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Volume 1 ~ Issue 3

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The Fairy Tale Matchmaker : The Magical Match will be Available in Paperback October 15, 2018!!!

Born to be a tooth fairy, Cory Feathering has been busy proving she's meant for another life -one of matchmaking!

It seems like everything is falling into place for Cory. Her uncle Micah is engaged to his perfect match, and she's lucky in love herself with her boyfriend Blue. She's excited to help prepare for the wedding, but when she hears of another marriage on the horizon – her mother's, to a goblin – she knows things might not go quite as planned. The fairy guilds have promised to leave Cory alone, but she knows they still don't agree with her lifestyle, so truly anything is possible. Add to that a witchy match that proves more difficult than usual and an upcoming Battle of the Bands -- and, of course, keeping the secret that she's Cupid! -- and Cory's got her hands full. In the end, will true love conquer all?

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Aislin of Eliasind is more than just a princess -- she's half-fairy and half-pedrasi, with magical gifts from each side of her heritage!

One day, as Aislin is venturing through the woods, she is alarmed to hear a band of humans coming through. How did they get past the guarded magical passageway that leads to her hidden kingdom? Mistaken for a human herself, Aislin is captured, and soon realizes she's in even bigger trouble--she's being used as a pawn to help the king of this nearby kingdom, Morrain, find a secret passageway to the warring land of Scarmander, so he can capture his enemies by surprise. Aislin must find a way to break free, while also minding the beautiful human princess and ladies-in-waiting she now shares a castle with, who are all too ready to point out her differences. Thankfully, Aislin's inner strength goes beyond her magical qualities. And with a few loyal friends by her side, she's ready to stand up for herself and her kingdom once and for all.

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Coming November 6, 2018.


An Interview with Daisy from the "Fairy Tale Matchmaker" Series

By: Oakley Treekin

When did you first meet Cory?
I've known Cory my whole life. She was in the clamshell bassinet next to mine in the maternity ward right after we were born and we hit it off right away. My mother said I cried when Cory went home before I did. Our mothers used to set up playdates for us even when we were still really little. When we were old enough, we walked to each other's houses all the time.

How many boyfriends have you had?
Oh, gee… I don't keep track. Hundreds I guess. Sometimes we date for a few days, sometimes for a few weeks. I dated one boy for half a semester when I was in Junior Fey School. He was really nice, but he was on track to be a wizard and I was taking all flower fairy classes, so we both knew it wasn't going to last.

Who is your current boyfriend?
Lester Foghorn. He's the announcer at the Hoof and Claw Race track. We're going to the satyr races this week and he's letting me sit in the announcer's booth with him. He has a great voice and can be very loud when he wants to. Some announcers need megaphones, but not Lester.

Do you trust that Cory will find your true love for you?
Of course! She's my best friend and you should always help your best friend. I am surprised she hasn't done it already, but she has been busy dealing with the guilds that won't stop tormenting her just because she quit the Tooth Fairy Guild. Even so, it shouldn't be too hard for her to find my true love. I've found all my boyfriends without any trouble.

What do you think of humans?

I've met quite a few humans and have even dated some. The ones I've dated have all been very nice, but they're kind of limited, if you know what I mean. They can't fly, they have no magic at all, they can't crush rocks with their bare hands and they can't run faster than a unicorn. There's nothing really special about them, other than their personalities and good looks.

How do you like being a flower fairy?

I love it! I get to see flowers at their best and help them when they need it. I'm outside all day and working with a great bunch of fairies who love flowers as much as I do. I think it's the best job in the fey world and I wouldn't want to do anything else.

Do you think Cory was right to quit the Tooth Fairy Guild?
I sure do! I've been telling her should quit for ages. I always say that if you aren't happy at your job, you should find a job you enjoy or you'll spend your life being miserable. Cory never liked being a tooth fairy. She stayed with the job only because her mother said it would get better, but it never did.


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