Dear readers, in this newsletter you will find a very special request. We are in search of funds to be able to buy a new wheelchair for Odi, a young girl who suffers from a severe form of cerebral palsy. Please see below for more information. Titi, our fieldworker from Bandung, went to the village recently and sent us photos, not only of Odi but also of other youngsters and the new students who will be supported by our SaS (Support a Student), programme. We hope you'll enjoy reading our Newsletter.

A new wheelchair for Odi

Dear supporters of Java Village and readers of our Newsletter: we need your help for a new wheelchair for Odi.

The past years we have kept you updated on the well beings of Odi who suffers from a severe form of cerebral palsy, a disorder that causes brain damage that affects a person’s ability to control his or her muscles.

Odi is thirteen years old now but her mental development is years behind. She uses a wheelchair to give her some mobility. This wheelchair was made possible through Java Village some five years ago.

Odi has grown and the wheelchair is becoming too small for her. Not only is it uncomfortable, more importantly it is not good for her physical condition and can obstruct her growth.

Odi´s sweet parents cannot afford a new wheelchair. Her father is ill and no longer works and her mother, a singer, who performs accompanied by her husband on the keys, cannot do that at the moment because of Covid-19 restrictions. They performed regularly at festivities which of course now have all been cancelled. Being so fond of music the parents named their daughter Melody, shortened to Odi. They live now on Odi’s father’s small pension (€ 23 a month) which hardly covers the daily necessities.

So here we need your help. A new wheelchair will cost € 500 (not including the additional costs of travel to and from Bandung.) As with the first one, it will be handled by Ibu Lydia, an occupational therapist in Bandung who will do the measurements and make sure that the wheelchair, which has to be fitted especially for Odi, meets all requirements. Ibu Lydia also does the regular check-ups. A well functioning wheelchair is very important for Odi. With it her parents can go out with her, or they can install her on the porch, without it Odi is more or less confined to the house.

We hope that you can make it possible for Odi to get a new wheelchair. Any donation will help, however small the amount will be. Your gift would make a world of difference for Odi and her parents. Thank you all.

A donation can be transferred to: NL71ABNA0409210757 (BIC code: ABNANL2A). attn. Stichting Java Village, Leiden. Please do not forget to mention: wheelchair for Odi.

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Odi op de veranda
odi 2

Odi in her wheelchair on the porch of her house in Cisarua.

December 1: Giving Tuesday


To raise funds for Odi's new wheelchair Java Village is also taking part in the #GivingTuesday promotion on December 1, 2020. Click here to go to our promotion on #GivingTuesday

Giving Tuesday is the global day of action to do good on the first Tuesday after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A time for charities and social organisations to bring their work and goals to the attention of as many people as possible. #GivingTuesday marks the beginning of a traditional period of giving. The season to give to people and social organisations that desperately need help.

SaS en Titi nove 2020 2
sas en titi nov 2020
SaS nov 2020

Titi meets the SaS students and their parents in Cisarua. They were allowed to meet at the village primary school, that is still closed due to Covid-19 measures. Luckily there are no known cases of Covid-19 in the village.

computer les nov 2020
comp les olv Zjah nov 2020 4
comp les olv Zjah nov 2020

Although the schools have not been able to open up yet, some activities can continue in the village. Here Zijah, one of the mentors at the Rumah Belajar, learning centre in the village, is seen giving computer lessons.

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