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We are delighted to announce the publication of Volume 6, Issue 2 of Bladder Cancer (BLC). The full issue is freely available online and can be browsed in full below.

This issue hosts an outstanding selection of content, including two review articles, one systematic review, and seven research articles. There is also an article commentary on COVID-19, for which a press release was issued recently, as well as a Letter-to-the-Editor (that references this article in the previous issue). From the editors of the regular journal sections, there are also new Challenging Case, Clinical Trials Corner and Paper Alert contributions. All articles are open access and can be viewed via the link below.


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Seth P. Lerner, MD
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Dan Theodorescu, MD, PhD
Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Los Angeles, California, USA


All content is currently freely available to all readers

Article Commentary

Considerations about Non-Metastatic Bladder Cancer Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Carvalho, Filipe L.F. | Galloway, Lan Anh S. | Saoud, Ragheed | Agarwal, Piyush K. | Stamatakis, Lambros

Review Articles

Histologic Variants of Urothelial Carcinoma: Morphology, Molecular Features and Clinical Implications
Alderson, Meera | Grivas, Petros | Milowsky, Matthew I. | Wobker, Sara E.

Review of SWOG S1314: Lessons from a Randomized Phase II Study of Co-Expression Extrapolation (COXEN) with Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Localized, Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer
Boxley, Peter | Plets, Melissa | Flaig, Thomas W.

Systematic Review

Patient-Derived Urothelial Cancer Xenograft Models: A Systematic Review and Future Perspectives
Kita, Yuki | Saito, Ryoichi | Inoue, Takahiro | Kim, William Y. | Ogawa, Osamu | Kobayashi, Takashi

Research Articles

Bladder Cancer Following Medicaid Expansion: No Changes in the Diagnosis of Muscle-Invasive Disease and Time to Treatment
Ko, Oliver S. | Weiner, Adam B. | Desai, Anuj S. | Vo, Amanda X. | Miller, Jake A. | Cooley, Lauren F. | Kundu, Shilajit D.

Preoperative Risk Factors Predicting Postoperative Complications in Radical Cystectomy for Bladder Cancer
Niu, Sida | Graw, Stefan | Jensen, Derek | Glazyrine, Vassili | Wyre, Hadley | Holzbeierlein, Jeffrey M. | Koestler, Devin C. | Lee, Eugene K.

Detection of Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer on Biparametric MRI Using Vesical Imaging-Reporting and Data System and Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Values (VI-RADS/ADC)
Sakamoto, Kazumasa | Ito, Masaya | Ikuta, Shuzo | Nakanishi, Yasukazu | Kataoka, Madoka | Takemura, Kosuke | Suzuki, Hiroaki | Tobisu, Ken-Ichi | Kamai, Takao | Koga, Fumitaka

Genomic Biomarkers and Underlying Mechanism of Benefit from BCG Immunotherapy in Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer
Bastos, Diogo A. | Mattedi, Romulo L. | Barreiro, Rodrigo | dos Santos, Filipe F. | Buzatto, Vanessa | Masotti, Cibele | Souza, Jussara M. | de Lima, Mariana Z. T. | et al.

Extraperitoneal Antegrade vs Transperitoneal Open Radical Cystectomy: Single Center Experiences with 200 Cases
Özkaptan, Orkunt | Çubuk, Alkan | Dinçer, Erdinç | Şahan, Ahmet | Kafkaslí, Alper | Akça, Oktay

In the World of Bladder Tumors: Size Does Matter
Loloi, Justin | Allen, Jordan L. | Schilling, Amber | Hollenbeak, Christopher | Merrill, Suzanne B. | Kaag, Matthew G. | Raman, Jay D.

Safety and Short-Term Oncological Outcomes of Thulium Fiber Laser En Bloc Resection of Non-Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer: A Prospective Non-Randomized Phase II Trial
Enikeev, Dmitry | Taratkin, Mark | Margulis, Vitaly | Sorokin, Nikolay | Severgina, Lubov | Paramonova, Nina | Kislyakov, Dmitry | Kozlov, Vasiliy | Rapoport, Leonid | et al.


Non-Coding Mutations in Urothelial Bladder Cancer: Biological and Clinical Relevance and Potential Utility as Biomarkers
Yang, Alexander | Cross, Christopher N. | Townsend, Jeffrey P.

Other Content

Challenging Cases in Urothelial Cancer
Soloway, Mark S. | Abrahams, Neil A.

Clinical Trials Corner
Agarwal, Piyush K. | Sternberg, Cora N.

Paper Alert | Arsenic Induced Bladder Cancer
Messing, Edward


BLC News

Recent press release relating to BLC content

Some Patients with Bladder Cancer "Can't Wait" for Treatment During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Researchers have outlined recommendations for treatment of both muscle invasive (MIBC) and non-muscle invasive (NMIBC) bladder cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic based on data from trials and prior studies, and taking into account the current strains on the healthcare system. "The COVID-19 epidemic has forced doctors to prioritize patients with time-sensitive illnesses and defer those with conditions that can wait. We know some patients with bladder cancer simply can’t wait on treatment without compromising their oncologic outcomes," explains senior author Lambros Stamatakis, MD.

Considerations about Non-Metastatic Bladder Cancer Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic

View the full press release here


Most Viewed BLC Articles in May 2020

Listing articles published only in 2019 & 2020 so you can read the most popular recent content

Clinical Development of FGFR3 Inhibitors for the Treatment of Urothelial Cancer (Review Article in Vol.5, Iss.2, 2019)
Ibrahim, Tony | Gizzi, Marco | Bahleda, Ratislav | Loriot, Yohann

Considerations about Non-Metastatic Bladder Cancer Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Article Commentary in Vol.6, Iss.2, 20209; View Press Release)
Carvalho, Filipe L.F. | Galloway, Lan Anh S. | Saoud, Ragheed | Agarwal, Piyush K. | Stamatakis, Lambros

Cisplatin Ineligibility for Patients With Metastatic Urothelial Carcinoma: A Survey of Clinical Practice Perspectives Among US Oncologists (Research Article in Vol.5, Iss.4, 2019)
Galsky, Matthew D. | Ma, Esprit | Shah-Manek, Bijal | Mills, Rosalina | Ha, Long | Krebsbach, Craig | Blouin, Eric | Tayama, Darren | Ogale, Sarika

CIS of the Bladder: Significance and Implications for Therapy (Review Article in Vol.5, Iss.3, 2019)
Mirabal, Jorge Rivera | Taylor, John A. | Lerner, Seth P.

Systematic Review: Targeting HER2 in Bladder Cancer (Review Article in Vol.5, Iss.1, 2019)
Koshkin, Vadim S. | O’Donnell, Peter | Yu, Evan Y. | Grivas, Petros

Histologic Variants of Urothelial Carcinoma: Morphology, Molecular Features and Clinical Implications (Review Article in Vol.6, Iss.2, 2020)
Alderson, Meera | Grivas, Petros | Milowsky, Matthew I. | Wobker, Sara E.



BCAN has announced the recipients of its three New Discoveries Research Young Investigator Awards, supporting the development of outstanding early career research scientists and clinical cancer research investigators who have demonstrated a commitment to improving the understanding and treatment of bladder cancer and/or upper tract urothelial cancer research.

Each award provides a $50,000 grant that supports one year of bladder cancer research. There were two recipients of a New Discoveries Research Young Investigator Award: Yuki Kita, MD, PhD, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and to Burles (Rusty) Johnson, MD, PhD, at Johns Hopkins University. The New Discoveries Young Investigator Award for Patient Centered Clinical Research wen to: Matthew Mossanen, MD, MPH, at Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Read the full press release here; and click the visual below for the awardee profiles.


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