Greetings from a warm and sunny Makutsi!

As Christmas and New Year are around the corner, we would like to look back over 2017 & remember all that we have achieved, and reflect on the wonderful safari sightings we had the pleasure to experience.

We would like to start with a massive congratulation to our Anti-Poaching Team! They work day and night, on foot, on bike, on horseback, and in vehicles in order to keep our Rhino and other wildlife safe from Poachers. Not to forget all of our clients who booked Heli Patrol flights, as these regular flights are of huge value to our Anti-Poaching activities. We had our fair share of close calls, but thanks to our dedicated team and generous guests, we have had no poaching incident on our property during all of 2017, and they even managed to catch a few poachers, which will make the whole area safer. Well done!

We always love it when babies are born: In the beginning of the year our female Cheetah had some cubs, a baby Rhino was born just last month (24 November), and at this beginning of the rainy season we are seeing Impala babies galore.

As we renovate & improve our services, we are excited to have added another 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom family rondavel, which can cater for families up to 6, as well as for adult couples who want to spend more time together. Another proud moment was the opening of our new booking office in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Thank you to all our guests who have written reviews on TripAdvisor. This feedback is so valuable to future guests & provides an honest and informed summary of their experiences. In 2017 we went from 92 reviews to 161 reviews! With over 69 reviews this year, we are currently ranked 19 out of 103 lodges in the Hoedspruit area… Lets see where we end up at the end of 2018.

Keeping with the social media, we passed the “2000 Likes” mark on Facebook!
Keep sharing your experiences, we love it!

Safari Highlights & Camp Sightings

On average our guests stay 2 weeks, which means they have ample opportunity to experience some memorable Safari Sightings.
Here are a few of our favourites:

Watching the Lion cubs attempt to hunt a Giraffe.

View here

Welcoming an unexpected visitor during a Simba Safari Sundowner - the male Lion came sniffing by to see if there were any snacks left over.

View here

A male Leopard sitting at the main gate one early morning safari, playing the gate guard.

View here

Watching the new cheetah cubs becoming more and more curious.

View here

Guests being picked up late for morning Safari because the pride of Lions were sitting in front of their rondavels.

View here

A successful Leopard stalk, hunt & kill right in front of the Land Rover.

View here

Mother Porcupine and baby in and around camp when guests were driven home after dinner.

View here

Weekly visits to the River Lapa Waterhole by the Elephants, Buffalo, Lion, Kudu…the list is so long.

View here

Finally we would like to thank the staff at Makutsi for their service and dedication in welcoming our guests throughout 2017. Happy, welcoming, smiling and hard working! What more could we wish for!


As a final Africa Teaser, we send you a selection of wonderful images that were taken by Family Hahn, who were our guests in August this year. As they say, images speak louder than words, and these images certainly speak of how wonderful Africa, its wildlife and its nature really is.

Thank you Thomas, Michaela & Jan-Phillip for sharing these images with us.

Kruger NP 004
Makutsi 2017 007
Makutsi 2017 008
Makutsi 2017 009
Makutsi 2017 012
Makutsi 2017 013
Makutsi 2017 014
Makutsi 2017 015
Makutsi 2017 022
Makutsi 2017 016
Makutsi 2017 025

Thank you very much for receiving our Newsletter.

We look forward to welcoming all our new & return guests in 2018. May next year bring many new Makutsi memories, experiences & friendships made. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy 2018.

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