Nordic Mountain Race #3: WI High School Cycling League Race Report - Sun. Oct. 5 130 racers from around Wisconsin battled it out for individual and t


Nordic Mountain Race #3: WI High School Cycling League Race Report - Sun. Oct. 5

130 racers from around Wisconsin battled it out for individual and team medals at Nordic Mountain


Race #3 | Nordic Mountain - Middle School Girls

Contact: Kathy Mock

Oct. 14, 2014 - Custer, WI - Add another exciting race weekend to the record books for the WI High School Cycling League. On. Sun. Oct. 5, 130 high school and middle school-aged students headed to Nordic Mountain in Mt. Morris WI for Race #3 of a 4-race series.

Nordic Mountain proved to be a race favorite for many of the students. The race course, filled with mixed climbs, forested single track, fast descents, and rock gardens made for fun and competitive races in all categories.

"Nordic Mountain was a blast for all of the racers," said WI League Co-Director Kathy Mock. "The blend of terrain and wide open singletrack allowed for back and forth exciting battles in every category. Competition is heating up for the final race of the series on Sun. Oct. 19 at Cascade."


Middle School Girls Battle for the Lead | Race #3 Nordic Mountain

Fierce Back and Forth Battles at Nordic Mountain

Katy McDicken (1007) with Hortonville HS and Leah Fletcher (1003) with Mukwanago Comp, in the Middle School Girls Category were within seconds of each other throughout the entire race. At every turn or each downhill, each girl vied for the lead. Katy pulled ahead at the last turn and took the 1st place medal by seconds!

Keep an eye on the Junior Varsity Girls category. Mckenna Dwyer (101) with CamRock Composite, won the first race. Hanna Mork (106) with Wausau United Ride, came back and won the 2nd race in Iola. Mckenna refused to let this happen again. At Nordic Mountain, she went out hard at the start with Hanna hard on her back wheel the whole race. Mckenna took the win with Hanna crossing the line just over a minute behind.

Podium shot

Race #3 | Nordic Mountain | JV Boys Medal Winners


Individual results and photos are now posted to the site.

Individual Race Results:

Middle School Girls
1. Katy McDicken (1007) -- Hortonville HS
2. Leah Fletcher (1003) -- Mukwonago Comp
3. Erin Bennett (1000) -- Wausau United Ride
4. Johanna Craig (1017) -- Wausau United Ride
5. Lorissa Thorpe (1014) -- Wausau United Ride

Middle School Boys
1. Hunter Schmitt (1133) -- Washington Cty Comp
2. Nick Niemi (1142) -- Washington Cty Comp
3. Pelle Gierlach (1108) -- Independent
4. Patrick Knox (1119) -- Oz Washington Cty Comp
5. Isaac Gunderson -- Washington Cty Comp

Freshman Girls
1. Emma Osborne (703) -- LW Lutheran HS
2. Isabella Bussey (700) -- West HS Madison
3. Ashley Pernsteiner (704) -- GDU Composite

Freshman Boys
1. Matthew Rodenkirch (822) -- Sun Prairie Cards
2. Victor Anderson (826) -- Wausau United Ride
3. Davison Kenyon (801) -- GDU Composite
4. Owen Reich (805) --= Independent
5. Noah Hertel (825) -- GDU Composite

Sophmore Girls
1. Ella Shively (402) -- La Crosse HS
2. Jody Wentworth (403) -- Independent
3. Ruth Hallstead (401) -- La Crosse HS

Sophmore Boys
1. Tristan Hauser (511) -- Wausau United Ride
2. Cole McDicken (507) -- Hortonville HS
3. Alex Halfman (506) -- Hortonville HS
4. Jan-Edward Gierlach (510) -- Independent
5. Eli Rosenthal (518) -- West HS Madison

Junior Varsity Girls:
1. Mckenna Dwyer (101) -- GDU Composite
2. Hanna Mork (106) -- Wausau United Ride
3. Allyson Jordans (107) -- SPASH
4. Kristen Jordans (102) -- SPASH
5. Ava Miller (103) -- Shorewood Greyhound

Junior Varsity Boys
1. Andrew Schmidt (301) -- Lake Geneva HS
2. Samuel Spende (300) -- Lake Geneva HS
3. Justin Wentworth (342) -- Independent
4. Jacob Bons (343) -- LW Lutheran HS
5. Chase Osborne (314) -- LW Lutheran HS

Varsity Girls
No Racers for this category on Race Day.

Varsity Boys
1. Fletcher Arlen (53) -- Wausau United Ride
2. Isaac Wendt (54) -- Independent
3. Nolan Steig (50) -- Janesville
4. Kenn Larson (52) -- Independent

Team - Results
1. Wausau United Ride
2. Cam Rock Climber Composite Team

2014 WI League Team and Individual Leaders after Race #3

Individual and Team Leaders after 3 races.

Individual Category Leaders

Varsity Girls
Emma Swartz (001) | Independent

Varsity Boys
Nolan Steig (50) | Janesville Comp

JV Girls
Mckenna Dwyer (101) | CamRock Climbers Composite Team

JV Boys
Justin Wentworth (342) | Independent

Soph Girls
Ella Shively (402) | La Crosse Composite HS Team

Soph Boys
Tristan Hauser (511) | Wausau United Ride

Frosh Girls
Emma Osborne (703) | LW Lutheran HS Team

Frosh Boys
Matthew Rodenkirch (822) | Sun Prairie Comp

MS Girls
Katy McDicken (1007) | Hortonville Team

MS Boys
Hunter Schmitt (1133) | Ozaukee Washington City Composite Team

Team Standings
1 Wausau United Team
2 CamRock Climbers Composite Team


Final race of the 2014 inaugural season will be on Sun. Oct. 19, 2014 at Cascade Mountain in Portage, WI. Come on out and cheer on the kids! Middle school and high school aged student-athletes will be racing all day! Ladies start at 10:30AM and boys racing will begin at 12:30PM.

See you at the races!

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The four-event Wisconsin League is part of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA), a self-funded non-profit youth development organization that governs high school mountain biking in the United States.


Race #1: Sun. Aug 31, 2014 - Minooka Park, Waukesha, WI

Race #2: Sun. Sept 21, 2014 - Iola Winter Park, Iola, WI

Race #3: Sun. Oct 5, 2014 - Nordic Mountain, Mt. Morris, WI

Race #4: Sun. Oct 19, 2014 - Cascade Mountain, Portage, WI


About the Wisconsin High School Cycling League
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