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I will never forget the 1st time I picked up a medicine drum and beat it towards my heart. I was overcome with sheer vibrancy and familiarity.

Tears rolled down my cheek as I felt the vibration of this beautiful sacred healing tool that permeated the cells of my body.

In that moment I felt a riveting connection to something that felt familiar to me although I had never used one before. Odd I know, but it felt like I came home to myself, like I knew this, I had done this before.

As I began to study the lineage of drumming I found that yes indeed, I have done this before; through those who came long before my mothers grandmothers grandmothers grandmother.

In that moment I reclaimed my birthright as a drummer.

I learned that drumming can be linked back thousands of years and among the earliest historical cultures women were the spiritual leaders.

Women drumming can be found depicted in hieroglyphics, sculptures, paintings and in stories.

Women, yes women, were the original drummers.

And another thing I have learned and experienced 1st hand is that when women join in circle and drum together we connect to our own feminine rhythms, form healthier collective relationships with our earth sisters and loosen and heal unconscious cultural beliefs. Drumming reconnects us with the sacredness of a woman and assists us in living in greater harmony with the natural world and our own spiritual essence while seeing each other in our sacred divinity.

The Drum was the tool our ancestors used to summon the Goddess. ~ Layne Redmond

The HERstory of women drummers goes deep and wide. Just as plants and natural sacred potions have been used to heal, drumming has also served as healing medicine.

As a deep lover and practitioner of sacred rituals and energy healing I have become a dedicated user of this transformational spiritual tool.

The red drum symbolizes the Divine Feminine, the womb, the moon, menstruation, childbirth and the heartbeat of mother earth.

the invitation

As a creator of experiences and a gatherer of women I am thrilled to welcome a new group of red drum carriers in to our Tribe September 16 and invite you to join us.

This experience is more than a day of creating a drum.

The drum is simply the physical manifestation of the day we will share.

This day is truly about reconnecting to your personal feminine wisdom and personal power, learning the herstory of drumming, reclaiming your birthright and experiencing the power and joy of being circle which is a practice that dates back thousands of years. We will also experience a healing circle and ways to use your drum in your own sacred rituals and your healing practice to channel the spiritual energy that will support your expression as a human being and harness the Goddess within.

Important Details to Note:

~ Affordable 2 Payment Plan ends Today, August 14
~ Final Day to register is August 26
~ 3 drum size options available

coming up
Luna Wisdom Circle Bonus

5 month circle happens in West Jordan UT
What is the Luna Wisdom Circle

The Luna Wisdom Circle is an interactive women's circle (also know as Women's Red Tent or Moon Lodge) with space for up to 13 committed women who desire to connect with other's who are all on their own sacred journey of self discovery and have a desire to delve into sacred devotional practices around the moon rhythm to access our Portal Of Power, Plant Our Potent Intentions & Activate our Moon Magic each month.

The circle is a sacred time to pause and to honor our feminine rhythm, sisterhood and to be connected and rooted as we move into the dark season of winter. And it is a time to have fun! I attract some fabulous women into my tribes.

The Circle is a place of abundance so we are all here to give and we are all here to receive as we provide women with the space to be seen, heard and honored. Those in the circle are free to share their own feminine wisdom and embodiment practices that support and guide us to that innermost place of intimacy with our holy feminine selves.

We will enjoy sacred circle work based around moon magic, earth medicine based practices and feminine conversations. I will share some of my favorite sacred rituals, spells and invocations for moon manifestation and sacred living as well as potions to care for our yoni and breasts.


I will be hosting more playshops at my beautiful Fiore Studio come Later Fall and Winter! Stay Tuned!
Do be sure to follow our Facebook Page and check the events tab for Erika Workman, Laurie Neilsen and D'ann Johnson's upcoming studio offerings as well!


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