Wheelz2Work It's a fact- lack of safe and reliable transportation limits access to jobs and educational opportunities. Having a vehicle is a critical

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It's a fact- lack of safe and reliable transportation limits access to jobs and educational opportunities. Having a vehicle is a critical component of our daily lives, especially in Bucks County.

Bucks County Opportunity Council, in partnership with Bucks County Community College and the Gene and Marlene Epstein Humanitarian Fund, began Wheelz2Work in July 2015 to help address this need.

BCOC is seeking used automobiles in good condition to help those who are enrolled in our case management programs, and in need of reliable and safe transportation to achieve economic self sufficiency.

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Can a Car Make A Difference?

Indeed- it can make all the difference! Here are some examples!

In January, BCOC received a 1985 Chevrolet Caprice station wagon. The owner had taken excellent care of it over the years and it ran well, even though it is older. The owner had it inspected, and gave us not only the car, but an extra set of tires for it!

Our client Brian had been struggling with finding work, as he had no transportation outside of buses and rides from friends and family, which was altogether not very reliable. Brian took possession of the Chevy Caprice on a Thursday. On Friday, he was offered and accepted a 4-month contract job in IT, his chosen field. He was thrilled, and will be able to expand his search for permanent employment while he works at this job. He is optimistic about his outlook now, thanks to Wheelz!

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Jackie is a single mother to her one-year-old son. Despite endless job searching, Jackie is surviving on part-time employment and struggling to pay for daycare costs just so she can retain the hours she has. Jackie joined the Self-Sufficiency Program just a few months ago and began working with a coach to develop a career and education plan.Then she had a setback- the transmission in the car she was sharing with a family member had gone out and she could not afford the repairs. Without transportation she could not get to work, and without work she could not provide for her family. Jackie reached out to her coach to share the bad news, only to find out that she was next in line to receive a donated car through the Wheels2Work Program! Within one week Jackie was on the road and back to work. Jackie said, “I LOVE IT!!! So, so happy to have my own car in my own name with my own insurance and not have to worry about how I'm getting to and from work everyday!”

Christine, Alayna and Ashley can all tell you the same thing!

They all received cars through Wheelz2Work, thanks to the generosity of our community! Joe Davis Auto Sport repaired and donated three vehicles to Wheelz2Work last year! Ciocca Dealerships donated a Hyundai Sonata!

Christine and Joe Davis Team 2

Christine with the Joe Davis Auto Sport team

Alayna Lopez 3

Alayna on her way to pick up her car!


Ashley gets the keys from Mr. Ciocca to her new car!

Because donated vehicles are given to families in need, you may be able to claim the highest value on your tax return. Your donation will change lives!

Donating your car is easy- and both individuals and businesses can donate! Contact Eileen Albillar, Volunteer and Community Connections Manager right away to get started (ealbillar@bcoc.org or 215-345-8175 ext. 209) or click here.

We will provide you with contact information to one of our approved mechanics in Bucks County so that you can schedule an appointment to assess the condition of your car. We will be able to determine whether or not we can accept your vehicle. We then arrange a convenient time to meet you to have the title transferred.

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Don't have a Car to Donate?

BCOC accepts donations to help support the program, for costs such as inspections, repairs, and title transfer fees. Or, donate an emergency repair kit! Providing a kit like the one above can keep our clients and their families safe in case of an emergency.

You can also help by sharing and forwarding this message. Let others know how they can change lives by donating their car!

Eileen Albillar, LSW
Volunteer and Community Connections Manager
Bucks County Opportunity Council
215-345-8175 ext. 209

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