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Last week I asked you to choose your favourite designs from She Reflects, to help me begin my new one-of-a-kind clothing line.

And guess what? You answered my call with flying colours. I love that you cared, and felt valued and respected enough, to share your opinion. That means so much to me.


And as promised...

Below are the TOP 5 selected designs in order of popularity.

It was fascinating to watch your choices roll in, and how, quite quickly, some designs leaped out in front while others stayed behind. What wonderful insight for me to witness and pay attention to. Again, thank you!

I'll be posting more images as I move through the process of these new clothing creations. Can't wait to show you!

In the meantime, look out for 2 more LoveLetters heading your way. One tomorrow, and one the end of next week. I normally like to spread these messages out (my apologies) but in both cases, they're time-sensitive.

In joy and love,


Drum roll.......................................

And the winners are:

16. magic of letting go

1st: "Magic of Letting Go"

13. moving on

2nd: "Moving On"

20. return to love

3rd: "Return to Love"

11. love comes dancing

4th: "Love Comes Dancing"

25. spiral of life

5th: "Spiral of Life"


BTW... if you didn't see any of your picks above, have no fear! They may still be used in the future. This is just the beginning! Just sayin'.


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