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An excursion with some Eco Club students

On Thursday, June 20, some of the students from our Eco Club earned a trip to the Kinyonga Reptile Centre.

It was a special day at the centre filled with feedings, snake milking demonstrations and lots of information about snakes, crocodiles, tortoises and many other reptiles. Everyone learned a lot and had fun touching and feeding some of the non-venomous inhabitants.

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As so many of the children are fearful of the local reptiles, it was especially educational to learn how to avoid unwanted contact with their dangerous neighbors. All had a great and educational experience!


Releasing Baloo, Susie and their friends

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For the last couple of months, we have been taking care of two baby squirrels: Baloo and Susie. Right as we were getting ready to release them, two more squirrels were brought to our camp.

We decided to let the four of them bond before releasing them so they wouldn't have to face the bush alone. But, a few days ago was the big day!

The four friends were released by a feeding cage outside of camp. It's a place where they can still have access to food if they need it, but other than that, they are completely on their own! As you can see, even Pacou our waterbuck decided to join in on the fun.

Baloo, the squirrel that had been here the longest, still finds his way to our camp every day and jumps on our shoulders for hugs and kisses!


Get ready for July Bonus Day!

As mentioned in our last newsletter, on July 18th GlobalGiving will have its big July Bonus Day. On this day donations over $100 will be matched by 10% or more.


Donations between $100 and $499 dollars will be matched by 10%. If you donate between $500 and $749 dollars, you'll be matched by 30% and donations from $750 up to $1000 dollars will get 50% in matching fund! We obviously understand that these are big numbers, so if you want to help us out, but don't really have $100 to spare, then wait until August! Because in August there will be another Little By Little campaign where donations up to $50 will be matched by 60%.


A beautiful video made by an ex volunteer

There's nothing we love more than seeing our past volunteers posting pictures or videos from their adventures here. And, at the beginning of the month, volunteer Alexandra posted an amazing video that she made during her stay.

You can check out the video by clicking the picture to the right. We absolutely love it and appreciate her many contributions. Thank you Alexandra!


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