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SEI January 2015 Newsletter

Happy New Year!

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From the Founder & Executive Director

The Privilege of Teaching Young “Do Gooders”

by Dennis R. Shaughnessy

"So, how exactly is it that “do gooder” came to be an insult, even among young people? In an academic context, I’ve even heard the term used in an intellectually condescending way, as though “do gooders” aren’t smart enough to study intellectually challenging disciplines like engineering or finance..."

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Faculty Spotlight

Learning From Failure: Tales from a Failed Aquaculture Enterprise in Senegal

by Sara Minard

"Starting a social enterprise in a low-income country is not hard. There are enough social problems out there to test potential solutions, definitely enough donors who are looking for projects to call their own, and many willing souls interested in serving the poor. The act of beginning a social enterprise, like many entrepreneurial ventures, requires a combination of boldness and momentum. You often feel like the universe is rooting for you, and those involved in the idea are full of measured optimism..."
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Impact Investing Spotlight

2014 Annual Tom Moore Investment Pitch

Match Impact
by Habib El Magrissy
"I am hopeful that this grant will be the start of a long-term collaboration between my two worlds, further growing social enterprise in Egypt and providing new international opportunities for Northeastern students."
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A new chapter, a new way of investing.
Aishwarya Bhadouria, August Granath and Marie Michl’s experience in the Global Social Entrepreneurship first year honors inquiry seminar.
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SELMA now playing in theatres.

News & Spotlight

Why SELMA Matters.
by Morgan Adderley
"The beauty of Selma is that it shows how with bravery, diligence, nonviolent action, and courage, a change can be made. We must not rest on the progress of the past, but use the example of those gone before to continue to fight for justice for all."_
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Boston: brewing up a cup of consciousness.
by Emily O’Connor
coffee nerd, proud Husky, & social enterprise enthusiast
"Fortunately for Bostonians, the city is host to several coffee shops who not only make a quality cup of Joe but also make socially conscious, sustainable, and fair trade practices a key aspect of their business model. Here are the top 5 socially conscious places in Boston to get your coffee fix...."
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Saudi Arabia: A Nation of Changemakers?
by Miranda Beggin

"Traveling to the Middle East for the first time this past December, I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. As one of the most tumultuous regions of the world, often depicted as outdated, traditionalist, and repressive, I can’t say that I expected to meet some of the most brilliant, innovative, and driven young men and women with whom I’ve ever come into contact with. In the 10 days I spent in Saudi Arabia, hosted by the Ministry of Education, I was continuously inspired by the innovation and societal progress I encountered..."
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Upcoming Events

SEI Student Association General Meeting
Feb. 5th, 6-7pm in 300 Richards
Learn more here.

SEI February Lecture Series with RSF Social Finance Impact Fellow Nakul Kadaba
Feb. 19th, 6-7:15pm, 105 Shillman Hall

Fashion in Action
"A unique fashion show that operates on the mission to donate, educate and initiate a conversation about sexual assault and domestic violence. All of the clothing donated will be distributed among domestic violence and rape crisis centers. Before the clothing is donated it will be modeled to raise money for the Joyful Heart Foundation as well as heighten awareness."
Thursday, Feb. 12th at 8 p.m. in the Curry Ballroom. Learn more and RSVP here!

Global Health & Innovation Conference
Presented by Unite For Sight, 12th Annual Conference
Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
Saturday, March 28 - Sunday, March 29, 2015
Learn more here.


SEI Spring Break Trip!

Learn more about the SEI Spring Break trip to the Dominican Republic here.
Contact: or for more information!



Venture Well: E-Team Program
"The E-Team Program cultivates opportunities for collegiate entrepreneurs like yourself by providing early-stage support and funding of up to $75,000."
Learn more here.

TCU Richards Barrentine Values and Ventures®
Business Plan Competition "An annual competition for undergraduate students around the world to pitch plans for for-profit enterprises that impact society in meaningful ways. Presented by the Neeley Entrepreneurship Center." Learn more here. The Challenges of Global Poverty, "A course for those who are interested in the challenge posed by massive and persistent world poverty." It's free! Learn more here.

Millennium Campus Network: Fellowships "The Millennium Fellowship program is an 8-month leadership accelerator convening student leaders across universities to improve their student organizations, partnerships, and community impact." Apply by February 6th! Learn more here.

Become a Campus Advocate for Change with One Acre Fund! Apply here.

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Alumni Corner

Alumni Interview with Rebecca Willett: The Transitionary Phase

"The best piece of advice I have ever been given was to keep my eyes on my goals and to understand that we achieve our goals in steps, not all at once. In undergrad, we are very fortunate to be surrounded by so many role models who are inspiring both personally and professionally and who are doing amazing things in their careers. However I think this often leaves us wondering; what comes in the middle?"
Read more here.

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