Baby, It's Cold Outside! The other morning it was -18 degrees. That's MINUS 18, as in freeze-the-hair-inside-your-nose cold. It's warmed up to a balm


Baby, It's Cold Outside!

The other morning it was -18 degrees. That's MINUS 18, as in freeze-the-hair-inside-your-nose cold. It's warmed up to a balmy "6 above" as I write this so, I might venture outside today. Might even wear my hat.



With the weather so "lovely" I'm enjoying my sewing time and thinking of spring. Yup, that means another Rag Fur Jacket, even though I have lots and I wear mine year-round. So far I've picked out fabric and lowered the price of the pattern for you. (Why should I have all the fun?)

Click to watch the Rag Fur video above in which Scooter makes TWO appearances. One is obvious, but you'll really have to look hard for the other. Hint: He's PAWS-atively adorable.

Simms  Ami CrumbBall - Copy

Another Puzzle Ball

They're so much fun I just can't stop. I made this one with skinny strips of fabric not much wider than 1/2" and not very even. They were cut-offs I saved after evening off fabric I was rotary cutting for another project. I pieced the fabric to get ready for the Crumb Piecing class I taught last month. The black fabric is Minkee Blankee from Benartex. It is so soft. Get a pattern here.


Neck Lites Shipping

I just got my long-awaited order in and the lights are going out to those who have been patiently waiting. Look for an email when they ship. I did order extra and then I ordered extra again so I hesitatingly mention that you can get them on my website here. Hesitatingly, because they go fast and it's really hard for me to update the website when I run out because of that "being two places at once" thing. So, order, but know that if I run out you will have to wait. (Or, you can always cancel your order if you don't want to wait.)


New Classes

I've added Crumb Piecing and Amazing Puzzle Ball to my workshop offerings. I've also scheduled two new classes that I will debut in my @Home Classroom in March here in Flint. Guinea Pigs wanted for: "Free-Motion Machine Quilting For The Totally Terrified" and "Beautiful Basic Binding For Beginners."

Meanwhile, look for me in Clawson, MI for a lecture with the Cameo Quilters this Thursday night. Other trips coming up will take me to Illinois, Texas, New York, Nebraska, Tennessee, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.

Yes, I'd love to come to your guild to teach. All you have to do is have your Program Chair contact me. Add-ons to existing bookings are welcome as they save on travel expenses for both groups.


What's THIS?!

Really. I have no clue. I bought it at an antique shop years ago just because it looked so odd. It's a lousy back-scratcher and it's probably no good for gardening either. But isn't it cute? Do you know what it is?

Zoey Painting

Painting With A Four-Month-Old

My daughter found a brilliant idea on Pinterest for painting with little ones. She put a canvas into a plastic ziplock bag. Before she sealed it up she put four good-sized dollops of acrylic paint on the canvas. Then we helped Zoey paint! She used her hands, her feet, and her butt. So talented!

Mom carefully cut open the plastic bag to reveal Zoey's work of art. That was last week. It's probably still drying.


Click picture to see video.

Scooters Video Pick

I am Scooter writing this. The dog in the video is Tucker. He plays the piano several times a day. His people say that despite all the practice, he's not getting any better at it. I think he sings just fine. I like to bark at him when he sings. That's why Mom has to turn down the volume when she watches this video.


Thank You!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

Have a wonderful quilty day!

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