If I didn't get your first name spelled correctly just now, please scroll all the way down to the bottom of this newsletter and you'll see the word PR


If I didn't get your first name spelled correctly just now, please scroll all the way down to the bottom of this newsletter and you'll see the word PREFERENCES in the "footer." Click that and you can correct your name. Easy Peasy!

I have just returned from a day trip to the Clare County Crazy Quilters (it was fabulous) and will be repacking for Illinois where I'll be teaching for the Heritage Quilters (Lockport) and Quilters Plus (Glenwood) in September. If you're in the neighborhood, come join the fun. Later in September I'll be off to Utah! I am so lucky!

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The little quilt I just finished for my great nephew is probably in his little hands by now. I teased you a little bit in the last newsletter about a new idea for signing and personalizing your quilts.

Since I had lots to say on the subject I wrote a blog about it. Click here to read the blog, or click on the picture to see the video.


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Gummed Up Iron?

If you're not using a Goo Grabber with your fusibles, you're going to get glue on your iron. It happens. I've used Iron-Off to clean the sole plates of my irons for years. It works great.

A while back, my friend Chris Porter was teaching on a cruise and one of the irons got gummed up. No Iron-Off. She couldn't think of anything to use to clean her iron except nail polish remover pads. They worked like a dream! Just lay one on the ironing board, then iron over it and presto - the glue disappears. The more basic (cheaper) the nail polish remover pad, the better it works, so forget the stuff with the moisturizer!

del- 250px-Kevin Fitzgerald

Down Another Rabbit Hole

My favorite radio program is Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, the weekly news quiz show on NPR. I recently came across a short clip featuring Keven Fitzgerald (Emergency Vets and E-Vet Interns) on Animal Planet). He was invited to play one of the games on the show. (Before he became a veterinarian, Dr. Fitzgerald was a bouncer for The Rolling Stones.) Anyway, he's hysterical. Have a listen here.


Scooter's Video Pick

Hi! Dog here. Mom said I could share another video. This isn't of me. It's of a little two-color dog with a red collar. My collar is blue and I am one color and there is no way a person could pick me up and hold me under their arm, although that would be nice. Bailey is a beagle. The beagle dog does a trick for David Letterman. It is a good trick. Click the video arrow with your paw to make it play.


Thanks for reading all the way to the end, . And thanks for being one of my online friends. If we've never met in person, check out my travel schedule here and maybe our threads will cross some day soon.

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