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Happy St. Paddy's Day!

(Scroll down for the links to join The Joy Gathering on March 16th and Infinity Healing Circle on March 21st.)


Bones is here to wish you a Happy St Paddy's Day! I had fun at work making sure Bones is ready to celebrate!

I hope this note finds you doing well and enjoying this beautiful day...a little spring teaser, lol.

The past couple weeks have been a bit chaotic, but in a good way. Shifts of things going on, new things showing up, and things moving forward. I was able to replace my car that I got 236,000 miles out of and have a new to me car that I have wanted for a while. And my knee surgery got scheduled. I will be having arthroscopic surgery on my right knee (the MRI showed something floating behind my kneecap that is 5mm in size) on April 6th. Sounds like an quick and easy surgery and recovery (fingers crossed). And it will be official on April 1, that myself and another co-worker are being promoted to Head Coach position at OsteoStrong DTC.

All the shift are exciting and positive, but still a little overwhelming. And with a few of these come extra expenses, so a reminder that I have office hours in Littleton on Mondays and Fridays for your in person session. We can focus on the Bodywork aspect (area treatment/Cranial Sacral/Reiki/Energy work combo or an In-person in depth Intuitive Reading/Energy Clearing, or a combo of both. You can schedule a session on my website or reply to this or text message me.

I have availability at my office in Littleton, on Friday (3/17) at 10:30 or noon. Monday (3/20) at 10:30am, noon or 3pm. Friday (3/24) at 10:30am or noon. Monday (3/27) at noon, or 3pm. Book Your Session Here!, OR text or email me and we can get your time set up!

This Thursday (3/16) is the Joy Gathering Online! And Tuesday (3/21) is Star Light Consciousness! We would love to have you join us for these Free Events! See below for the links and more info.

I will be at Confia Collective! (at 1549 S. Pearl St) on Sunday (3/26) from 11am-3pm. I will be doing 20 min for $33 Intuitive Readings. You can message me or contact Kerri for setting up your time! If you want more time for your Reading, you can book 2 sessions together, so 40 min for $66.

I still have my SaxyD's Leather Creations Journal covers for sale! See below!

I am continuing to enjoy working part-time with OsteoStrong! I think the program is great and enjoy the clients who come in and my co-workers!

Wishing you Health and Joy!


I have created a Meet Up group for The Joy Gatherers Online! I will be sharing The Joy Gathering and Infinity Healing Circle there as well as some future zoom events. Stay Tuned! Check out the Meet Up Group Here!

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The Joy Gatherers Online!

Join us for The Joy Gathering Online. Thursday evening, March 16th at 7pm Mountain time.

Join Christie and Myself for the Joy Gathering! Christie will review the numerology for March. Donielle will pull a card for the collective. We will Share our Joys, as it is one of the main reasons we gather. No matter the size of the Joy, we feel it helps to raise the collective 'vibration' a little higher and we think the world needs that right now! And we will have a guided meditation. This is a Free event.

Simply click on the link below to join the Zoom call. If you are having trouble connecting it has been suggested that you download the Zoom app to your device.

Join us for The Joy Gathering Online Thursday March 16th at 7pm!

Meeting ID: 889 8657 3350

Passcode: 013973

Starlight Consciousness

Star Light Consciousness

You are warmly invited to join Paula Karen and Myself on Tuesday March 21st from 7:00 to 8:30 PM MST for Star Light Consciousness!

We are experiencing what it is like to be human. We release our shadows, learn valued lessons, recognize gifts in humanity and expand our consciousness.

Many have moments where they return, remembering their true state of "Being." " Are not flowers the stars of Earth?" (Clara Lucas Balfour) Are we not also the essence of stars and flowers?

Come explore your true essence featuring topics and tidbits based on inspirational coaching and a beautiful guided meditation. Reach for the stars!

This is a Free Event.

Star Light Consciousness Zoom Meeting March 21st, 7 pm (MST)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID:892 6718 0458

Passcode: 497039

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SaxyD's leather creations make a special, unique gift for someone in your life! There are some Astrology based Key Fobs, Assorted design Key Fobs and a Leather Journal cover! Purchase Here!

This hand designed dragon journal cover holds a 6"x8" journal (and comes with one in it). All custom created. normally $80 on sale for $65.

I also have a brown 'snake skin' journal cover with replaceable journal, custom created normally $65 on sale for $50.

july 25 2022 newsletter

Intuitive Readings and Cranial Sacral, Reiki & Energy work with Donielle

Intuitive Readings with Donielle Saxton. Assisting people to find their Joy, Peace & Power.

I Assist people in finding their Joy, Peace, Power & Fun!

"What is an Intuitive Reading?"

Do you have important issues you are facing? Need clear answers? Let’s answer your questions using dowsing, cards (oracle/tarot), clairvoyance and powerful insights. I encourage you to make informed decisions and learn to follow your own inspiration.

My training and experience with the tools of dowsing, Tarot/Oracle card reading, Intuitive/psychic, medium and energy work can facilitate an experience of Reconnecting to your Soul, your Soul Passions, your Inspired actions. Using these tools, we can work to help you, as a Being, Reconnect with your Soul & Divine guidance.

"What is a Cranial Sacral & Reiki/Energy Session?"

I have 25+ years of training, teaching and experience as a BodyWorker in various modalities. I am able to utilize my tools to provide a personalized session focusing on what your body needs in that moment.

Cranial Sacral is a gentle, hands on technique that focuses on releasing the restrictions in the cerebral spinal fluid to help balance the body's nervous system.

Reiki is a complementary therapy that involves encouraging a healthy flow of energy in the body to lower stress and promote healing. It can improve mood and emotional well-being, reduce stress and increase relaxation, and help sleep and insomnia.

I have Certifications in Massage Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Structural Integration, Reiki Master, Auricular Therapy and Biofeedback and more.

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Colorado.


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