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JUNE 2018

photo shoot

I had a blast at my portrait photoshoot on Friday!

Hello Yogi!

Wow, let’s hope the weather continues like this through the summer months! Absolutely beautiful!

Thank you to everyone that made it out to the YONAMO event! Click on the blue link to watch the video and find me in it!

June seems to be a month of “lasts”. Yet, the word can mean both; an ending or a continuum. How cool is that? (What can I say, sometimes my linguistics background makes a small appearance and I turn into a word geek.)

Alright, here it goes...

This is my last month at Yoga in Kilchberg. I had a great time getting to know you and it was a lot of fun! Don’t worry though I wont leave completely, I am currently discussing options to keep teaching at the studio, at least once a month! Do you have a favorite time and day? Let me know!

June is also the last month before our Hanuman Flow at Planet Yoga will take a two months hiatus. We will be back in September with a new time from 10:00 – 11:30 every Wednesday, as I know some of you felt 9:15am is cutting it too close. For now, I will be there for the whole of June and teaching 5 extra classes in July! (Find them listed on my website!)

This Friday, June 8th is also the last Forrest Yoga Intensive for the summer! The next one is taking place in September! Find the Facebook Event for this Friday here! The focus will be on Length and Strength and we will work through a Standing Pose Series that will get into your hips! Of course, there might be some inversion action. We still have a couple of mat spots open! Are you coming?

On Sunday, June 17th we will have our second to last Hanuman Flow on Sunday AM! Click here to let me know that you are interested! The very last one will take place July 1st!

Other News

2 Future Events that I am very excited about are Hanuman Flow at Belvoir Park in July and the Yoga Retreat in Davos in October! I would love to see you at both! Click on the blue writing to learn more, check my website, or ask me about it the next time you see me after class!

Congratulations to the Yogis that have given birth do a new family member this month! I cannot wait to see you back on the mat and of course I want to meet your bundle of joy!

Oh yes, I am also part of the LONG NIGHT OF YOGA this year! Come to my FREE class at lululemon!

As for now, I am looking back at a busy month of teaching and forward to a less busy summer.


Monkeys at YONAMO

Yonamo Event

Our hanuman shala stand at YONAMO

Yonamo Event

We love winding down...

Extra Classes

Intention of the Month

Honing your Intuition – As we are moving into the heat of the summer our Agni (digestive fire) is teaming up with our Vata to play the old-time favorite catch me if you can game. We can feel heavy and lethargic or spaced out and ungrounded. That is why during the month of June our intention is to hone our intuition! Let’s keep practicing, trust your initial gut feeling and clear out space. Our practice will center around cooling breath-work, standing postures and feeling into the core of things!

And don’t forget to go and immerse yourself in water whenever you can during the hotness of this month!


FYI - Class Vacations

As I have mentioned before, June is getting quieter and July even more so. In August I'll head off to spend some time with my teachers Tim and Ana.
I will be away for the whole month of August and back full force the first week of September!

There will be NO Hanuman Flow at Planet Yoga during July and August and none during August at Malayoga.

The Kids Yoga will not take place during school vacations!

full moon

An important reminder of change!

Moon Days

New Moon - Wednesday 13.6 | 21:43

Full Moon - Thursday 28.6 | 06:53

chantal yoga poses-018


Writing on YogaWiser

Stay tuned for my Sitting with my Mind article coming soon! Until then you could re-read one of my favorite ones; Dedication – A Life Perserverance!

Book June

Book Corner

I am very excited to introduce this new section of my newsletter! As you might know, I love books (they are probably my biggest material attachment dilemma) and I love to read them! The first book I’d like to share with you is Living Your Yoga by Judith Lasater. It is a simple and fast read relating yoga with different aspects of your life. It is also a great book to slowly dive into Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. It was one of my first 5 yoga books and I still remember reading this sentence; “In its broadest sense, yoga practice is about inviting what is unconscious to the surface so it can be integrated into conscious awareness.” If you want to borrow my copy, let me know. Happy Reading!


Have a wonderful month YOGI
See you on the mat!
Much Love + Peace

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As everyone else in Europe and some other parts of the world, I also wanted to inform you about my Privacy Policy. You are subscribed to my newsletter because you have signed up for it, have attended a workshop/class of mine, or you have expressed interest in receiving the newsletter. Your data is not given to anyone else, other than used for my own purposes to inform you about my schedule, events, workshops and trainings and other relevant information regarding Yoga with Chantal and hanuman shala. If you do not wish to receive the newsletter anymore you have the possibility to unsubscribe at the bottom of the email.


I will not take any extra subs this month! If they are last minute ones, you will find them on my Instagram or Facebook page.


8. June | Friday
18:30 - 20:30 Forrest Yoga Intensive (EN)
at Body Love Fitness in Zürich | Seefeld
Cost: 75.- chf cash
Facebook Event


17. June | Sunday
10:15 - 11:45 Hanuman Flow (EN)
at Body Love Fitness in Zürich | Seefeld
Cost: 42.- chf cash | 35.- chf with Friend | Monkeyship Card
Facebook Event


23. June | Saturday
19:00 - 19:45 Hanuman Flow (EN)
at lululemon in Zürich | Niederdorf
Cost: FREE with Registration
Facebook Event
The Eventbrite Link will be sent out this week! Watch out for it!

IMG 5025

Tuesdays - Dienstags

17:30 - 18:45 Basic + Neu (CH)
at Living Yoga in Luzern

19:00 - 20:30 Hanuman Flow (EN)
at Living Yoga in Luzern


Wednesdays - Mittwochs

09:15 - 10:45 Hanuman Flow (EN)
at Planet Yoga in Zürich

18:15 - 19:45 Hatha + Vinyasa (CH/EN)
at Yoga Kilchberg in Kilchberg


Thursdays - Donnerstags

16:00 - 17:00 Yoga Club (EN)
at Lakeside School in Horgen


Fridays - Freitags

09:30 - 11:00 Kids Yoga (EN)
at Kids Residence in Rüschlikon


Sundays - Sonntag

16:30 - 18:00 Hanuman Flow (EN)
at Malayoga in Thalwil

Pascale hanuman shala

Montag Yoga

Pascale Landolt is officially the first teacher at hanuman shala and we are growing. My dream of our Yoga Community is manifesting and it makes me very happy!

Pascale is teaching at collab zurich! This class supports hirnliga – an organization dedicated to brain research. Your Monkeyship is valid here or pay 35.- chf. Go and check out her class!

Mondays 19:30 - 20:30 Forrest Yoga Inspired (CH)


at Collab in Zürich | Kreis 5

Facebook Event

Chantal Moon

1. July | Sunday
10:15 - 11:45 Hanuman Flow (EN)
at Body Love Fitness in Zürich | Seefeld
Cost: 42.- chf | Monkeyship Card
Facebook Event

18. July | Wednesday
19:00 - 20:45 Hanuman Flow (EN)
at Belvoir Park in Zürich | K2
Cost: 42.- chf | Monkeyship Card
Facebook Event

28. + 29. July | Weekend
Hanuman Flow Yoga Classes (EN)
with Alpine Yoga in St. Moritz | Engadin

Flying Hanuman
Aerial Intensive in Zurich


Yoga Retreat

Nourish Your Soul Retreat 11. - 14. October 2018
Come with me to one of the most magical and beautiful places in the Swiss Mountains! There will be lots of Yoga and Beauty! You can also bring your partner and child with you.

at Berhotel Schatzalp in Davos
Facebook Event

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Sunday PM Once A Month

18:30-20:00 Relax | Yin | Breathe
A deep class of self-care. Restore your body with a beautiful 90 minutes of total relaxation. This class is a mix and match of pranayama, fascial release movements, Yin asanas and meditations.

at Malayoga in Thalwil
Starting in September 2018!
Monkeyship Approved!


More things to look forward to...

18:15 - 19:45 Hanuman Flow in Zurich Shilcity Area
Starting September 6!
Monkeyship Approved!

Forrest Yoga in Ticino!
I will be back at Casa Corvo September 8 + 9 | Facebook Event

Forrest Yoga in Hamburg!
Sandhi Yoga is hosting me again on October 19 + 20 | Facebook Event

Mom + Babe Yoga | Connect with your baby and your body after birth
Workshop specials in Thalwil coming in the Fall 2018!

Breath + Inversion Workshop!
at Agni Yoga in Slovenia on November 17! More info soon...


This is also a new section! Our June Asana Mash-Up is Dolphin pose! Many of my students have told me that they don’t like this pose but it will grow on you after a while. To be honest, I faintly remember the first time I was put in this pose! But it has been a great shoulder healer and strengthener for my personal practice. For my tight students, you can definitely keep your knees bent and even have your elbows up higher on a blanket or wedge. You want your back to be straight, like you are standing in Tadasana, the heels can be off the floor and if you want a bit more of a shin-stretch, lift your toes into active feet!

Benefits; like any inversion, it calms the brain and strengthens the legs, arms and core. It stretches the shoulders, hamstrings and the muscles around your feet!

Variations; you can clasp your hands but keep elbows shoulder-width or use a block the long way between your thumbs and index fingers!

Dolphin Pose Chantal

Me in Dolphin Pose!

Mentorship Program

One on One Teaching Experience

In this mentorship you will work with me one on one. We will look at your overall teaching and refine your presence as a teacher in the room. Hone your skills for teaching by receiving honest feedback, assisting me during classes and being able to look after your self-practice and evaluate personal habits. AND of course your are able to ask me all the questions you want in regards to yoga as a business and teaching. The program is 6 months long and you will also have 3 private classes with me and homework.There is a limit to 2 students a year. Are you ready to take the next step in your teaching? For pricing and more information email me. This is a great way to deepen your yoga path and to have the opportunity to work one on one with a teacher.
Next Starting Dates are:
October 1, 2018 and February 1, 2019!

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