Hello !! My favorite time of year! It's even more special this year because of a short vacation to the East Coast, specifically Washington DC where I


Hello !!

My favorite time of year! It's even more special this year because of a short vacation to the East Coast, specifically Washington DC where I met my husband, John, 38 autumns ago. After the extra classes and events in September, I am savoring a break.

I'll be ready to explore movement with you again in late October. In the meantime, check out the surprising way your bones and brain are related!


Link between Bones and Brain -- not just exercise!


We're used to thinking of our bones as providing structural support, as a storage and regulator of calcium, and as a producer of red blood cells.

You may not know, however, that bones communicate with and affect many other systems in the body!

Like regulating blood sugar and insulin. Affecting levels of testosterone. Even influencing memory and mood.

Turns out that bones produce a protein called osteocalcin. In several studies with mice, when osteocalcin was not produced, the mice were _“anxious, depressed, and almost completely unable to master a test of spatial memory,” according to researcher Gerard Karsenty, Dept Chair of Genetics and Development at Columbia University Medical Center. When the mice were *given the missing hormone, “their moods improved and their perfomance on the memory test became nearly normal.”*_ Read More

Aging often brings a decrease in bone mass and can mean increased problems with memory, anxiety and depression. Are these related? Karsenty has long believed that communication goes both ways: the brain talks to the skeleton, why not the other direction? Perhaps this is another of the ways exercise affects the brain, by building bone mass, although Karsenty hasn’t established that higher bone mass means more capacity for osteocalcin production.

Most studies so far are with mice, although every hormone that operates in mice seems to function, at least to some degree, in humans.

The situation of two men unable to respond to osteocalcin because of a genetic mutation seems to bear this out. They are both infertile and unable to regulate sugar properly, as the mice research predicts.

In the meantime, it’s yet another example of the marvelously intricate interconnections in our body-mind. Another reason to keep moving. And when we're moving with others, we get the feel-good social connections too! Come move with us--your bones and **your brain will thank you!

Explore Your Mysterious Upper Back and Ribs



Stiffness and discomfort in the neck or low back often come from a rib case that is not moving as freely as is possible.

De-mystify your ribs to:

Increase spine & rib flexibility to turn, bend & reach with ease
Expand breathing and improve upright posture
Ease pain, stiffness and effort in your neck, shoulders & back

Tuesdays Oct 25 - Dec 6 -- 10:30 - 11:30 am

No Classes Nov 8 & 15
Where: Chintimini Senior Center - 2601 NW Tyler Ave
$30 residents; $37.50 Non-residents, $8 drop-in


Tuesdays Oct 25 - Dec 6 -- Noon - 1 pm

No Classes Nov 8 & 15
Where: Friends Meeting House, 3311 NW Polk Ave, Corvallis
$40 for series - $10 drop-in

Mindful Movement - Specific Class for Parkinson's


Thursdays 2:00 - 3:00 pm

Fitness over Fifty, Corvallis

Oct 6, 20, and 27 (no class Oct 13)

Where: Fitness Over Fifty -- 6735 SW Country Club Drive Corvallis
$30 for monthly series; Drop-in $12/class

A specialty class for People with Parkinson’s and their caregivers

Come and learn PWR!Moves -- Parkinson's Wellness Recovery exercise program that helps slow Parkinson's progression and makes daily activities easier and more enjoyable. Warm up with the music and moves from Dance For Parkinson's.

New students--first class session free!

Check first please to confirm availability.

**Read More

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