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21-25 August - Book Week
24th August - Book Week Dress Up Day
7th September - The Lion King school musical - Glen Eria Auditorium
13th - 15th September - Snow Camp (selected children only)
11th-13th October - 3/4 Camp
11th-13th October - 5/6 Camp
6th November - Pupil Free Day

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Celebrate NAPLAN 2023!

This year, the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) has introduced new standards to NAPLAN reporting. Four proficiency standards will replace the previous 10 numerical bands and the national minimum standard used in previous years’ reporting.
The NAPLAN proficiency standards include 4 proficiency levels for each assessment area at each year level:
• Exceeding: the student’s result exceeds expectations at the time of testing.
• Strong: the student’s result meets challenging but reasonable expectations at the time of testing.
• Developing: the student’s result indicates that they are working towards expectations at the time of testing.
• Needs additional support: the student’s result indicates that they are not achieving the learning outcomes expected at the time of testing. They are likely to need additional support to progress satisfactorily.
Each of the standards represents increasingly challenging skills and understandings as students move through the years of schooling.
We are extremely proud of all our Year 3 and Year 5 students for their achievements this year.

NAPLAN Writing results 2023


Year 3


Year 5

In Year 3, 97% of students are in the Exceeding and Strong standards and in Year 5, 91% of students are either Exceeding or Strong. Writing has been one of our goals in our Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) for the last 2 years, and this has all stemmed down from our School Strategic Plan (SSP). Teachers have been building their capacity in writing through our writing professional learning in the 6 + 1 Traits of writing. Ms Casey Gould has shared a deeper lens into the 6 + 1 Trait in her section below.
Next week, I will be sharing our achievements in Reading.

Lost Property

We have a mountain of jumpers, jackets, water bottles and lunch boxes in our lost property. If your child/ren are missing any of these items, please ask them to come to lost property, which is in our First Aid room. Please remember to label ALL your child/rens belongings, this will help us return items that have been lost.

Amy Tinetti
Acting Principal

Term 3 week 6

Our teachers have been busily working on improving their practice in the area of teaching writing. Working with Nerissa Leung from Oz Lit, for the last 18 months (both online and face to face), teachers have deepened their understanding of the 6+1 Writing Traits and we are now embedding them in our Writer’s Workshop.

We like to refer to the writing traits as key ingredients; they are the essential components of a piece of writing. The traits include: ideas, voice, conventions, organisation, word choice, sentence fluency and presentation. When explicitly teaching, teachers focus on these traits and develop goals based on the student’s area of need within the trait.

Please see below a writing sample of a Grade 2 student. This piece of writing was created during a narrative unit, with a focus on idea generation, organisation and conventions.


The student explained to me why it’s important to learn about the traits and how they improve their writing:

“My writing has to be organised and I need to brainstorm ideas in my Writer’s Notebook. I have to use words that aren’t boring or plain and my sentences need to be short and long to engage the reader. I use punctuation to show expression and my writing has to look, feel and sound good so the reader is excited to read it.”

You’ll also see in this sample the student has revised and edited their own work. This is something that we are also working on in the Writer’s Workshop, upskilling the students to independently follow the writing process.

We are very proud of the work our teachers and students are doing to improve writing at MVPS!

4 Values

1/2D - Tora T
3/4P - Xavier C

Specialist Student of the Month

Visual Arts Junior - Ruby E
Visual Arts Senior- Isla C

Just a reminder that the 2023 Premiers' Reading Challenge is in full swing. So far we've read over 1000 books! With plenty of time until the finishing date of September 7th, we've time for more reading. So what are you waiting for, pull out a book or two or three or maybe even twenty, and log them on your account!

If you have lost your password, Miss Pritchard can help you - just let her know and she'll reprint it for you.


Book Character Parade

Thursday 24th August, 9am

It will be first thing in the morning on Thursday 24th August, weather permitting on the Astroturf.
We will be celebrating all things that books bring to our lives by dressing up as our favourite book characters and participating in a whole school parade. This year's theme is ‘Read, Grow, Inspire’ and you could also base a costume around this theme. So, it is time to start brainstorming your costumes, rummage through your dress up boxes or see what you have at home to create your costume. Remember sometimes the best costumes are the home-made ones, it really is amazing just how versatile some material and a cardboard box can be!
We are looking forward to seeing all of the wonderful book characters come to life!

Fathers Day Breakfast

The Parents Association are proud to celebrate Fathers Day again this year with a special breakfast on Friday 1st September. We invite all MVPS children to bring their father (or other special person) along to celebrate with us. This event is significantly subsidised by the PA however we do ask for a small contribution of $5 per adult to put towards costs of food and fun activities on the morning. Tickets can be purchased here.

Pancake Parlour School Rewards

Malvern Valley PS are now part of Pancake Parlour School Rewards Program. This is a loyalty program run by Pancake Parlour where the school can earn points and prizes. These can be utilised to support educational projects and extracurricular activities.

To earn points for the school you must sign up to be a pancake parlour member by either
1. Visiting the PP website here and joining via the online form
2. Via The Pancake Parlour app
Head to your profile > Rewards > School Rewards Select Join a School

Whenever you visit the pancake parlour your purchase will count towards the Malvern Valley PS rewards points. Thank you for your support and enjoy your pancakes!

Help us build a happier, healthier Stonnington by completing our Social and Community Health survey – in partnership with Swinburne University of Technology.

We want to know whether you enjoy active recreation, public and active transport, and the social connection that Council programs and services bring.

Completing the survey (approximately 10 minutes to complete) will enter you into the draw to win one of ten one-month Harold Holt Swim Centre memberships. Entry into the prize draw is entirely optional.

Complete the survey HERE


In order to streamline the weekly school delivery run any online orders placed for delivery to school will be delivered by a Spartan driver every Tuesday.

Online orders placed by midday on a Monday will be included in the school delivery the next day. Any orders placed after this time will be delivered in the following weeks run.


Enhance Your Parenting Journey with New Resources!

Dear Parents,
As parents, we all know the immense importance of raising our children in the best possible way. But have you ever stopped to reflect on where your parenting skills were learned? And are you open to exploring alternative approaches that could enrich your parenting journey?

Hi I’m Trish

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my website “The Essence of Parenting” which is dedicated to supporting parents like you in their quest for knowledge and growth. This website provides a non-judgmental space for you to dive into new ways of thinking and discover what works best for your family and home.

Whether you are a seasoned parent or just beginning your journey, this website offers a wealth of resources and insights to help you navigate the beautiful yet sometimes challenging world of parenting. It is a space where you can explore different perspectives and approaches to create a nurturing and harmonious environment for your children.

I invite you to jump on the website and explore what workshops & Weekly groups are happening near you.

Together, we will continue to learn and discover, as we strive to become the best parents we can be. This website will provide you with valuable tools, articles, workshops and weekly teaching groups to connect with the community to support your parenting goals.

Let's embark on this exciting journey of growth and self-discovery.

Visit here to begin exploring the endless possibilities that lie ahead. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Wishing you joy and fulfillment in your parenting journey!

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