Hello , Greetings from Yiwu, China. Where I have just arrived. Last week I was in Bali, Indonesia and learning interesting things about the meaning

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Hello ,

Greetings from Yiwu, China. Where I have just arrived.
Last week I was in Bali, Indonesia and learning interesting things about the meaning of Denpasar the main city on Bali. You can read about it here.

Since then I have traveled to Hangzhou in China, and by car to Yiwu about 90 minutes away. Regular readers will know we have a warehouse and office here in Yiwu. Some of you may know we also have a small candle factory producing soy wax candles with European fragrances and essential oils from AW. Why? simply because this product is hard to find and impossible to find with nice fragrances in China.

Soy wax is the future of candles, regular candles are made with paraffin, and many cheap candles (especially from China) have all sorts of nasty stuff in them, so sooner or later we reckon the world is going to stop wanting to breathe in petrol fumes and switch to the clean natural burn of soy wax candles. And support farmers rather than oil companies. Check out our soy wax products below. Naturally, from our own factory, you can be sure of quality and prices that give you a serious competitive advantage.

So it was great to visit the factory yesterday and see things in full swing, and we are working on a number of new products including some beautiful wax melts in nice hipster glass jars. If you have any ideas for candle products please don't hesitate to drop me a line. One of the things I want to work on while I'm here is the next range of products.

Today I went to the mega-market that defines Yiwu. They claim it is the biggest "small commodity" (that includes gifts) market in the world. There are around 90,000 showrooms in this city, every factory in Northern China has a presence here, and the surrounding area is stuffed with big and small businesses supporting this market. Of course, we like to source from the smaller family run businesses that produce the more artisan products, and over the years we have developed good relations with numbers of really nice producers.

Today I visited a few old suppliers to see what's new...


Mens Bracelet Sets

First stop was an earnest young guy called Wang.. he has created a huge range of guys leather bracelets, using metal components and recycled leather off-cuts. His designs in my opinion are amazing, well constructed (always adjustable or stretchy) and incredible value, he has sold them to Japanese, Brazilian and American customers.. we have carefully selected from the range and with the odd modification made this range for our customers.

The idea is this, who buys just one bracelet, it's cool to wear a whole wrist full right?, so we sell in ready made mini collections. So a sale is not just one or two quid, now you can get a fiver or more and offer great value. Leather for goodness sake :). A great present for any chap in your life, and perfect for Father's Day. I love them.. been wearing them myself, with a bit of a collection you can always colour coordinate..


Vintage Colonial Style Boxes

Then on to an old favourite of mine.. A nice lady: Chunhua, she owns this village based business, where they make vintage style boxes. And they have been making them for a long time, we used to call the colonial boxes, but I'm not sure if that's politically correct :/ anyway these are a perennially useful product.

You can team them with no end of other gifts to add value, or just sell them as useful little boxes. If you sell gemstones, or jewellery or anything really they are a great add on sale. One of the first products we bought in Yiwu, and still going strong. Recently we have introduced some larger sizes, I really like the "Apple" shaped box.. check it out here.


Keepsake Boxes

Then another box company we have been dealing with for a long time, and once again a lady boss; Wufang. She is always busy, but always has time show us a new design or two. One time we had a quality issue, designs not properly finished and she replaced the stock without any fuss. Many of her customers are South American, these things go well with Spanish speaking people she tells me.

Her company makes these jolly posh boxes, I was just checking the stats, and actually we don't have that many people who stock this product, but those who do re-order regularly.
For sure a beautiful gift for mother's day. A bit of class.
The same company also makes the Angel Boxes, again we have been selling a long time...


Recycled Glass Tealight Lanterns

I've also seen the glass lantern and candle holders company...

The four designs and eight colours combine make a highly effect shop display. Plus check out the value, really keen prices provide a more than romantic trading opportunity.

Well, I could go on and on, but I'm probably boring you.
More news next week from China. Mother's day is fast approaching, are you ready!!

See the new and amazing products below.

Take care and Happy Trading.


Aromatic oils have been used for thousands of years to seduce, enchant and heal. Now your customers can release the ancient magic and power of aromatic oils with your New, Beautiful and Massive 200ml Aromatherapy Reed Diffusers.


Lavender & Fennel




Geranium & Rose

This classic reed diffuser contains only natural essential oils (in a special mineral oil base) to enchant and delight your family and friends. Slowly and delicately the aroma will rise along the sticks and fill any room with a delightful and truly aromatic fragrance. Big 200ml bottles means the aroma can last for up to 12 weeks.

Order Today and take your customers on an aromatic adventure!


This range of Bamboo display stands gives you a huge storage space. The shelf system is constructed entirely of durable bamboo and features some shelves at varying heights, which allow for storage of all kinds of items.


Medium Cushion Bamboo Display


Large Cushion Bamboo Display


Small Three Box Display

Bamboo Display Stands are designed to be at the heart of a contemporary gift shop: well thought out, well made and surprisingly affordable. The feel is modern and uncluttered. An instant space-saver that's very handy for displaying cushions in your shop. If you are looking for a stand for your range of bath bombs please take a look at this brilliant Small Three Box Display. Each comes flat-packed and ssembly is required.

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