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All Greek Scream Night Fall 2016

6:30 pm: Sober Hosts check-in at Public Safety

7 pm: Simultaneous Education

New members meet at Chapel (not under the influence of any intoxicant) New Members Sign check-in sheet with one Responsible Active. New Members stay in chapel with one Responsible Active member and IFC and Panhell Presidents and Vice Presidents for an All Greek Welcome!

Actives go to first rotation with President. Presidents from both organizations review outline of the night and expectations of behavior.

8:00 pm: Rotations (see below)

11:35: Check-out at Public Safety

At houses, all members leave. No gatherings of members at houses after 11:30 pm. This is an all Greek activity. All Houses should be empty at 11:35 pm.

Sober Hosts head inside Public Safety to check-out.

Presidents and VP’s will ‘check-out’ all New Members and Guardians outside Public Safety with IFC/Panhell Leadership and Administrator support if needed. All New Members need to sign-out on clipboards provided to presidents from IFC/Panhell Leadership. All guardians and new members are subject to a PAS test.
 Theta- Chi Rho Psi
 AXD: Chi Sig
 Zeta: Alpha Xi
 Delta: SKA
 Sigma: Pi Chi
 Beta: IFC/Panhell Presidents

Administration walk throughs throughout night and potential presence at check-outs.
No alcohol at the houses for Scream Night. No Alumni.

Scream Night Plan

Greek Week

Greek Rep Pics 16-17

Greek Week, September 26-30th.

Tues. Educational event 4 pm Greek Row
Wed. Blood drive All Day Orton
Thur. Greek God and Goddess 7 pm in Orton
Fri. Relay on frat row, Greek Lawn 4 pm

The Greek of the Week is a spotlight on a member of the Greek Community who has excelled in upholding our Greek Life Mission and Greek Pillars. If you would like to nominate someone who has excelled recently and is a member of Greek Life, please e-mail Christy ASAP!

Academics, Alumni Relations, Tradition (Brotherhood and Sisterhood), Leadership and Community Service.

Anne Thorson

Anne Thorson

We are proud to have the ASUR President to be a member of Greek Life! Anne is majoring in Public Policy and Government and a member of Alpha Sigma Pi. Her nickname is "Hammer Time". If you didn't know, Anne plays the trumpet and loves her Chihuahua-daschund mix, Hamilton.

When Anne joined Greek Life she found " the 2nd family I was looking for with my sorority sisters; it is hard to describe how much friendship, love, and support I feel every day because of them."
We're so proud to call you Greek!


Reyna Ta'amu

Reyna is majoring in Business Administration and a member of Alpha Chi Delta. Reyna is a member of the Basketball Team, APO, SPURS and refs the basketball intramural games.

Reyna is extremely positive about Greek Life and shared, "My favorite part of Greek Life is being able to meet and make new relationships with awesome individuals. You also always feel supported by your Greek brothers and sisters whether it's supporting your organization's philanthropy or event, your academics, athletic games or any other involvements and I absolutely love that!"

Thanks for always being positive and good luck this semester in your new role in AXD!

How many ways to earn points

You can earn points for placement at Lip Sync, attendance at Greek Week events, Participation and placement in Intramurals, and individual attendance at Academic workshops. The ASUR Greek Life Reps may add ways to get points throughout the year and announce at Greek Council.

Update on points

Current standing is:
1. Sigma (80 Points)
2. Birds (50 Points)
3. Alpha Xi (40 Points)
4. Chi Rho Psi/Chi Sig (30 Points)

We hope to have an updated link on URConnect soon!

Upcoming Ways to Earn Points

Academic Workshops
Time Management and Procrastination: September 26th 7 pm Comp Lab 112
Staying Focused while Undecided October 3rd 7 pm Comp lab 112

Believe Walk October 2nd

Move your paws for the cause! Join the University in raising awareness and funds to fight cancer by walking in the 9th Annual Believe Walk! ALLBULLDOGS join the University of Redlands Team by registering on Stater Bros. Charities website at believeinlandempire.com!

Blood Drive September 28th

Want to make a difference in someone else’s life? Want to donate blood? Wednesday, September 28th from 12-6pm in the Orton Center! Sign-up for a time to donate blood in the commons at lunch from September 12th-27th. Walk-ins on the day of are more than welcome. If you are unable to donate, we are also looking for a few volunteers to help the Red Cross staff!

Table at the Commons for Election Sign-ups

Easy way to get Community Service? Sign-up to table to get people to register to vote. Fill out the form HERE.

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