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C-Lon New Colors & New Spool Sizes

16 New Micro Colors

Since April this year, C-Lon has added 16 new Micro colors. Antique Brown, Argentum, Charcoal, Copper Rose, Eggplant, Green, Golden Yellow, Gunmetal, Latte, Medium Brown, Navy, Peacock, Silver, Turquoise, Vanilla, and XX (a color that was supposed to be Sepia, but is not. Its fate is undecided at this time. If it is returned to the factory, I have an open box and I do not plan to return it.) > Micro

New Micro Spool Sizes

$2.25 - NEW Spools 100 yd - 91 m
$5.25 - Original Spools 320 yd - 293 m

Switching to smaller spool sizes made it possible for C-Lon to add new colors. It will also be easier on our wallet all around to buy and invest in more colors as the new spools costs less than the original spools.

As C-Lon runs out of stock and restocks, all the colors will switch to the newer spools. Here is the list of colors now available in the 100 yd spools: Caribbean Blue, Gold, Grey, Oyster, Peridot, Rose, Sea Shell, and White. All of them are also available in the original spools until we run out of stock. Grey is only available in the new spool size.

C-Lon Fine Weight Bead Cord Tex 135

The fine weight size is also switching spool sizes and will be adding new colors soon.

$2.25 NEW Spools 50 yd - 46 m
$5.25 Original Spools 136 yd - 124 m

Colors available in the New Spools Size: Antique Brown, Argentum, Capri, Charcoal, Oyster, Sable, Teal, Turquoise, and White. We still have some stock of the larger spools in all these colors other than Turquoise. Turquoise is only available in the 50 yd spool. > C-Lon Fine Weight

Satin Cord - New Colors

More choices, more colors...

Two types of satin cord to choose from:

• Rayon Satin with a cotton core made in the USA

• Nylon Satin from China

Both have their advantages and come in sizes from 1mm to 2.5mm in diameter.

Learn about the difference between the two and if you are still confused, ask for samples!

> Satin Cord

New Kumihimo Tool Bags

New tool bag with all the essentials for Beaded Kumihimo:

• Mini K-disk, 8 EzBobs, 1 Weighted EZ Bob and 1 Mini-clamp

• 1 big eye needle, 2 blunt bead embroidery needles for the Peyote Stitch Sleeves, and a small beeswax for self needles

• A new bag with black edge trims and a black strap, with a zipper closure to keep the content secure

All for $12.00 > Kumi Tools

New: Findings + Kumi Bracelets Colors + Buttons

The Best Way to Load Beads onto Cord & Thread


Neddle Sizes & Types


Pull Along Needle & Thread Leader


Self Needle with Beeswax

A frequently asked question... I had done a post on this topic in 2010, one of my first reference posts, but it needed some revamping and visual aids. I hope you will find this post useful!

This post has a Guide for Needle Sizes and Types, plus photos of the Pull Along Needle and Thread Leader Method, and a full Step by Step Tutorial showing how to make a Self Needle with Beeswax. All with large photos.

> Post. Please leave comments or go to my facebook page and share the links with your friends.

Free Shipping for domestic orders over $50.


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