We had an amazing two weeks in Hamburg despite cold weather and the occasional rain - the crowds came and they came in droves to experience a great Tr

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We had an amazing two weeks in Hamburg despite cold weather and the occasional rain - the crowds came and they came in droves to experience a great Triennial of Photography Festival Hamburg and to see our Photoville Shipping Container exhibitions and Opening Night Multi-media extravaganza "We Live in Brooklyn, Baby" – a beautiful ode to photographers and communities across Brooklyn as envisioned by Jamel Shabazz.

We would love to thank the folks at the Triennial, our traveling buddies, photographers Chris Bartlett and Stefan Falke who not only were there to show their own work but to support their fellow photographers who could not make it out and Jan Gennat a young German photographer and his friends who helped us out in the deinstall!

Below are some fun recaps and images!

AND remember the FENCE is up in Brooklyn Bridge Park and Boston's Rose F. Kennedy Greenway and only 72 days till PHOTOVILLE 2015!

Sam, Dave & Laura



WE LIVE IN BROOKLYN, BABY Curated by Jamel Shabazz

This extraordinary evening of Brooklyn photography was curated by Brooklyn’s own Jamel Shabazz and was set to a Brooklyn inspired soundscape of music and found sounds – selected by DJ’s Chris Devlin and Prince Klassen - and had the German crowd rocking!

photo 1

Featuring Dirk Anschutz, Janette Beckman, Marisha Camp, Barron Clairborne, Michael Crook, Delphine Diallo, Kevin Downs, Lisa DuBois, Nema Etebar, Nehyru Fabré, Russell Frederick, Kathryn Friedman, Julie Glassberg, Arlene Gottfried, Amnon Gutman, Akintola Hanif, Elaine Hargrove, Sara Hylton, Terrence Jennings, Stephanie Keith, Roger Kisby, Jessica Lehrman, Monia Lippi, Douglas Ljungkvist, Marcia Lloyd, Ocean Morisset, Tom Martinez, Meryl Meisler, James Petrozzello, Larry Racioppo, Peter Rad, Valery Rizzo, Antonio Rosario, Ruddy Roye, Irina Rozovsky, Jamel Shabazz, Julienne Schaer, Stephen Shames, Ramin Talaie, Amy Touchette, Jerry Vezzuso, Alex Welsh, Anderson Zaca, and Emine Ziyatdinova

Featured Photoville Exhibitions

Chris Hondros - TESTAMENT presented by the Chris Hondros Fund and Getty Images

Testament is a collection of photographs and writing by late photojournalist Chris Hondros spanning over a decade of coverage from most of the world’s conflicts since the late 1990s, including Kosovo, Afghanistan, the West Bank, Iraq, Liberia, Egypt, and Libya.

photo 2

Chris Bartlett – Iraqi Detainees: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Ordeals

IRAQI DETAINEES was as powerful in Hamburg as it was in New York and we had the fortunate experience to have Haj Ali visit the exhibition for the first time. He is the first of Chris' subjects to see the exhibition and he had not seen him since he took his portrait in 2007 in Istanbul. The next day Haj came back with his translator and several other men and they had an impromptu conversation session on the container city grounds with Chris. It was a very special and powerful few days.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 1.46.19 PM
chris bartlett

War & Memory – Presented By The Homecoming Project and Fovea Exhibitions

Featuring Cynthia Bittenfield, Ashley Gilbertson, Michael Kamber, Ed Kashi, Gina LeVay, Andrew Lichtenstein, Brandon Thibodeaux, Erin Grace Trieb Peter Van Agtmael, Craig F. Walker, Damon Winter Military, Veteran and Family Member Contributors

photo 4
Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 2.02.13 PM


Featuring Nina Berman, Andrea Bruce, Alixandra Fazzina, and Stanley Greene
Four photographers from the NOOR agency documented daily life in the camp. More than 100 of these images were blown up as large as 9 feet wide and were pasted on nearly 200 meters of the barbed wire concrete security wall which surrounds the entrance to the camp. For Hamburg - we contained them in our little containers - but the impact was huge.


Lindsay Morris – You are You

You Are You documents an annual weekend summer camp for gender non-conforming children and their families. This camp offers a temporary safe haven where children can freely express their interpretations of gender alongside their parents and siblings.

photo 3
Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 2.01.36 PM

Stefan Falke – La Frontera

Stefan Falke photographed 180 artists along the US-Mexican border in order to show the vibrant cultural side of a region that is usually portrayed by the international media with the sole focus on violent crime.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 1.59.54 PM
Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 2.01.26 PM

Hector Rene Membreno-Canales – Hegemony Or Survival

In Hegemony or Survival, Hector Rene Membreno-Canales blends classical still life and portraits with military objects and veterans in alarming juxtapositions of the traditional with the contemporary.

IMG 0351
IMG 0414

Restless Collective – The Geography of Youth

Featuring Morrigan McCarthy and Alan Winslow

Photographers Morrigan McCarthy and Alan Winslow spent three years traveling the world by bicycle and camper and the result is an interactive, participatory exhibition exploring the thoughts and faces of the Millennial generation worldwide.

IMG 0382
IMG 0369


La Frontera's Stefan Falke took some great shots of our our time in Hamburg - here is just a handful! Enjoy and thanks Stefan for capturing some great times!

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Restless Collective's Geography of Youth

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Stefan Falke's La Frontera

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NOOR's Za'atari

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Chris Hondros' TESTAMENT

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Chris Bartlett on his Iraqi Detainee Container

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Chris Bartlett meet Haj Ali - one of the Iraqi Detainees

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Jan Gennat helping us out and buying Stefan's Book!

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the Photoville Hamburg HQ!

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You Rock Stafan!

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