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What is your body trying to tell you?
Retreat plans at my BnB in Rowlands Castle
My holiday in Australia 2016
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My News

Hello friends and lovely readers
What can I say? It has been several months since my last Newsletter but, the timing was just not right.
My Bed and Breakfast business has been very successful over the summer (yep that's the Season we are in) so my therapy work has taken a little bit of a back seat. I am however developing a Retreat opportunity in conjunction with the BnB; more of which later.
Anyway I recognised a need to take my foot off the pedal with regard to aspects of my Holistic Healing Hampshire-EFT work.

Note to self and others

We can do ourselves a great favour when we recognise that

a change of direction is screaming in our ear.
we are driving ourselves a bit recklessly; trying to do more than necessary!

When I find a moment I am writing Blog Posts sharing skillls, expertise facts and opinions on subjects which catch my attention, interest me or are close to my heart. The 30 Blog Challenge which I took part in, in January gave me pleasure and success; For the moment my therapy related work is now allocated to Autumn, Winter and Spring.

What is your body trying to tell you?

I am developing the 'What is your body trying to tell you?' aspect of my work.

I am a Tigger fan; I love losing my sense of needing to be in control. Just being in the moment is so much more fun!
If you don't feel like Tigger, then ask yourself - Why?

When we are physically ill, out of sorts, seriously ill we can speak to and learn from our body. With skilled practitioner guidance amazing recovery and marked health improvement can be gained. There is so much the person in the street does not appreciate about the emotional and physical correlation of our health. Our body is an amazing machine.
With guidance you can intuitively unravel the WHY you are ill or just badly out of sorts. The same patterns of ill health you suffer from are very closely related to patterns of emotional behaviour which you run; very self-specific.
The intereting thing is many of us probably fear poor physical health and don't wish to delve deeply to find out the WHY it might be happening. But more often than not it is small traits, habits, mistaken beliefs which affect our emotional health and then affects our physical health.
Fear can keep us stuck in ill-health.
90% plus of our physical ailments is a direct result of emotional stress. But finding out what the emotional stress really is, requires working with the subconscious. You can play out all the Mind Game scenarios yourself to mend and heal but practitioner guidance can help you to reap most benefit.

I love this area of working. Improved physical health can be achieved and when deep emotional blocks are released - magic can happen. Meta Health.
EFT and Meta Health are very good bedmates.

Retreat plans at my BnB in Rowlands Castle

I am considering specific packages for single women or men; or for two people.
A place of safety and calm will be the highlight point. A single person can get away from it all for a short time to recharge. A peaceful, energising opportunity which could include some therapies within the package if so desired. A welcome break away from chaos and noise.
Bed and Breakfast.
Recharge, Relax, Plan your next venture.Time out for you.
The Long Room and Conservatory, or Drawing Room can be made available if you wish to spread many books around whilst planning.

We have 2 bedrooms available and a garden big enough to wander round when you want to take the air; clear your head.
Here is our Webpage. ( It is being upgraded as I write). It gives a general sense of the house, the facilities and the village of Rowlands Castle. Rowlands Castle BnB.

Should you wish a Treatment added to the package here are some possibilities.
* EFT Tapping and Matrix reImprinting(my specialist area)
* Confidence, Clarity and Calm Visualisation
* Being Mindful
* What is your body trying to tell you?

* Reiki
* Counselling Opportunities
* Matrix Birth ReImprinting
* Meditation

My Holiday in Australia

In March I was back in Australia spending time with Rachel my daughter. We had a great time and did much; I blogged about the whole holiday from start to finish is in one big blog and each day also has a separate posting. It has information about Sydney, Darwin and The Northern Territory. I really enjoyed writing the blog. I would get up in the morning when Rachel went off to work, put in a couple of hours and then go out and about in Sydney and the neighbourhood.
Australia 2016 Blog: gentle ramblings, information,insights and fun.
(I am very willing to become a professional holiday blogger should a reputable holiday firm be interested!)
I also met up with a fellow WOBS friend, Clair Takacs. She and I had a grand old chat for a few hours and a walk around Sydney Harbour. Clair also hiked me to Central Station for our trains!

Top Tip: You are enough.

When Mind Chatter causes you to angst over decisions or plans which you intuitively know to be correct; breathe, dismiss and just move on.
You are enough.

Wishing you a peaceful and enjoyable rest of the summer.
Enjoy what you are doing In This Moment.
Remember: You are enough.

All my very best wishes to you and yours.


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