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As The World’s Premier Liberty Event approaches, there is still time to join the fun!

Ask anyone who has experienced Anarchapulco, and you’ll hear that many of the most cherished moments take place before, after, and in-between the impressive keynote speeches.

There is something incredibly inspiring about gathering in paradise with hundreds of freethinkers. For many of us, it’s life-changing.

I’m talking about the non-stop parties, the concerts, the lunch and dinner outings, and all of the wild activities you can participate in with the most exciting people on the planet - and in one of the world’s most extraordinary and energetic places!

With live performances and DJ sets by party-rockers Freenauts and surprise musical guests, plus remarkable talent from the community, our March 2021 events are sure to satisfy your needs for connection, entertainment, liberty, and a breath of fresh air, all in beautiful Acapulco.


Of course, our featured speakers are among the most remarkable and noteworthy individuals in their fields.

The level of insight and value derived from the many presentations and speeches given at Anarchapulco is difficult to put into words.


The Anarchapulco 2021 Master of Ceremonies is none other than Ben Swann, Emmy Award winner and recipient of the Edward R. Murrow Award, known for his uniquely transparent reporting on national and international issues while confronting misleading mainstream media narratives.

Ben Swann will also be presenting live on “Freedom To Speak” - The Most Natural Of Human Rights.

Anarchapulco founder Jeff Berwick will be in attendance in his usual style, likely accompanied by the world-famous Lucy. Known as a freedom fighter against mankind’s two biggest enemies, the State and the Central Banks, Jeff Berwick is the founder of The Dollar Vigilante and creator of the popular video podcast, Anarchast.

Jeff is a prominent speaker at many freedom, investment, and cryptocurrency conferences.

Other notable in-person speakers include Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change, Crypto Economics Analyst Rafael LaVerde of The Crypto Vigilante, and Mike Cobb of ECI Development. He will share how to Unlock your Chains and Secure a Second Residency.

We’ll also have Terry Tillaart, Ph.D. - founder of Tillaart Chinese Medicine School - to present his powerful talk, From NOVID Fakedemic To Personal Freedom.

Plus, there are so many more amazing speakers which you can learn about here:

Still on the fence about heading down to Acapulco? The time is now to take the leap and make arrangements to join us!


Airline prices worldwide are low due to the scamdemic and fake news fearmongering, which means it’s never been more affordable to treat yourself to the best vacation ever! No covid test is required to enter Mexico.

A VIRTUAL TICKET gets you into any of the official Anarchapulco​ Watch Parties from March 8-11, including the one in Acapulco, catered by Verde Vegan and hosted by Freenauts and ClearUnited.

There are many great AirBNB options in the Bonfil beach area near our VIP event location.

We’ve secured discounted hotel rates at The Princess Mundo - just use group code ANARCHAPULCO. We will have a shuttle from The Princess to the VIP event.

The latest news from Mexico is great! Guerrero (the State Acapulco is located) is essentially open and free, with very few restrictions if any.

FYI - word is that proof of a negative covid test is not required to enter the U.S. via ground travel, and not required at all to cross the border from Tijuana to San Diego.


Members of the community regularly discuss the inside scoop and most practical travel solutions and tips in our official Telegram group here:

See you soon!


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