Hello, my beautiful friends! Sorry for the delay it's tax week and I've been a little busy getting all my tax information together. What can I say I a

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Hello, my beautiful friends! Sorry for the delay it's tax week and I've been a little busy getting all my tax information together. What can I say I am a chronic procrastinator. Then at the same time, I was getting my tax information together I also fell down a rabbit hole researching my ancestry. I'm on the hunt for a missing ancestor. So, I need the entire island of Puerto Rico to do me a favor and do an Ancestry DNA test to see if I can trace my g-g-grandfather. If you can all get right on that I would appreciate it, mmm-kay? I am telling you it is turning into an obsession. I started to seriously consider starting a Puerto Rican Ancestry DNA campaign. But, let's be honest that also sounds a little creeper. But, I totally have plans to spend my evening digging through more ancestry records. I've been doing ancestry research on and off for close to 10 years now. I would love to have a professional genealogist help me out for a bit, especially with the DNA stuff, but those people are expensive!

Have you ever done ancestry research? Got an tips or resources?

goat parkour

stuff that cracks me up

Ok I promise I am not obsessed with goats but here I am with another goat video. It's just that they are so stinking cute and funny! I have no interest in doing goat yoga but I could get on board with goat parkour.

united meme

The whole United Airlines situation is insane. Like NUTS! But, I am not going to lie. I have enjoyed all the genius memes that are floating around. I mean, when confronted with an uncomfortable situation I always fall back on comedy. Check out this slideshow of 13 United Airlines' memes.

small bites

We busted out the grill for the first time this season. When the temperatures start to tick up we love to grill. There is nothing better than meat and vegetable over a charcoal grill. Stay tuned because I will be sharing some fabulous grilling recipes this summer!

Here are a few grilling recipes from The Noshery archives:
How to Grill Pizza
Grilled Skirt Steak with Roasted Cherries + Figs
Grilled Brioche with Mixed Berries and Vanilla Ricotta
Harissa Whole Grilled Chicken
Summer Strawberry Salad with Grilled Chicken
Best Grilled Chicken
Guava BBQ Chicken Thighs

More bites from around the internet

The Cookie Monster would fight you over these? | Granola Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mini pancakes!? Yes, I want all the mini pancakes! | Mini Coconut Ricotta Pancakes with Strawberry Syrup

The patty melt that immediately needs to be part of my life. | Brisket and Brie melt

My favorite pasta and slow cooker beef ragu! Heck yes! | Lean Slow Cooker Beef Ragu with Pappardelle

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tip it

Corn season is around the corner. What's the easiest way to cut corn off the cob?

How many times have you tried to cut corn off the cob just to have the kernels go flying everywhere? Next time a large bowl and place a smaller bowl upside down inside of it. Place the corn in the center and when you cut off the kernels the larger bowl will catch all the kernels. You can also use a bundt pan in the same way. No more chasing corn kernels.

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q + a

"What is the best wine for cooking?"

You would be surprised how often I am asked this question and my answer is always a wine that you would enjoy drinking. Mainly because that way you can drink it while cooking. But when it comes to cooking with wine there is really no wrong wine. When cooking with white wine I like to go with a crisp white wine, like pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc, or an unoaked chardonnay.When cooking with a red wine I like to use a merlot, pinot noir, or cabernet. The one thing I will say is stay away from "cooking wine", it's basically just salted vinegar.

If you have a question please submit it here!

food news


Ikea is Considering Opening Stand-Alone Restaurants


Welcome to the Future! Clear Coffee Is Now a Thing That Exists


15 Magical Food Buys We Can't Believe Are From Etsy

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loving on

salt cellar

Totally Bamboo Triple Salt Box

I have always used a salt box and just got this new one and love it! I love the separate compartments because I can keep my kosher salt, Maldon salt, and pepper all in one place. A salt box is a kitchen essential.

epic rinds

Epic Artisanal Pork Rinds

I have found my new snack food love. EPIC has a new line of artisanal pork rinds and they are the bomb! I'll be honest I am not a fan of pork rinds but, I ate almost an entire bag of these in one sitting. Ok I did eat a whole bag in one sitting.

They aren't dry and dusty like gas station pork rinds. These are crispy without being dry and I love the flavors! Maple bacon anyone?

cookbook corner

Cocina Tropical

Cocina Tropical: The Classic & Contemporary Flavors of Puerto Rico | 35.00

Cocina Tropical: The Classic & Contemporary Flavors of Puerto Rico

Explore the tropical flavors and rich culinary traditions of America's island paradise. Puerto Rico, it boasts a rich culinary culture with a mix of influences: Spanish, African, Taíno (Native American), and French. Jose Santaella presents foods that only a local would know: the tradition of lechón--spit-roasted suckling pig, or dumplings of mashed plantains with land crab hand-rolled. Among the book's more than one hundred recipes are classics like Salt Cod Fritters with Pique and Fried Whole Snapper with Pineapple and Cilantro Salsa, as well as contemporary creations, such as Avocado and Papaya Salad and Curried Goat with Lime and Orange Rice. Cocina Tropical captures the flavors and spirit of this truly enchanting island.

in case you missed it

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Multigrain Protein Pancakes

"People who love to eat are the best people."

- Julia Child

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