"Because We're Happy(er)" with Infant Massage! Instinctual Parenting Excellence at Your Fingertips... At the sight of our babies, our fingers itch t


"Because We're Happy(er)" with Infant Massage!

Instinctual Parenting Excellence at Your Fingertips...

At the sight of our babies, our fingers itch to cuddle, stroke, and fondle them.... Touch is not an emotional fringe benefit for infants. It’s as necessary as the air they breathe. Our silent and most potent language, touch is the medium through which parent and infant communicate and become attached, each tender touch strengthening the bond between them.
- From "The Vital Touch" by Sharon Heller

Science Says: Hug Benefits for Happiness

See research roundup below on how physical affection boosts body and mind for big folk, too.

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Five Weeks of Summer Sweetness & Support

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Raising Riverdale - Starts Friday 7/11 at 10 am
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Science Says: "Hug Benefits for Happiness"

Research roundup on how physical affection boosts body and mind throughout life:

Worldwide we agree that babies need to be held. There is evidence that adults who were frequently hugged and cuddled during early childhood display fewer stress symptoms than less-hugged counterparts. Physical affection also alleviates stress reactions in adults who report less existential anxiety even when touched only briefly. We are simply wired to find touch reassuring…

Positive Feelings
We release the hormone oxytocin when touched, which elevates feelings of attachment, connection, trust, and intimacy. When we're hugged, we feel less lonely… [and less devastated by problems…..] Hugs facilitate social bonding and the experience of participating fully in this life, which, to me, is true happiness.

Better Health
… when we are touched our heart rate, blood pressure, and levels of the harmful stress hormone cortisol are lowered. Reach out and hug, and your life might not only feel better, but last longer.

Excerpt from Polard, Andrea F., Psy.D. (June, 2014), "A Unified Theory of Happiness", Psychology Today


Summer of Love 4 Lucky Duck Grads

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Just-for-Grads: Drop-Ins Back-to-the-Nest
Refresh, reboot & reconnect with your original baby-partner or with the latest addition to your growing family. (Coparents always welcome.)

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Why Infant Massage?

Empowered Parents
Lovingly Connected Kids

Enhance Communication & Bonding
Relieve Stress for Baby & Parents
Improve Sleep
Ease Digestion
Support Healthy Growth & Development
Boost Confidence for New Moms & Dads
Build Family Joy … and World Peace!

See a brief Benefits Video at International Association of Infant Massage.

Gabrielle Mason  - Lucky Duck Infant Massage

Gabrielle Mason, CEIM/CIMI
A grateful infant massage mom and Music Together™ teacher, Gabrielle brings song, story, philosophy and fun to the beautiful art – and science – of infant massage.

She believes new moms and dads deserve respectful support in following their own hearts to care for their children and for themselves.

Gabrielle is proud to be part of a "global support village" teaching the International Association of Infant Massage program ... and part of a local one with the Hudson Valley Birth Network.


In creating a new family, we create our own little world.
May yours be full of great joy and growing peace.
- Gabrielle

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