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Happy Wednesday everyone! Remember, you can now expect an email every Wednesday morning at 6:00 am CST for a little Midweek Meal Planning Magic. So here you go!

This last week has been a whirlwind for our family with Halloween, out of town marching band contests (I was a chaperone for 19+ hours on that trip!) and high school senior activities. It's fun but this week is a bit more low key and I'm welcoming it! And can you believe it is November already?

Read on to find some weekly inspiration!

On The Blog

With the holidays approaching you may be hosting more company from out of town. I love to use my slowcooker when we have company--or just when life gets super busy! Sometimes coming up with the main dinner idea is not so difficult but it's those sides that can be tricky! So this post of 30+ Slowcooker Side Dishes is just perfect so you can make dinner ahead of time which means more time together with guests or just relaxing after a long day! Yum!

2018 3rd Annual Holiday Meal Planning Challenge

We're already into the second week of the 3rd Annual Holiday Meal Planning Challenge! but you can still get in on the rest of the weeks of sharing ideas to get organized for the holidays. Even a couple of weeks of getting organized is better than nothing! I'm sharing tried and true tips, ideas and recipes to help your holidays be a bit more stress free--things I've learned over the years myself!

Plus, when you join my private Facebook group, Meal Planning Magic Community Table, and participate in the group, you'll have a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card! Sign up here for the email list today and watch your inbox for more details to come--and don't forget to tell your friends too!

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Meal Planning Tips & Tricks

One of the first steps in the Holiday Meal Planning Challenge this year is to clean out your pantry! Earlier this week I took on the challenge and cleaned out many expired items. There were too many! Ever since I started the Uncluttered minimalism course, it's made me rethink how I shop and that even includes grocery shopping. It's also made me thing about my "former self" and my "fantasy self" so gone are the years old tea that I had held on to even though I never really liked all the flavors after trying them. Or the even older gel food coloring from when I learned how to decorate cakes and don't even use that brand any more. It's freed up so much space! I've shares some of my favorite tips in this blog post Six Tips to An Organized Pantryto help you get started!

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Favorite Things

With the holidays just around the corner, I know I'll be baking a whole lot more. I've actually been experimenting with some new recipes and I cannot tell you how much I LOVE my ice cream/cookie dough/meatball/everything scoops.Really, I don't even use them for ice cream because they are too small so they're just scoops to me! I have three different sizes like the set shown here plus a large one that I use for filling muffin or cupcake tins. So if your recipe calls for "rolling a tablespoon of dough" or similar, use a scoop and your cookies will bake up more evenly. I like to use them for making meatballs too--perfectly formed meatballs that are so easy to make! Plus, then I don't have to touch the dough or mixture as much with my hands making for easy cleanup. Do you have any scoops like these? I'd love to know what you use them for!

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What I'm Watching

My daughter and I recently discovered the Netflix Original program, Sugar Rush. Think Cupcake Wars and Holiday Baking Championships combined into one and you've got Sugar Rush! They bake and make candy and a combo of both for their challenges! We love the baking challenge shows because it's fun to see all the creativity and also try to guess who will win. Plus, we will sit back and add our own comments when there are big baking fails! It's fun to watch and I like that we have something to enjoy together. It's even inspired us to try new things too! Let me know if you've watched it too or what your favorite program is by replying to this email or sharing in the Facebook Group!

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