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Volume 68, Issue 4 / 2019 Available Online

Review Articles

Ethical Issues in the Treatment of Late-Stage Alzheimer’s DiseaseOpen Access
Watt, Andrew D. | Jenkins, Nicole L. | McColl, Gawain | Collins, Steven | Desmond, Patricia M.

Dyadic Wind of Change: New Approaches to Improve Biopsychological Stress Regulation in Patients with Dementia and Their Spousal Caregivers
Wuttke-Linnemann, Alexandra | Baake, Ricarda | Fellgiebel, Andreas

Traumatic Brain Injury and Suicidal Behavior: A Review
Wadhawan, Abhishek | Stiller, John W. | Potocki, Eileen | Okusaga, Olaoluwa | Dagdag, Aline | Lowry, Christopher A. | Benros, Michael E. | Postolache, Teodor T.

Where Do Ultrafine Particles and Nano-Sized Particles Come From?
Manigrasso, Maurizio | Protano, Carmela | Vitali, Matteo | Avino, Pasquale

Monocytes in the Peripheral Clearance of Amyloid-β and Alzheimer’s Disease
Guo, Huifang | Zhao, Zhaohua | Zhang, Ruisan | Chen, Peng | Zhang, Xiaohua | Cheng, Fan | Gou, Xingchun

Research Articles

Are Disease Modifying Treatments Enough? Improving Quality of Life in Late-Stage Patients
Rosen, Allyson C. | Toy, Leslie | Langston, Ashley H.

“To Treat or not To Treat”: Informing the Decision for Disease-Modifying Therapy in Late-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease
Watt, Andrew D. | Jenkins, Nicole L. | McColl, Gawain | Collins, Steven | Desmond, Patricia M.

Association of Cognitive Function with Amyloid-β and Tau Proteins in the Vitreous Humor
Wright, Lauren M. | Stein, Thor D. | Jun, Gyungah | Chung, Jaeyoon | McConnell, Kate | Fiorello, Marissa | Siegel, Nicole | Ness, Steven | Xia, Weiming | Turner, Kelley L. | Subramanian, Manju L.

Subjective Cognitive Decline May Be a Stronger Predictor of Incident Dementia in Women than in Men
Heser, Kathrin | Kleineidam, Luca | Wiese, Birgitt | Oey, Anke | Roehr, Susanne | Pabst, Alexander | Kaduszkiewicz, Hanna | van den Bussche, Hendrik | Brettschneider, Christian | König, Hans-Helmut | Weyerer, Siegfried l et al.

Relationship Between Treatment Initiation and Healthcare Costs in Alzheimer’s Disease
Black, Christopher M. | Lipton, Richard B. | Thiel, Ellen | Brouillette, Matthew | Khandker, Rezaul

A Meta-Analysis of Alzheimer’s Disease Brain Transcriptomic DataOpen Access
Patel, Hamel | Dobson, Richard J.B. | Newhouse, Stephen J.

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Editor's Choice

Mediterranean Diet, Its Components, and Amyloid Imaging Biomarkers (Research Article)
Vassilaki, Maria | Aakre, Jeremiah A. | Syrjanen, Jeremy A. | Mielke, Michelle M. | Geda, Yonas E. | Kremers, Walter K. | Machulda, Mary M. | Alhurani, Rabe E. | et al.

Nutritional Intervention to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease: Potential Benefits of Xanthophyll Carotenoids and Omega-3 Fatty Acids CombinedOpen Access (Research Article)
Nolan, John M. | Mulcahy, Riona | Power, Rebecca | Moran, Rachel | Howard, Alan N.

A Study of Amyloid-β and Phosphotau in Plaques and Neurons in the Hippocampus of Alzheimer’s Disease PatientsOpen Access (Research Article)
Furcila, Diana | DeFelipe, Javier | Alonso-Nanclares, Lidia

Pathological Correlates of Cognitive Impairment in The University of Manchester Longitudinal Study of Cognition in Normal Healthy Old Age (Research Article)
Robinson, A.C. | Davidson, Yvonne S. | Horan, Michael A. | Pendleton, Neil | Mann, David M.A.

A Prototype for the Voice Analysis Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease (Research Article)
Martínez-Sánchez, Francisco | Meilán, Juan José G. | Carro, Juan | Ivanova, Olga

Combining Cognitive, Genetic, and Structural Neuroimaging Markers to Identify Individuals with Increased Dementia RiskOpen Access (Research Article)
Payton, Nicola M. | Kalpouzos, Grégoria | Rizzuto, Debora | Fratiglioni, Laura | Kivipelto, Miia | Bäckman, Lars | Laukka, Erika J.

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Most Read JAD Articles in April 2019

Most read content via the IOS Press content website published in 2019 JAD issues.

Modifiable Risk Factors Discriminate Memory Trajectories in Non-Demented Aging: Precision Factors and Targets for Promoting Healthier Brain Aging and Preventing Dementia?Open Access (Research Article in Pre-Press, 2019)
McFall, G. Peggy | McDermott, Kirstie L. | Dixon, Roger A.

Treatment Combinations for Alzheimer’s Disease: Current and Future Pharmacotherapy OptionsOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.67, Iss.3, 2019)
Cummings, Jeffrey L. | Tong, Gary | Ballard, Clive

Present Algorithms and Future Treatments for Alzheimer’s DiseaseOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.67, Iss.4, 2019)
Grossberg, George T. | Tong, Gary | Burke, Anna D. | Tariot, Pierre N.

Alzheimer’s Amyloidopathy: An Alternative AspectOpen Access (Research Article in Vol.68, Iss.2, 2019)
Regland, Björn | McCaddon, Andrew

Head Position During Sleep: Potential Implications for Patients with Neurodegenerative DiseaseOpen Access (Research Article in Vol.67, Iss.2, 2019)
Levendowski, Daniel J. | Gamaldo, Charlene | St. Louis, Erik K. | Ferini-Strambi, Luigi | Hamilton, Joanne M. | Salat, David | Westbrook, Philip R. | Berka, Chris

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