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Hello, Friends!

Stop and listen to the world around you. Be still long enough and the treasures of this natural world will present themselves to you, surely to take your breath away. ~Kiki Michalek
"Scarlet Tanager" photo by Kiki Michalek

baby dragon

Baby Dragon by Kiki Michalek

What's New

I have given birth a new website in order to brand my own name.[] is now active as an online gallery. I'm happy with how it turned out and will be tweaking and adding to it this month. Pay my new site a visit. I would love feedback.

fishing grizzlies

Fishing Grizzlies by Kiki Michalek

Fresh work

I have a new body of work coming out in my wildlife series. "Fishing Grizzlies" is the first piece in some smaller works created in a looser style than you have seen from my hand. With the amount of detail and the incredible amount of time my pieces take, I'm finding these to be liberating and FUN! I hope you can make it to the studio for 3rd Sunday, June 16 to see what I've come up with.

20180616 134536

Three Brothers (in progress) by Kiki Michalek

On the Easel

June 16 from 12 to 2 at my studio:
Painting automobiles
I will be demonstrating airbrush technique on my painting, "Three Brothers", using masking and freehand methods. Get a behind the scene look at how these highly technical pieces are created.

Kind regards,
Kiki Michalek

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