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On-line Music Classes in Spanish for Children & Families


Queridos amigos, amigas, amiguitos y amiguitas!

We hope you and your family are safe, happy and healthy. We wish this for every family of this country and world! We hope that out of these trying times we will be closer to racial and economic justice, and we hope to contribute by planting our little seeds of love through singing and music making!

You can find information below for our 2 music classes, if you'd like to join us for the remainder of July, you can prorate and pay what you can. For August Classes, visit our new newsletter. 2 More classes added for August! One cooking workshop, and one Latin Songbook class for adults!

Con mucho cariño,
Arwen & Jorge
Cascada de Flores


"We absolutely love your class. [My baby] is always so happy and smiling when he hears the TREN song at the beginning of your class. We like it so much we play the recordings on the days you don’t have class. You two have beautiful souls and energy that shines through your music, even through zoom! Thank you for this opportunity. It means a lot to our family."

"The classes are fun and the songs are creative, catchy, and engaging for my 4 year-old. He didn’t know any Spanish when we started the classes 2 months ago and now not only had he developed interest in music but also learned a few words in Spanish. Jorge and Arwen are such great teachers."

"We’ve only been to one class but loved every minute of it! You have something very special to offer."

"I love the way you include all kids"
"Thank you!!! We love your classes"

Marcus Hat

Little M plays the beat on his kitchen drum during our class! We always switch hats around on the train, so he decided to have a hat on too!


Sing, dance and play in Spanish with Arwen & Jorge (Cascad-ita de Flores) in classes of music in Spanish (speaking bilingual English/Spanish).


Via Zoom
Past videos are on Facebook group “Cascad-ita de Flores On-line classes”.
Once you’ve registered, we'll send you an invite. If you are not on Facebook, we will have them on a private youtube link soon!


Tuesdays & Thursdays:
10:00 am PST: “Escuincles” Babies to 6 year olds & their families
10:35 am PST: “Chamacos Cara de Tacos” K-3rd+ grade & their families

(all family members welcome, no need to pay for multiple children. Older children who love Spanish may enjoy too)

* We’re in California! Check out your time zone here to see your class time!

How much?

Price suggestions (per family) for 7 July classes
Sliding Scale

1. Escuincles and Chamacos back-to-back: July Series: $80-150
2. Escuincles: July Series: Sliding scale: $50-$100
3. Chamacos: July Series: Sliding scale: $50-$100
1. Escuincles and Chamacos back-to-back: July Series: $80-150
2. Escuincles: July Series: Sliding scale: $50-$100
3. Chamacos: July Series: Sliding scale: $50-$100


Because we love to share our joy of playful music making with your children and you! Come sing these beautiful songs (ancient circle games from the Spanish-speaking world mixed with Jorge Liceaga’s beautiful compositions for children) with you and your family! Visit our Facebook page) to see latest public live-stream class. And watch this piece on NBC Bay Area to hear our story!

Muchas gracias!! Can’t wait to sing with you all!
Questions: email, message us, lo que sea!

Arwen & Jorge
Cascad-ita de Flores

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Cascada de Flores
Arwen Lawrence
Jorge Liceaga

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Mr. J making Chocolate with son jarocho

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Post Class Artwork!

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