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Issue 69, November 2019

Wha gwaan?

Finally some sailing without need to hang on for life and limb, and much appreciated by Da Easy Crew. It gives us time to appreciate the performance & ergonomics of the Tasar... almost effortless. Nice.

And then there's the Windsurfer. Do lighter breezes bring relaxing times for these folks... he may be a nerd but Merv knows best - click here.

Holiday Season Choice: Eat, drink and be merry - or the contrary - don't eat, don't drink and be Mary.

Boyd Newton, Da Easy Crew, Editor.


Important Info

▪ First Aid course - required every 3 years
▪ Aero Worlds
▪ Tasar Nats - transport
First Aid course - required every 3 years
Aero Worlds
Tasar Nats - transport

Dubious Info

Should you invest time and effort developing a new method of securing two pieces of rope?

You should knot.

New Members

Murray Freeman has once again been looking after a gaggle of new folks with 6 new members joining us. Welcome:
* Greg Jepson , Windsurfer
* Maurits Coenaan and son Diederik, Junior Program
* Emma McCallum, sailing her own small boat (maybe a story here?)
* Yannick Gacoin and daughter Azura, Windsurfer

We look forward to seeing you out and about. Introduce yourselves, who knows what may happen?

First Aid Course

Please keep Sunday the 23rd of February available for an update on First Aid. Course runs from 8:30am to 2:30pm (including 30 minutes for lunch).

The course will be held at Balmoral Sailing Club and is initially available for volunteers only. Cost of the course is covered by the club.

Spaces are limited so make like a chicken and... click here.

If you are interested in a book, book, booking or require further information contact Shirley Matthews.

Shirley Matthews
e: shirley.matthews@balmoralsc.com.au


Volunteer of the Month

NCG portrait

Our $50k man & worth every penny.

Is NOT Steve Austin

Although with the latest grants secured, Nick Collis-George is well on his way to being our 'Six Million Dollar Man' and works equally as hard on club renovations like this - click here.

Nick has been busy for the last 2 ½ years successfully writing grants to local, state and federal bodies to secure funds for Balmoral’s roof, racking and upcoming renovations. He’ll most likely pass the fifty grand mark this winter; a pretty good record for such short period of time.

NCG Aero

Were B1 to B6 lost aground Grotto Point?

Nick sits on the Balmoral Board of Directors (refusing to get off until they do what he wants!) helping drive the club’s renovation plans, forming a few committees to oversee the planning and setting up meetings with the various parties involved including certifiers, builders and architects.

You’ll see Nick on his his Aero 'B7' on any given Tuesday or Saturday, usually towards the front of the pack. He has been instrumental in developing the Aero class in NSW with the Balmoral fleet growing rapidly in number and talent - definitely a class to watch in the new year.

Thanks for everything Nick.


Junior News

Our O'pen Bic Sailors, Evan and Aiden, attended the 2019 NSW O'pen Skiff Championship Regatta last month at Mannering Park. Everyone had a fantastic time and learnt a great deal more about sailing. Although the winds were a little slow to start, everyone got out there and gave it a go.

obic 2

With so many out on the water, the Silver class races were challenging at times. Evan scored himself an award for helping a fellow sailor in trouble, the young boy capsized and lost his centre board. Aiden was awarded a prize for consistent persistence, no matter how challenging. Aiden really gave it his best.

obic 3
obic 1

It wasn't all serious sailing. No wind? No fuss! The sailors competed in the 'Adventure Race', where Evan and his fellow team mate won first place. Nothing was off limits; with two on each Skiff, you could paddle with your hands, use the rudder as a propeller or even kick with your legs. Fun for all!

We had a great time out on the water over the two days and would highly recommend this fun and well organised Regatta.

Bianka Demets
Kindly putting 0'Bic to paper


Tasar News

It's a long way to car top, if you wanna rock'n'roll

It's an awfully long drive to Western Australia and strapping a Tasar on your roof racks isn't going to do much for your fuel economy.

Planning to rock'n'roll at the next Nationals - Act Now

Sailors wishing to have their boat transported by container to Mandurah WA for the 2020 Tasar Nationals at Easter, please contact Clare Woods now..

Clare Woods, President, TANSW
e: tasarnswsailing@gmail.com


NSW States 2019/20

The NSW State Championship will be hosted by Woollahra SC on February 22nd & 23rd 2020.

With a newly refurbished launching ramp it is much safer and quicker to get into the water. I believe it is a hybrid taken from both British and Norwegian designs - click here & here - so it should be a vast improvement.

More info on social & racing schedules will be released soon. Get it into your calendars now.

Boyd Newton, Tasar Class Captain, BSC


RS Aero News

RS Aero World Championships 2019

Black Rock Yacht Club on Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne is hosting the Aero Worlds from 28th Dec to 4th Jan.

The 3rd RS Aero World Championship visits Black Rock YC who have an excellent record of hosting major championships, holding both the Australian OK and Finn Championships consecutively earlier this year.

A fleet of 80 are expected with the current World Champion in town to defend his title.

Event details - click here.


For Sale or Wanted

Tasar for Sale, 'Trouble' - $7000 neg
Affectionately known as 'Trouble' and campaigned in many Championships by Michael Quirk and Marise Hannaford - inc. 4th in Nats & top 20s Worlds.
More info - click here.
Contact: Marise on 0408 253 925 or Michael on 0419 970 934

National E for Sale, 'Honalee' - $5000
More info - click here.
Contact: Phil on 0400 399 226 or Claire on 0425 250 322

National E for Sale, 'Alphaglassy' - $3650
More info - click here.
e: Michael Corr - michael.corr@propertyrecruitment.com.au

Have gear for sale or looking for something specific?

Send details to e: whalestales@balmoralsc.com.au



Self righting huh

So do we think it stood up again all by itself or was there a suspicious little tow involved? - Click here.



Important Dates


26 Dec: Food Coma
28 Dec - 4 Jan: Aero Worlds
1 Jan: Headache
23-26 Jan: Windsurfer LT Nationals
10-17 April: Tasar Nats, WA

Post race BBQs are on every week. Join us and the sausages won't be traumatised like these carrots... click here.

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