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Welcome rains
Makutsi Website updated
New Online Brochure & Pre-departure Infos
Portfolio - Ralf Wellmann
Happy Festive Season


Since our last Newsletter in July, things have been so busy at Makutsi that we barely had any time to do many upgrades or changes at the lodge, except of course time to spoil and take care of our many visitors.

One area we did have some time to work on has been on the communication/marketing side, and in this Newsletter we would like to inform you of some updates and new documents that will facilitate in learning and sharing about Makutsi.

Of course with a busy lodge come many game drives, which means many images. Many of you also follow us on Facebook, and would have seen how many nice images we receive from one of our guides, Ralf Wellmann. We would like to take this opportunity to showcase some of Ralf's best images of 2015.

Last but not least, all of us at Makutsi would like to wish you a wonderful festive season, lots of nice presents, and most of all good times with your family and friends.


Welcome rains

Although people have been talking about a very dry year ahead, warning about the "El Nino Effect", we have been extremely fortunate to receive valuable regular rains. Never too much, never too hard, but every 1-2 weeks we would receive another soft rain. Thanks to this, the nature around Makutsi is looking beautiful and lush. Impala babies have been born around the clock, and Makutsi Main Camp is looking like a little Impala-Kindergarten at the moment.

As we all know water is life, especially in nature, and it is extremely comforting for all of us to have this worry off our back. Let's hope it continues like this for another few months...

Click below to see a short video of thousands of flying termites leaving their colonies in order to find their partners (called the Nuptial Flight). Read below the video in Youtube for a more detailed explanation about this "nuptial flight:


Makutsi Website Upgrade

People are using their mobile phones and tablets more and more often these days to browse the internet, and for this reason we felt that it was time to give our Makutsi Website a bit of an upgrade. The content is mainly the same, however the design has been updated to be much more mobile-friendly. We have also taken the opportunity to add some new images, so we invite you to have a look at our changes, and hope that you enjoy what we have done.

website en

New Online Brochure & Pre-departure Infos

Many of you have been to Makutsi, and of course we look forward to seeing you again some time soon. We also would like to welcome your family and friends to Makutsi, especially if you think that Makutsi is something that they would like to experience one day.

In order to make it easier for you to motivate them, we have created two documents that are easy to download from the website, and even easier to share with your family and friends.

The Online Brochure is a summary of what Makutsi has to offer, and with an easy download from our website allows you to enjoy this brochure on your computer, as well as easily share it with anybody you would like. Of course we hope that this will persuade your family and friends to come and visit us soon :)

To view downloaded brochure in your browser, scroll down. For easier viewing, save brochure to your computer.

brochure en

Makutsi Online Brochure

The Pre-Departure Infos give you a summary of the most important things to think about before departing on a holiday to Makutsi. Of course this is a "living" document and things can be added at any time. If you have any ideas or suggestions on information that could be added to this document, please feel free to let us know.


Pre-Departure Information


Portfolio - Ralf Wellmann

Below just a few of the many images (and a video) that Ralf has taken during his hours out in the bush. You might have seen some of them already, as we have used them for our Facebook Page our Website. Even so, these images are good enough to enjoy over and over again. Thank you Ralf!!

ralf collage4
ralf collage3
ralf collage5
ralf collage1
ralf collage2

Last but not least...

season s greetings
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