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Volume 69, Issue 3 / 2019 Available Online

Review Articles

Air Pollution, Stress, and Allostatic Load: Linking Systemic and Central Nervous System ImpactsOpen Access
Thomson, Errol M.

Lithium as a Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease: The Systems Pharmacology Perspective
Hampel, Harald | Lista, Simone | Mango, Dalila | Nisticò, Robert | Perry, George | Avila, Jesus | Hernandez, Felix | Geerts, Hugo | Vergallo, Andrea | for the Alzheimer Precision Medicine Initiative (APMI)

A Bird’s-Eye View of the Multiple Biochemical Mechanisms that Propel Pathology of Alzheimer’s Disease: Recent Advances and Mechanistic Perspectives on How to Halt the Disease Progression Targeting Multiple Pathways
Vegh, Caleb | Stokes, Kyle | Ma, Dennis | Wear, Darcy | Cohen, Jerome | Ray, Sidhartha D. | Pandey, Siyaram

Depression in Alzheimer’s Disease: An Alternative Role for Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors?
Elsworthy, Richard J. | Aldred, Sarah

Research Articles

Cerebrospinal Fluid Level of Aquaporin4: A New Window on Glymphatic System Involvement in Neurodegenerative Disease?
Arighi, Andrea | Di Cristofori, Andrea | Fenoglio, Chiara | Borsa, Stefano | D’Anca, Marianna | Fumagalli, Giorgio Giulio | Locatelli, Marco | Carrabba, Giorgio | Pietroboni, Anna M. | et al.

Neuroprotective Potential of Curcumin-Loaded Nanostructured Lipid Carrier in an Animal Model of Alzheimer’s Disease: Behavioral and Biochemical Evidence
Sadegh Malvajerd, Soroor | Izadi, Zhila | Azadi, Amir | Kurd, Masoumeh | Derakhshankhah, Hossein | Sharif Zadeh, Mohammad | Akbari Javar, Hamid | Hamidi, Mehrdad

Influx of Tau and Amyloid-β Proteins into the Blood During Hemodialysis as a Therapeutic Extracorporeal Blood Amyloid-β Removal System for Alzheimer’s Disease
Kitaguchi, Nobuya | Tatebe, Harutsugu | Sakai, Kazuyoshi | Kawaguchi, Kazunori | Matsunaga, Shinji | Kitajima, Tomoko | Tomizawa, Hiroshi | Kato, Masao | Sugiyama, Satoshi | et al.

The Reliability and Validity of the Chinese Version of Confusion Assessment Method Based Scoring System for Delirium Severity (CAM-S)
Mei, Xinchun | Chen, Yupeng | Zheng, Hailin | Shi, Zhongyong | Marcantonio, Edward R. | Xie, Zhongcong | Shen, Yuan

Plasma Sphingolipids Mediate a Relationship Between Type 2 Diabetes and Memory Outcomes in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease Undertaking Exercise
Eakin, Kelsey A. | Saleem, Mahwesh | Herrmann, Nathan | Cogo-Moreira, Hugo | Mielke, M.M. | Oh, Paul I. | Haughey, Norman J. | Venkata, Swarajya L.V. | Lanctôt, Krista L. | Swardfager, Walter

Hospital-Treated Pneumonia Associated with Opioid Use Among Community Dwellers with Alzheimer’s Disease (View Press Release Here)
Hamina, Aleksi | Taipale, Heidi | Karttunen, Niina | Tanskanen, Antti | Tiihonen, Jari | Tolppanen, Anna-Maija | Hartikainen, Sirpa

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Volume 69, Issue 2 / 2019 Available Online

Review Articles

Prevention and Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease: Biological Mechanisms of Exercise
McGurran, Hugo | Glenn, Jordan M. | Madero, Erica N. | Bott, Nicholas T.

Tau Protein and Zebrafish Models for Tau-Induced Neurodegeneration
Ding, Yuanting | Lei, Lijuan | Lai, Chencen | Tang, Zhi

Research Articles

Sirtuin 3 Mediates Tau Deacetylation
Li, Shiping | Yin, Junxiang | Nielsen, Megan | Beach, Thomas G. | Guo, Li | Shi, Jiong

Degeneration of the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus in an Alzheimer’s Disease Mouse Model Monitored by in vivo Magnetic Resonance Relaxation Measurements and Immunohistochemistry
Roy, Upasana | Heredia-Muñoz, Mónica T. | Stute, Lara | Höfling, Corinna | Matysik, Jörg | Meijer, Johanna H. | Roßner, Steffen | Alia, A.

D-Cycloserine Improves Difficult Discriminations in a Pattern Separation Task in Alzheimer’s Disease Patients with Dementia
Goetghebeur, Pascal J.D. | Wesnes, Keith A. | Targum, Steven D.

A Computerized Continuous-Recognition Task for Measurement of Episodic MemoryOpen Access
Ashford, J. Wesson | Tarpin-Bernard, Franck | Ashford, Curtis B. | Ashford, Miriam T.

Recruitment of Older Veterans with Diabetes Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease for a Randomized Clinical Trial of Computerized Cognitive Training
Karran, Martha | Guerrero-Berroa, Elizabeth | Schmeidler, James | Lee, Pearl G. | Alexander, Neil | Nabozny, Martina | West, Rebecca K. | Beeri, Michal S. | Sano, Mary | Silverman, Jeremy M.

Association between Sleep Disturbances and Medial Temporal Lobe Volume in Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment Free of Lifetime History of Depression
Yuen, Kimberley | Rashidi-Ranjbar, Neda | Verhoeff, Nicolaas Paul L.G. | Kumar, Sanjeev | Gallagher, Damien | Flint, A.J. | Herrmann, Nathan | Pollock, Bruce G. | Mulsant, Benoit H. | et al.

Differences in Cataract Surgery Rates Based on Dementia Status
Pershing, Suzann | Henderson, Victor W. | Bundorf, M. Kate | Lu, Ying | Rahman, Moshiur | Andrews, Chris A. | Goldstein, Mary | Stein, Joshua D.

Associations between Depression, Depressive Symptoms, and Incidence of Dementia in Latin America: A 10/66 Dementia Research Group StudyOpen Access
Johansson, Lena | Guerra, Mariella | Prince, Martin | Hörder, Helena | Falk, Hanna | Stubbs, Brendon | Prina, A. Matthew

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Editor's Choice

18F-FDG PET for Prediction of Conversion to Alzheimer’s Disease Dementia in People with Mild Cognitive Impairment: An Updated Systematic Review of Test Accuracy Open Access (Research Article)
Smailagic, Nadja | Lafortune, Louise | Kelly, Sarah | Hyde, Chris | Brayne, Carol

Differences Between Women and Men in Incidence Rates of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease (Research Article)
Beam, Christopher R. | Kaneshiro, Cody | Jang, Jung Yun | Reynolds, Chandra A. | Pedersen, Nancy L. | Gatz, Margaret

Improvement of Main Cognitive Functions in Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease after Treatment with Coconut Oil Enriched Mediterranean Diet: A Pilot Study (Research Article)
de la Rubia Ortí, José Enrique | García-Pardo, María Pilar | Drehmer, Eraci | Sancho Cantus, David | Julián Rochina, Mariano | Aguilar, Maria Asunción | Hu Yang, Iván

Sex-Related Reserve Hypothesis in Alzheimer’s Disease: Changes in Cortical Thickness with a Five-Year Longitudinal Follow-Up (Research Article)
Lee, Juyoun | Cho, Hanna | Jeon, Seun | Kim, Hee Jin | Kim, Yeo Jin | Lee, Jeongmin | Kim, Sung Tae | Lee, Jong-Min | Chin, Juhee | Lockhart, S.N. | Lee, Ae Young | Na, D.L. | Seo, Sang Won

Relationship Between Amyloid-β Positivity and Progression to Mild Cognitive Impairment or Dementia over 8 Years in Cognitively Normal Older Adults (Research Article)
Dang, Christa | Harrington, Karra D. | Lim, Yen Ying | Ames, David | Hassenstab, Jason | Laws, Simon M. | Yassi, Nawaf | Hickey, Martha | Rainey-Smith, Stephanie | Robertson, Joanne | et al.

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Most Read JAD Articles in May 2019

Most read content via the IOS Press content website published in 2019 JAD issues.

Modifiable Risk Factors Discriminate Memory Trajectories in Non-Demented Aging: Precision Factors and Targets for Promoting Healthier Brain Aging and Preventing Dementia?Open Access (Research Article in Pre-Press, 2019)
McFall, G. Peggy | McDermott, Kirstie L. | Dixon, Roger A.

Ethical Issues in the Treatment of Late-Stage Alzheimer’s DiseaseOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.68, Iss.4, 2019)
Watt, Andrew D. | Jenkins, Nicole L. | McColl, Gawain | Collins, Steven | Desmond, Patricia M.

Treatment Combinations for Alzheimer’s Disease: Current and Future Pharmacotherapy OptionsOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.67, Iss.3, 2019)
Cummings, Jeffrey L. | Tong, Gary | Ballard, Clive

A Meta-Analysis of Alzheimer’s Disease Brain Transcriptomic DataOpen Access (Research Article in Vol.68, Iss.4, 2019)
Patel, Hamel | Dobson, Richard J.B. | Newhouse, Stephen J.

A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Phase II Study Assessing Safety, Tolerability, and Efficacy of Bryostatin in the Treatment of Moderately Severe to Severe Alzheimer’s DiseaseOpen Access (Research Article in Vol.67, Iss.2, 2019)
Farlow, Martin R. | Thompson, Richard E. | Wei, Lee-Jen | Tuchman, Alan J. | Grenier, Elaine | Crockford, David | Wilke, Susanne | Benison, Jeffrey | Alkon, Daniel L.

Air Pollution and Dementia: A Systematic ReviewOpen Access (Research Article in Pre-Press, 2019)
Peters, Ruth | Ee, Nicole | Peters, Jean | Booth, Andrew | Mudway, Ian | Anstey, Kaarin J.

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