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November 2019

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We would like to wish all of our USA-based readers a Happy Thanksgiving! Here at Tier One, we are thankful for all of our clients, candidates, employees, and you, our community of supporting readers! For our November newsletter, we reveal exactly how we uncover our most qualified candidates for any position. But first, see our Featured Candidates and Positions.


Featured Candidates for Employers

International Trade Compliance Manager

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This is an outstanding international trade compliance manager with a US Juris Doctorate, Empowered Official with consent agreement experience. This person is a primary leader and advisor for global import and export regulation compliance for multiple international defense aerospace manufacturing facilities. This person has drafted and developed world class international trade compliance programs across both domestic and international sites including all policy and procedure manuals thereby establishing a regular trade compliance program where none existed previously. Certified in ITAR, EAR/OFAC Export Controls and Embargos. Email for more details or call +1-313-887-8300 ex.103.

North American Problem Solving Sciences Director

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This candidate is currently based in Michigan but can relocate anywhere in North America for the right position. The candidate has an outstanding track record of implementing new methodologies across medium to large-sized manufacturing organizations. This person is an expert in various problem solving methodologies including Kepner Tragoe, Shainin Red-X, 5-Whys, Six Sigma, etc. This individual has developed excellent leadership skills and has successfully managed large teams of up to 36 direct reports and cross-functional subject matter experts. Their accomplishments across all 22 manufacturing sites are too many to list. Please contact or call +1-313-887-8300 ex.103 for more information.


Featured Positions for Job Seekers

Manufacturing Operations Manager, East coast, USA

In this role, you will report to the multi-plant general manager of a $10 Billion manufacturing leader. You will be responsible for managing 5 production team leaders and be overall responsible for manufacturing planning, output, labor, quality and more. The ideal candidate will have a 4 year degree in an engineering discipline. Please contact or call +1-313-887-8300 ex.102 for more information.

Import Export Empowered Official, Southeast, USA

This is a rare opportunity to join our global client company which is a model of technology within the aerospace and defense industry. In this role you will plan, schedule and route imports and exports, including monitoring the flow of traffic to/from foreign destinations and ensuring customs transaction compliance. You will maintain compliance with federal and foreign regulations governing the shipment, receipt and documentation of imported/exported products. You will also interface with worldwide import/export operations and organizations, negotiate with foreign customers to develop handling agreements and act as liaison with U.S. customs representatives. You must be eligible for secret clearance status and be well versed in ITAR and EAR regulations. Please contact or call +1-313-887-8300 ex.102 for more information.

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Searching for Candidates: How We Locate the Right Talent for our Clients

In previous newsletters, we've provided some "sneak peaks" into our process including how we conduct our reference checks and how we present our client companies to potential candidates. As a continuing segment, we're sharing how we uncover promising candidates for our client companies.

How we handle the actual search portion of our process is incredibly important. When working to identify candidates, we want to make sure no stone is left unturned. We want to completely cover the market before going to our client with our top candidates so we can assure our clients that we have found the best possible talent. In order to accomplish this, our search process requires us to be creative, but also very methodical and thorough. Here's what we do:

Have a Designated Research Team
At Tier One Executive Search, we have a team of professionals who are specifically skilled in information and data retrieval to search for, and identify qualified candidates. Our research manager attends our needs analysis meetings with our clients to hear fist-hand their hiring needs. From there, our research team builds an ideal candidate summary, comes up with the sourcing strategy, identifies the right search tools to use, and builds search queries to apply across such tools.

Stay Current with the Latest Tools
At Tier One, we keep a continuously updated slate of tools including subscription-based databases, new websites, extensions, apps, social media platforms, as well as methods of retrieving data to identify potential candidates. Our research team is continuously evaluating the latest technologies and learning the latest research techniques by attending conferences and webinars. This ensures that we have the latest and greatest tools to identify key talent and compete against other employers.

Years of Networking
Tier One has been in operation for over 17 years. For 17 years we have been networking in the manufacturing and automotive retail industries. Anticipating the future hiring needs of our clients, we are continuously recording the skills, experience and accomplishments of the professionals we come across. With a high regard to detail, we enter this data into our database so we can quickly retrieve these professionals when our client is ready to make a hire.

Ensuring we identify the best possible candidates for our clients means that investment in research is necessary. At Tier One, we are proud of our investment in research, as it has helped us to become the leading, competitive executive search firm that we are.


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