Hello !

Sending a TASTE of SUMMER!

Have you enjoyed any summer watermelon yet?

Watermelon XLG

"Watermelon"- original oil - 18"h x 28"w - Available as Limited Edition Prints also

In the spirt of my favorite season -

I am sending a visual SLICE OF SUMMER with “Watermelon” - a tasty, traditional still life.

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Did you know?

Most artists creating a still life painting will design a reference set up in their studio of the ‘scene’ - complete with lighting to look at while painting.

In the case of perishable fruits, (and flowers), in the ‘old days’ I imagine that the artist would work as fast as possible and concentrate on key areas while they were still looking fresh.
For me, I have worked from a ‘live’ scene that I have created in my studio - but I also always photographed my set up so that I could use the image for later reference.

In the case of the sliced watermelon in this painting, it would have been way past its prime by the time the painting was completed. The process to complete a realistic image like this is not FAST!

To the right is a very simple example of how an artist might use anything, most often a box, to support a backdrop and create a still life scene in a specific space to work from. (this is an example I found to show you and is not one of my works in progress)

The "Watermelon" image shown above is actually a picture of one of the Limted Edition Prints of this painting. Limited Edition Prints - on canvas - are available as well as the original. Click HERE for information..


Great Day at the Laguna Festival of the Arts

IMG 8005

I enjoyed an art filled afternoon at the Laguna Festival of the Arts with my cousin!

Lots of artwork to enjoy by talented artists.

There were outstanding works of sculpture and paintings that caught my eye… including some very unique works using unusual materials.

To choose ONE to mention here..... an out-of-the-box 'category' of work that was amazing was this gown that is on display near the entry.

This year, they had a fashion show showcasing “found” designs – designs where at least 80 percent of the materials used are reclaimed, reused or recycled.

This gown is constructed from 1,600 lottery tickets, folded origami-style to create the illusion of a field of blossoms. This gown won both the ‘Peoples’ Choice” and “Red Carpet Worthy Skirt". I don’t know what other categories there might have been but the gown is amazing and I certainly have never seen anything like it.


I am putting FAITH and HOPE together -

Faith adj2 XLG

Click to learn more about "FAITH" the 12" x 12" Mixed Media Original Painting available as archival prints on paper

with ACTION to.....

believe in what I cannot see.... yet! .....


to tell you, for sure, what is now coming right up!

Stand by in weeks ahead for the 'formal' launch of the “Inspirational Reminders" and official availability of quality Archival Prints on Paper direct from the studio.

I believe that most of us can enjoy and find value in a meaningful 'reminder' that helps give us strength, to remember, to think and to grow.

Hope adj XLG

Click to learn more about "HOPE" the 12" x 12" Mixed Media Original Painting available as archival prints on paper

I enjoy creating what I am calling "Inspirational Reminders” and coming up will be the first official offerings of this new - and fun - area of my work.

THANK YOU to those who have already purchased the first prints when I previewed some of them in previous ’newsletters’.

Your orders have helped me to get my printing sources and shipping necessities dialed in.

Remember the 'hidden images'?

Click on FAITH or HOPE for a Special Information Sheet about the image that also identifies and gives insights about the ‘hidden’ images and messages in each.

*The area mentioned on my website to make a purchase will not be found on my website quite yet.

If anyone is interested now, LOVE IT! and THANK YOU! Just contact me!

Print Prices are:

- print only: $50
- print that is matted in white, signed by artist and ready to pop in to standard 16” frame: $65
(prices do not include tax or shipping)

Mercedes at easel-cropped

Wishing you all good times in the summer days remaining

Gail / Mercedes!

contact me: gail@mercedesfineart.com
cell: 760-420-6618
Visit my website: www.MercedesFineArt.com

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