LMNG&F 7th Annual Ladies Derby: A Great Turnout for a Great Cause! by Revy Rodriguez The Ladies Derby is one of my favorite derbies of the year. It

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Great turn out for the 7th Annual Ladies Derby!

LMNG&F 7th Annual Ladies Derby: A Great Turnout for a Great Cause!

by Revy Rodriguez

The Ladies Derby is one of my favorite derbies of the year.
It is one of the few "Ladies Only" fishing derbies in Canada. This event provides the setting for pro fishing women and inexperienced fishers like me to enjoy fishing in one of Manitoba's most pristine lakes, in a relaxed and fun environment.

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This year the Ladies Derby incorporated a few new aspects to the derby, making the event even more exciting, fair and special to the community. This year the LMNGF chose to donated a portion of the proceeds from the Ladies derby to the Lakeshore Women's Resource Center in Ashern. The president of the club, Blair Olafson presented Carol Hull with a cheque for $250 for the Women's Center. The club also collected gently used clothing and household items for the center as well.

Another change this year, that was well received by the entries, was using a point system rather than weight when recording fish caught. Because this derby is an “All Species” derby, we used a conversion chart developed by the Manitoba Fisheries. The conversion factors were calculated using the top ten fish of each species that were reported to the Master Angler Program.

With this new conversion chart it made it possible for any fish to be eligible for first prize, rather than a large bass that is usually the first place fish. Fish were measured in inches and then multiplied by the conversion factor and given a score. The conversion chart was provided to each entry upon registration along with instructions of the new recording method. The top 3 scoring fish were awarded cash prizes. 1st pace went to Colleen Flaherty, 2nd place went to Linda Shotton and 3rd place went to Alissa Nasberg. 4th (Jeannette Allard) and 5th place (Michelle Vandal) were awarded a merchandise prize as well as the hidden score prize that went to Whitney Rudd!

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1st Place Colleen Flaherty - with a master bullhead

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2nd Place Linda Shotton - with a master bullhead

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3rd Place Alissa Nasberg - with a nice walleye

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Ladies Derby Sponsor Thank You

Click Here for full details of the recorded fish for the 7th Annual Ladies Derby on the Lake Manitoba Narrows Game and Fish Website!

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The Halloween Boat with crazy "Green Devils" took home a prize for best decorated boat!

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The weather could not have been better for the derby. The wind stayed down and the sun came out!

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Thank you to Danny Kleinsasser for the amazing "Kubba Dogs" and Pulled Beef lunch BBQ!

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Thank you Teagan Rodriguez for your special Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes that were a real treat at the end of the day!

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Silent Auction Prizes were fantastic this year!

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5 incredible Grand Prizes this year!

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A special thanks to Sue Richter and all the volunteers for making this event such a sucess!


Bombers end Labour Day Classic Losing Streak with a 28-25 win over Roughriders!

From the pre-game show to the post game highlights, Bomber and Rider fans filled the Gibson's Tavern to watch the epic battle between the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Saskatchewan** Roughriders in this year's Labour Day Classic. For the last 11 years, the Riders have been victorious in the Classic, taking advantage each year of the home field advantage. This year there was optimism in the air based on the Riders' current standings and the Bombers' recent winning streak. The first half of the game was dominated by the Bombers offense and the break of the Labour Day Curse seemed in sights. But in true Rider fashion, it was the second half that the Riders began to play their game, making it a tie game with only minutes left. With missed chances on both sides of the field, the crowd at the lodge was on their feet with excitement. There was a roar that filled the bar as the Bombers completed a final field goal to push the Bombers ahead and finally break the 11 year losing streak!

Let's Do It Again at Home!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

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