Installation of Narrows West Marina is Underway! by Revy. The guys are currently working on the marina, both modifying the bases and re-installing

Mother s Day  2016
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May 5, 2016 - Narrows West Construction completes the spine of the marina

Installation of Narrows West Marina is Underway!

by Revy.
The guys are currently working on the marina, both modifying the bases and re-installing the floating system. With the last few years of high water levels, we were excited to put in the floating system last year to allow our customers the ability to use the docks regardless of the water levels. Last year it worked wonderfully, with overwhelmingly positive feedback about the new floating dock system. One thing that we did notice last year was that when there were large winds and the lake dropped below normal levels, the marina was exposed to unfavorable conditions beyond our control. As we all know, the floating system made its maiden voyage last year and so there are always tweaks that need to be made. The great part about having the docks removed in the fall is that we were able to give all the floating sections and plywood pieces a once over to make sure all was sound and undamaged for the wear and tear of the upcoming season. We also began to cut the poles of the bases to allow the docks to move down lower when water levels drop. By making the base poles shorter, it provides the entire marina system a 10 foot range to accommodate the changes in lake levels.

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Base brace and poles last year

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The newly modilfied base brace and poles to accommodate both higher lake levels but also abnormally low lake levels.

dock lights1

Examples of solar marina lights ordered for our marina

Another concern that I noticed first hand was the lack of lighting on the docks. We were enjoying an evening on the boat and the sun was beginning to set, but in summer it seems that once it starts, the sun sets fast. By the time we got to the dock and were unloading, it was very dark. While walking down the spine of the marina our kids were having trouble gauging the edges of the dock and more than once we had to remind them how close they were to having an unplanned swim. When we got to the end we noticed that on spot 1 Doug Barker had put in some beautiful solar dock lights on his dock. I knew that this must be added to our dock and so we have purchased lights and will be adding them to the final completion of the dock!

While the installation is almost complete people will be eager to come and walk the dock to check it out, however due to safety reasons we are asking everyone to stay off the docks until the opening fish weekend (May 14, 2016), when the docks will be completely installed, reinforced, and checked for safety.

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Narrows West Lodge Marina 2015

Narrows West Lodge Marina Dock Slips

To ensure your spot, a contract must be completed and payment was to be made in full by April 30, 2016. There are a few customers at risk of losing their spot due to non-payment, so please make sure you contact Revy at 204-768-2749 or by email at to take care of your account immediately. Contract slips not paid for by May 10, 2016 will be void and will be offered to customers on our waiting list for the marina.

Lot 73 Peter Penner

Narrows West Lodge Seasonal Camping!

It was wonderful to see how many people came out for the Game and Fish Dinner on April 30, and to see the campground full of campers enjoying the gorgeous weather! Many of you showed your appreciation for the early hydro hook up and we thank you. The water is scheduled to be running by the fishing season opening weekend (May 13th); however, if there are any changes to that schedule I will notify you.

A reminder that seasonal camping invoices were due by May 1, 2016. Accounts not paid by May 1st will be charged monthly interest and may result in the removal of their camper. To make a payment please contact Revy at 204-768-2749 or by email at