Message from the CEO

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world,” famously uttered by Gandhi are words we take to heart. As a hospitality market leader, Thalias is committed to displaying social and corporate responsibility in Cambodia. Part of that pledge is working closely with social and environmental agencies committed to keeping Cambodia sustainable and healthy. Like Naga Earth, a Siem Reap organization whose offices we visited not long ago and were pleased with what we saw.

On the social side of things, we keep a close eye on the constantly shifting agricultural and export landscape in the Kingdom. This month, taking a look at EU rice export tariff changes and what consequences that holds.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’ve crafted delicious menus to help you and your significant other celebrate your adoration. And even added a simple seafood recipe if you’re looking to give your romance a more personal touch. See below to find out more.

Yours sincerely,
Arnaud DARC


At Thalias, we like to celebrate all the good things in life. And what’s better than Love?
Now, while we acknowledge that cooking for loved ones or cooking with loved ones can be a most romantic and wholesome event (just add good wine and nice music) we also realise that there is a real appeal to leaving your cares behind and spending a Valentine’s Dinner cater to and pampered this February 14 more


Topaz rolled out the red carpet last month for Chef Christian Têtedoie lived up to high expectations, setting the taste buds to tingle for more than 100 diners with his unique take on classic French fine dining.
Flown in from the global culinary capital of Lyon, France, he presented an elaborate and exquisite seven-course experience – delicate morsels of food, titillating taste sensations more


Happy Lunar New Year from Thalias Hospitality


សួស្តីឆ្នាំថ្មី ! ក្រុមហ៊ុនថាលាស

Happy Lunar New Year! Thalias Hospitality wishes you a happy and prosperous Year of the Pig. 恭喜发财!


Thousands of litres of cooking oil are used and disposed of every day in Cambodian kitchens – but it doesn’t have to be a waste. Naga Earth, a Siem Reap-based enterprise on a mission to protect the planet, has perfected the formula of turning dirty cooking oil into biodiesel.

Thalias is currently sending old cooking oil to Naga Earth, so naturally we thought it would be right to take the time and visit the plant, to see what other upcycling wonders they are engaged in. more


Since the dawn of time, people have believed in aphrodisiacs: foods, drinks or other things that stimulate desire. In old-time Japanese bordellos, sex workers made an aphrodisiac oil from eels, lotus roots and charred lizard to stimulate their clients. Montezuma, the Ancient Aztec ruler, was said to guzzle 50 cups of chocolate in advance of visits to his harem. It took just one oyster for Casanova to seduce a virgin. Or so the legends go more


Discover the sublime craft behind a Topaz Beef Wellington.

Carefully wrapped in puff pastry, this tender fillet steak coated with foie gras and duxelles is the perfect centrepiece for any special occasion. Served with savoury baked potatoes and mushrooms, our Beef Wellington is a classic that shouldn't be missed! Available upon request


A good meal is like a good couple – the elements must be superstars in their own right, but also, more importantly, the elements must complement each other.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to give you a leg-up with a simple recipe that could make you seem rather talented in the eyes of your other element, combining some ancient aphrodisiacs that originate from the sea, just like Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love more


The announcement last month that Cambodia (and Myanmar) would no longer be allowed to export rice to the European Union tax-free was met with displeasure across the country – with government, farmers and business community all expressing concern. The announcement from the European Commission means that Cambodian rice exported to the E.U will now be taxed at $200 per tonne. more