A Collage of 200 Important Black Books Coming Out in 2023

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Our bestsellers list has been published continuously since 1998. Spread the word about our list; don’t let one or two lists determine which books are important.

I’m doing something different for this period’s bestsellers; I’ve asked the top-selling authors in each category to offer their commentary rather than sharing my own.

#1 Fiction: Running to Fall by Kalisha Buckhanon

“Almost since its inception, I saw AALBC as not just a resource for Black writers and readers, but a vessel for me as a creative Black mind to always see I was necessary and not alone, and to navigate harsh waters for me in publishing and the arts. When I discovered I was an AALBC bestselling novelist for my fourth novel, and then again for my fifth novel AALBC published as its first such undertaking, it brought me full circle: from a girl in college with dreams to an influence for other young women with dreams. I admire all AALBC and Troy Johnson provides the publishing industry and American literary landscape. I encourage everyone I know and don’t know to purchase my books and others here.” —Kalisha Buckhanon


#1 Nonfiction: Reparations on Fire: How and Why it’s Spreading Across America by Nkechi Taifa

“I am absolutely thrilled that my latest book, Reparations on Fire, has been listed as an AALBC #1 bestseller this period. Thanks to everyone who values the importance of supporting Black Booksellers! And I so very much appreciate AALBC for providing a professional vehicle for Black book authors in general, and in particular, those who are independently published such as myself, to receive acknowledgment and recognition for sales. In the spirit of all the principles of Kwanzaa. Let us all make 2023 a banner year for Buying Black!” —Nkechi Taifa


#1 Children’s: The Undefeated by Kwame Alexander, Illustrated by Kadir Nelson

“I’ve known Troy Johnson since the inception of He and his team have turned it into the premier online destination for black literature. For so many of us, to be included on the site, to be acknowledged, to be featured is a career goal. To have The Undefeated listed as an AALBC #1 bestseller this period is an honor, and quite frankly a dream come true. It doesn’t just mean that the book is selling and we are both generating revenue for our businesses, but more importantly, more readers are finding the book meaningful and worthy. And that is everything.” —Kwame Alexander

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Reader, I may be going out on limb making this declaration, but my data suggest this is the case, and I have not come across any information to disprove the statement.

The number of books added to my store each year has been on a downward trend since 2015. I mention this trend now, because the drop in 2022 is the biggest in 25 years. The number of books added to the site in 2022 has not been this low in 18 years! If my data reflects an actual trend in the mainstream publication of Black books, it is certainly newsworthy and worth understanding.

If you have information to support or disprove this apparent trend, please visit our discussion forums and let us know what you think. You may also email me at


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