Dear Friend of kids.R.ok, Social media today plays a vital role in communication in so much that even governments have been toppled by a #tweet. One

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Dear Friend of kids.R.ok,

Social media today plays a vital role in communication in so much that even governments have been toppled by a #tweet.

One such instance is a story of a boy living in the streets of Delhi, who diligently did his daily home work while at the same time working to earn few coins to buy his stationary items for school work. Thousands passed by this little boy without much notice or concern until when a passer by took his photo and posted it on his facebook wall.

The 13-year-old Harendra Singh became an instant hit on social media. Soon he received help from the state to fund his education till college.

It is not very uncommon in big cities, children living in the slum areas have no access to basic stationary items, tutorial help or just a quite place where they can do their home work. Kids.R.ok is now looking to open a education project in the slum areas of Chennai. We have identified two potential places to start our project and visited to meet the children living in that locality.

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Sunjeet walking through the slum streets

Chennai Slum Project:

Walking through the narrow streets and going to small houses under the main city bridge, the daylight turns into darkness and one must be careful on what you are going to step on to.

The children were assembled by a local person who grew up in the slums and is now a active member in the nearby church reaching out to help the slum dwellling children. He told me about his struggles growing up in the slums where the easy way to thrive is by joining gang members or do crime. In most household, it is the women who are raising the children by doing cleaning work at residential homes or worse by prostitution.

The children themselves are sweet but lack in moral guidance. We need to show that they can become good citizens in the future and show our love to them by carrying out our vision of 'education first'!


Allan with the kids living under the bridge

WANTED - Volunteer Teachers

We are looking for dedicated volunteer teachers to come to our local centre every evening to aid children living in slums, teaching them English, Math and Science.

If you are living in Chennai, contact us We will be delighted to start this project but we need committed volunteers who really care for the children's educational needs.

What about Orissa children?

No, we haven't forgotten them. The children have started their new term in school and are living under the new constructed home, drinking clean filtered water and reading english childrens books, all thanks to kids.R.ok donors. I am pleased to say the toilet and bathroom project is almost 90% over in Urladani Village. I will be visiting the children's home coming November and will have more updates to share from there.

A special congratulation to select kids.R.ok team members who got married this year; Jon Granlund, Ester & Jonathan Osbeck and few who are soon to be: Sunjeet Sudhir, Kadhambari Sridhar. Wishing you guys all the best on your new married life.

I would like to thank all our donors for your continued support, the board members for their active guidance of kids.R.ok projects and the talented team members who are contributing valuable resources like time, money and energy to make kids.R.ok reach out to the vulnerable children in India.

Let us continue doing the good work!

Regards and best wishes
Allan Ashok
Founder & Director kids.R.ok | Sweden

Orissa childrens home


Click: kids.R.ok Youtube video


New Team Members

Jonathan Osbeck

Jonathan Osbeck

Jonathan Osbeck

Strategic and Development Manager:

Jonathan has travelled and worked in northern India which left an impression on him. He will be in charge of guiding kids.R.ok strategy and in consultation with the board set targets of where kids.R.ok can grow as an efficient non profit organization.

Jonathan is a Linköping university graduate in the field of Finance. He has specialised his thesis work on how Swedish NGO’s tackle currency and foreign exchange risk management. With his knowledge in economy and its relation to NGO’s, Jonathan will definitely be an asset to our dynamic team.

Mikaela Robertsson

Mikaela Robertsson

Mikaela Robertsson

Marketing Manager:

Mikaela is a proud Stockholmer and should be for Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. She believes in social justice for all the oppressed. She is active in church social activities and has travelled across the world volunteering.

Mikaela will be kids.R.ok spokesperson in Stocholm in spreading our vision about educating children in developing countries to give them a bright future.


Sathyan Swaminathan

Sathyan Swaminathan

Social Media Manager:

A real food enthusiast who can cook any dish in the world and can challenge Gordon Ramsey in the near future. Sathyan is a IT engineer based in Bangalore and is an active social media person.

Sathyan will help us with the analytics side of social media which will enable us to reach out to new audience around the world.


Maria Björk

Maria Björk

Volunteer Sweden

Maria loves baking and works for a local bakery in Stockholm. She has been on mission's trip to India where she was touched by the needs of the people. She found about kids.R.OK through our team member Ester. We are happy that Maria will be helping us in events. So if we are having a bake sale in Stockholm, don't miss out on our special 'fika'

Celina Kazen

Celina Kazen

Celina Kazen

Volunteer Sweden:

Celina who heard about kids.R.ok during our presentation in Adventist Church in Linköping, came forward to be a volunteer. She will be helping us in carrying out events and other activities in Sweden.

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