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Guest Editor: Bharat H. Desai, PhD


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As a special offer to our readers and the EPL community, you can now purchase the print book at a 20% discount.

Our Earth Matters, with its 238 pages and 21 outstanding contributions, is currently available for a limited-time only at a discount price. Use the code below when ordering via our website before the end of September and you can get the print book for the discount price: €97 / US$119 / £88.

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About the Book

Covering a very important theme, Our Earth Matters is an exclusive volume and its content calls for an honest introspection as regards to what we have attained during the past 50 years relating to regulatory processes, and the use of innovative tools and techniques of lawmaking that will take us forward. The primary objective of the book is to raise the awareness of the global audience by inspiring scholars and decision-makers to re-examine current global approaches to environmental issues and explore the future trajectory with new ideas and frameworks for international environmental governance in the 21st century and beyond. The book will be of interest to all those working to secure a sustainable future for planet Earth.

View more about the book here & order your print copy with 20% discount here!

About the Guest Editor
Bharat H. Desai, PhD, is Professor of International Law and Jawaharlal Nehru Chair in International Environmental Law, Centre for International Legal Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi; and Editor-in-Chief of Environmental Policy and Law. The book raises pertinent questions about how we might move ahead to forge those pathways to a better environmental future – what have the last 50 years taught us and what are the next steps and priorities? Dr. Desai comments: “Has it brought about changes in human mindsets, jettisoning of greed and defining our needs? What could be the new ideas, approaches, processes, regulatory tools, and institutional structures to address the ‘world problematique’? It still continues to haunt us after 50 years.”

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