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Volume 66, Issue 4 / 2018 Available Online

Review Articles

Ethical Arguments Concerning the Use of Alzheimer’s Disease Biomarkers in Individuals with No or Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Systematic Review and Framework for Discussion
Smedinga, Marthe | Tromp, Krista | Schermer, Maartje H.N. | Richard, Edo

Review of the Familial Alzheimer’s Disease Locus PRESENILIN 2 and Its Relationship to PRESENILIN 1
Jiang, Haowei | Jayadev, Suman | Lardelli, Michael | Newman, Morgan

Role of Cognitive Reserve in Alzheimer’s Disease and Aging: A Multi-Modal Imaging Review
Menardi, Arianna | Pascual-Leone, Alvaro | Fried, Peter J. | Santarnecchi, Emiliano

Other Content

Aging-Related Calcium Dysregulation in Rat Entorhinal Neurons Homologous with the Human Entorhinal Neurons in which Alzheimer’s Disease Neurofibrillary Tangles First AppearOpen Access
Gant, John C. | Kadish, Inga | Chen, Kuey-Chu | Thibault, Olivier | Blalock, Eric M. | Porter, Nada M. | Landfield, Philip W.

Non-Phosphorylated Tau in Cerebrospinal Fluid is a Marker of Alzheimer’s Disease Continuum in Young Urbanites Exposed to Air Pollution
Calderón-Garcidueñas, Lilian | Mukherjee, Partha S. | Waniek, Katharina | Holzer, Max | Chao, Chih-kai | Thompson, Charles | Ruiz-Ramos, Rubén | Calderón-Garcidueñas, Ana | Franco-Lira, Maricela | Reynoso-Robles, Rafael | Gónzalez-Maciel, Angélica | Lachmann, Ingolf

Efficacy, Acceptability, and Safety of Intravenous Immunoglobulin Administration for Mild-To-Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Okuya, Makoto | Matsunaga, Shinji | Ikuta, Toshikazu | Kishi, Taro | Iwata, Nakao

Free Radical-Generating System Regulates Amyloid Oligomers: Involvement of Cathepsin B
Llorente, Patricia | Kristen, Henrike | Sastre, Isabel | Toledano-Zaragoza, Ana | Aldudo, Jesús | Recuero, María | Bullido, María J.

Clinical Evaluation of Amyloid-Related Imaging Abnormalities in Bapineuzumab Phase III
Brashear, H. Robert | Ketter, Nzeera | Bogert, Jennifer | Di, Jianing | Salloway, Stephen P. | Sperling, Reisa

Patterns of Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior for Older Adults with Alzheimer’s Disease, Mild Cognitive Impairment, and Cognitively Normal in Hong Kong
Lu, Zhihui | Harris, Tamara B. | Shiroma, Eric J. | Leung, Jason | Kwok, Timothy

Severe Agitation in Dementia: An Explorative Secondary Data Analysis on the Prevalence and Associated Factors in Nursing Home ResidentsOpen Access
Palm, Rebecca | Sorg, Christian G.G. | Ströbel, Armin | Gerritsen, Debby L. | Holle, Bernhard

A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis on the Prevalence of Dementia in Europe: Estimates from the Highest-Quality Studies Adopting the DSM IV Diagnostic CriteriaOpen Access
Bacigalupo, Ilaria | Mayer, Flavia | Lacorte, Eleonora | Di Pucchio, Alessandra | Marzolini, Fabrizio | Canevelli, Marco | Di Fiandra, Teresa | Vanacore, Nicola

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Thank You For Celebrating With Us!

Highlights for you to peruse and share below

JAD celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2018! Over the course of 20 years, our journal has published more papers on Alzheimer's disease (AD) than any other journal and received more citations than any other AD-focused journal. To mark this special occasion, we published an open access special anniversary issue in March. Featuring 35 review articles covering 20 years of AD research, plus personal perspectives from researchers in the field. Read all about the issue here, or skip direct to the content via this link.

In our anniversary year, a landmark issue of JAD (Volume 64, Supplement 1) was also published that highlights the latest advances in Alzheimer's research and focuses on the future promise for therapeutic breakthroughs. In compiling this special issue of 40+ articles, the editors have utilized a combination of scientometric evaluations to determine the most promising new approaches, as well as soliciting insights from leaders in each of the major areas of Alzheimer’s disease research. Read more about this issue here.

This issue is also available in a special edition hardcover book!

Order your print copy before end of 2018 to get a discount (use code: 20%AIAD2018)

This year has also been about getting out and meeting many of our authors and readers. The main event was AAIC in Chicago in July, where Editor-in-Chief George Perry shared JAD stories at our booth with delegates from near and far. It was also where the announcement of this year's Alzheimer Award winner was announced. Greg Kennedy is pictured with Dr Perry at the JAD Editorial Board meeting in Chicago.

As we now say farewell to our 20th anniversary year, we invite you to view the celebratory publication that was compiled as a commemoration (we still have a few left in the office if you wish to have a print copy, just get in touch!). You can view the PDF file by clicking the visual below, or go here.

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Most Read Articles in Anniversary Issue / Volume 62 Issue 3

All content in this issue is open access, for you to read, download and share!

Alzheimer’s Disease Can Be Spared by Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory DrugsOpen Access
McGeer, Patrick L. | Guo, Jian Ping | Lee, Moonhee | Kennedy, Krista | McGeer, Edith G.

Progress and Challenges in Frontotemporal Dementia Research: A 20-Year ReviewOpen Access
Hodges, John R. | Piguet, Olivier

Aging without Dementia is Achievable: Current Evidence from Epidemiological ResearchOpen Access
Qiu, Chengxuan | Fratiglioni, Laura

Alzheimer’s Disease: A Journey from Amyloid Peptides and Oxidative Stress, to Biomarker Technologies and Disease Prevention Strategies—Gains from AIBL and DIAN Cohort StudiesOpen Access
Martins, Ralph N. | Villemagne, Victor | Sohrabi, Hamid R. | Chatterjee, Pratishtha | Shah, Tejal M. | Verdile, Giuseppe | Fraser, Paul | Taddei, Kevin | Gupta, Veer B. | et al.

The Past and the Future of Alzheimer’s Disease Fluid BiomarkersOpen Access
Blennow, Kaj | Zetterberg, Henrik

A Long Journey into Aging, Brain Aging, and Alzheimer’s Disease Following the Oxidative Stress TracksOpen Access
Mecocci, Patrizia | Boccardi, Virginia | Cecchetti, Roberta | Bastiani, Patrizia | Scamosci, Michela | Ruggiero, Carmelinda | Baroni, Marta

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Editor's Choice

Generation of a New Tau Knockout Line Using CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing in Mice
Tan, Daniel C.S. | Yao, Sherilyn | Ittner, Arne | Bertz, Josefine | Ke, Yazi D. | Ittner, Lars M. | Delerue, Fabien

Longitudinal Modeling of Functional Decline Associated with Pathologic Alzheimer’s Disease in Older Persons without Cognitive Impairment
Wang, Dai | Schultz, Tim | Novak, Gerald P. | Baker, Susan | Bennett, David A. | Narayan, Vaibhav A.

Pramlintide: The Effects of a Single Drug Injection on Blood Phosphatidylcholine Profile for Alzheimer’s Disease
Tao, Qiushan | Zhu, Haihao | Chen, Xi | Stern, Robert A. | Kowall, Neil | Au, Rhoda | Blusztajn, Jan Krzysztof | Qiu, Wei Qiao | for the Alzheimer’s Disease Metabolomics Consortium

Exploring the Role of Cognitive Factors in a New Instrument for Elders’ Financial Capacity Assessment
Giannouli, Vaitsa | Stamovlasis, Dimitrios | Tsolaki, Magda

Neuropsychological Predictors of Long-Term (10 Years) Mild Cognitive Impairment Stability
Alves, Luísa | Cardoso, Sandra | Maroco, João | de Mendonça, Alexandre | Guerreiro, Manuela | Silva, Dina

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JAD Reports – An Open Access Journal

Highlighted Content from Volume 2

We are delighted to share with you highlights of Volume 2 of the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease Reports (JADR). This is our online-only, fully open access journal for AD papers that gives equal weight to original research in basic science, translational research and clinical studies. It is dedicated to providing an open forum for original research that will expedite our fundamental understanding of AD. We encourage direct submissions to Journal of Alzheimer's Disease Reports, taking advantage of the open access option and accelerated publication timeline (see instructions here).

Submit before the end of 2018 to be eligible for a discount!

All accepted papers are subject to payment of an Open Access Fee.
Until the end of 2018, this is set at the 50% reduced prices of $725 / EUR690.

JAD Reports Higlights / Volume 2 2018

All articles are open access are availale to read, download and share!

Alzheimer’s Disease and Intranasal Fluticasone Propionate in the FDA MedWatch Adverse Events Database
Lehrer, Steven | Rheinstein, Peter H.

Human Brain Single Nucleotide Polymorphism: Validation of DNA Sequencing
Picher, Ángel J. | Hernández, Félix | Budeus, Bettina | Soriano, Eduardo | Avila, Jesús

Innate Immune and Fungal Model of Alzheimer’s Disease
Parady, Bodo

Increased All-Cause Mortality by Antipsychotic Drugs: Updated Review and Meta-Analysis in Dementia and General Mental Health Care
Ralph, Stephen J. | Espinet, Anthony J.

The Bri2 and Bri3 BRICHOS Domains Interact Differently with Aβ 42 and Alzheimer Amyloid Plaques
Dolfe, Lisa | Tambaro, Simone | Tigro, Helene | Del Campo, Marta | Hoozemans, Jeroen J.M. | Wiehager, Birgitta | Graff, Caroline | Winblad, Bengt | Ankarcrona, Maria | Kaldmäe, Margit | Teunissen, Charlotte E. | Rönnbäck, Annica | Johansson, Jan | Presto, Jenny

Atomic Force Microscopy Analysis of EPPS-Driven Degradation and Reformation of Amyloid-β Aggregates
Lee, Wonseok | Lee, Sang Won | Lee, Gyudo | Yoon, Dae Sung

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