NeckLITES are back in stock, the second "dog quilt," Scooter's Video pick, and locker hooking! It's all in the March 1st newsletter. Spring is just a


NeckLITES are back in stock, the second "dog quilt," Scooter's Video pick, and locker hooking! It's all in the March 1st newsletter.

Zoey Feb2016

Spring is just around the corner! Zoey is enjoying a popsicle a little ahead of schedule. It's the teething thing. She's got four teeth now with two more about to pop through.


Good thing Spring is coming. We got a bit of snow last week. Our mail truck got stuck by our mailbox. Very embarrassing. The snow was pretty well cleaned out, but we had a sub and I think he turned the wheels the wrong way and wedged the back end of the truck into the snow bank. I watched through the window thinking he could rock it out. No such luck. So I pulled on my boots, grabbed the snow shovel, and dug him out! Pretty good for an old lady who is easily twice his age!


I've Got NeckLITES in stock!

This is the best personal task light I've ever used. Hang it around your neck, flick the switch, and you will be amazed at how bright the light is. NeckLITES are super lightweight (less than 3 ounces), adjust up and down with the little bead on the strap, and tilt to shine just where you want bright light. They run on two AA batteries. Now is a great time to order because I just got re-stocked. I've never had more neck strap colors to pick from since I started carrying these little beauties. Order here.


If you want the same awesome LED technology for your sewing machine, I have sewing machine lights as well, but (and I apologize, you've heard this before) I don't have many left. Order a Sewing Machine Light now. The company that produces these lights simply can't keep up with quilter demand. (I also have replacement LED lights for your Singer Featherweight!)

OldDog 2-Overall

Old Dog: New Tricks

Here's Quilt #2 in the series. I just put it up on my blog. Click here. Lots of pictures.


Locker Hooking

I had never heard of locker-hooking until last summer. Got myself a crochet hook with a an eye at the other end and some canvas, watched a bunch of YouTube videos, and started playing around. My first project was a rug made out of men's cotton shirts from Goodwill. Scooter loves it. I think it turned out pretty well too.


I used a lot of shirts, but it was fun to collect them (inexpensive too) and the rug was fun to make. Raise your hand if you think you'd like to try locker-hooking. (Hit reply and tell me, or email me at If I get enough of a response, I'll blog a tutorial and offer supplies on my website.


Scooter's Video Pick

Hi Quilters. Dog here. I hope you enjoyed the rug thing. It was my idea. Mom wasn't going to share it because it's not quilting, but I convinced her because she has grandbaby stuff (yawn) and me (yay!) and neither of us is quilting either.

My video pick today made me feel happy all over. You may want to watch it twice, even though it doesn't have any Golden Retrievers in it anywhere.


Thank You!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end! I so appreciate it when you open my newsletters and take a peek inside. Have a wonderful day, and if the snow is coming your way today, stay warm!

AmiSimms Sig

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