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Newsletter #130 for July 31, 2014

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Free Water Security Booklet from EPA

EPA's water security program has developed a wide range of tools to help systems of all sizes. Their tools all support one or more of the "10 Key Features of an Active & Effective Water Security Program", which you may recall from our previous featured video. Below we've listed the 10 key features:

1. Integrate protective concepts into organizational culture, leadership, and daily operations.
2. Identify and support protective program priorities, resources, and measures.
3. Employ protocols for detection of contamination.
4. Assess risks and review vulnerability assessments.
5. Establish facility and information access controls.
6. Incorporate resiliency concepts into physical infrastructure.
7. Prepare, test and update emergency response, recovery and business continuity plans.
8. Form partnerships with peers and interdependent sectors.
9. Develop and implement internal and external communication strategies.
10. Monitor incidents and threat level information.

With so much information available, it can be difficult to know where to begin. This booklet from EPA provides a great starting point for self-assessment and planning the most-needed next steps. Note: It is designed to be printed double-sided, folded, and stapled down the middle.

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Upcoming Webinars

Flood Resilience and Recovery
Hosted by USEPA's Smart Growth program
This webinar will share strategies communities can consider to become more flood resilient and what the state of Vermont and communities in the Mad River Valley have done since Tropical Storm Irene. | More Details

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Protect Your Groundwater Day is September 9th

We're proud to be a promotional partner for NGWA's annual Protect Your Groundwater Day. This event is an opportunity to engage the public, especially children, around water and what people can do in their homes and communities.

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Reading Selections

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Recycled Water Now on Tap - The city of Wichita Falls saves 5 million gallons of water per day by combining treated wastewater effluent and lake water for the public drinking supply.

$10 Billion Rural Infrastructure Opportunity Fund Announced - The fund is intended to attract private capital to finance rural infrastructure projects and is seeded with a $10 billion commitment from CoBank.

Causes and Cures of Distribution System Corrosion - A corrosion control program allows a distribution system to last longer and operate more efficiently. (via KYDEP)

Hundreds in Detroit Protest Over Move to Shut Off Water - City’s Water Department to force tens of thousands of delinquent customers to pay up or face a cutoff in service.

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Washington State is Changing How They Do Business

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