepileptic Drug Use Is Associated with an Increased Risk of Pneumonia Among Community-Dwelling Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease-Matched Cohort StudyOpen Access
Taipale, Heidi | Lampela, Pasi | Koponen, Marjaana | Tanskanen, Antti | Tiihonen, Jari | Hartikainen, Sirpa | Tolppanen, Anna-Maija

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Editor's Choice

The Impact of Creative Arts in Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Public Health Education (Research Article)
Burns, Nicole C. | Watts, Amber | Perales, Jaime | Montgomery, Robert Neal | Morris, Jill K. | Mahnken, Jonathan D. | Lowther, Johnna | Vidoni, Eric D.

Predicting Imminent Progression to Clinically Significant Memory Decline Using Volumetric MRI and FDG PET (Research Article)
Stonnington, Cynthia M. | Chen, Yinghua | Savage, Cary R. | Lee, Wendy | Bauer III, Robert J. | Sharieff, Sameen | Thiyyagura, Pradeep | Alexander, Gene E. | et al.

Deficits in Regional Cerebral Blood Flow on Brain SPECT Predict Treatment Resistant Depression (Research Article)
Amen, Daniel G. | Taylor, Derek V. | Meysami, Somayeh | Raji, Cyrus A.

Mitochondrial Dysfunction as a Predictor and Driver of Alzheimer’s Disease-Like Pathology in OXYS Rats (Research Article)
Tyumentsev, Mikhail A. | Stefanova, Natalia A. | Muraleva, Natalia A. | Rumyantseva, Yulia V. | Kiseleva, Elena | Vavilin, Valentin A. | Kolosova, Nataliya G.

The Association between Mushroom Consumption and Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Community-Based Cross-Sectional Study in Singapore (Research Article; View Press Release)
Feng, Lei | Cheah, Irwin Kee-Mun | Ng, Maisie Mei-Xi | Li, Jialiang | Chan, Sue Mei | Lim, Su Lin | Mahendran, Rathi | Kua, Ee-Heok | Halliwell, Barry

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Upcoming Meetings

JAD's Editor-in-Chief George Perry will attend all these events, so keep an eye out to say hello!

AD/PD 2019

March 26–31, 2019 | Lisbon, Portugal

If you are attending this week's AD/PD conference in Lisbon, Portugal, be sure to visit the IOS Press exhibition display (Table #1). We will have sample journal copies and giveaways – while supplies last! IOS Press will also raffle off a free JAD subscription. To enter, just sign up or drop off business card with our staff.


CONy 2019

April 4–7, 2019 | Madrid, Spain

The upcoming World Congress on Controversies in Neurology (CONy), taking place in in Madrid, Spain in early April, promises to be a great event. We are happy to be a congress media partner. Along with JAD, we will be sharing information and sample copies of the full IOS Press Neurodegenerative Disorders Journal Collection. Stop by our display at Table #4 throughout the event for details!


Krembil Knowledge Gaps in PD Symposium

April 24–26, 2019 | Toronto, Canada

The Krembil Knowledge Gaps in Parkinson's Disease Symposium will take place in Toronto, Canada at the end of April. The event will cover Parkinson's disease (PD) research, linking pathogenesis with disease modification. One session will also cover experiences relating to other diseases in neurology & medicine. It is here that our Editor-in-Chief George Perry will speak about the reasons for and successes in revising concepts of disease subtyping for AD. Full program details are available via the symposium website.

JAD materials will be available to delegates at all these events. There will also be sample issues of the open acess JPD special issue looking at the next 20 years for PD research!

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